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   Chapter 12 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

The sound of the alarm bell woke me up from my deep Slumber. I got up from my bed silencing the alarm and went to the bathroom to freshen up. After doing my bath and getting ready, I woke up Dev and left him to get ready while I went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for us. While preparing breakfast I spoke with my dad and Riya sharing my daily routine with them. I placed two plates with the Sandwiches and omelette on the table and poured orange juice from the cartoon for the both of us. It's already 8:20 AM when I placed the breakfast on the table.

"Dev common you lazy idiot. Breakfast is ready. We will be late if you won't come" I shouted taking my seat on the table.

I was halfway through my breakfast when he came and took the seat opposite me "Sorry Choti. I will complete within five Minutes" he said eating it like a dog.

"Yukk. Dev please eat like a human. Not like a dog" I said looking disgustingly at him. He is wearing Dark blue colour formal pants with a white colour shirt which are folded up to elbows and is neatly tucked into his pants. He wears formal on very rare occasion but looks decent in it.

"Ok, " he said, showing his thumb finger and devouring it again. I shook my head and completed my breakfast.

"I will get my bag. Finish it and keep it in the sink meanwhile" I said and went to my bedroom to take my bag. After checking one last time in the mirror I went to the living room to see that he is booking the cab for us and waiting at the entrance for me. We both got out locking the door and got down waiting for the cab outside.

"We will reach on time right?" I asked him slightly getting panicked since its already 8:40 AM.

"Don't worry Athi. It's just five minutes distance from here. We will make it on time" he assured me while looking at his mobile for the cab. After a few minutes, we got inside the cab and drove to our destination. To say I'm nervous is an understatement. I am panicking inside thinking about how it will be. I don't know how I will manage with that big company, hell I don't even know if what I wore today is presentable or not. I am dressed in a black pencil skirt which lasts until my knee and completed it with a light purple colour shirt which is tucked in my skirt. I kept my hair in a high ponytail and matched it with pearl earrings and watch with it. My hands are getting sweaty due to my nervousness which didn't go unnoticed by Dev.

"It's ok choti. It's not your interview today. Don't panic. Everything will be alright. You look stunning by the way" he comforted me by placing his left hand on my closed hands and holding them. I nodded my head in agreeing when the cab came to a halt.

We reached our destination. Dev gave money to the driver and got out of the cab waiting for me to get down. I slowly opened the door and got down taking my purse with me and came to stand beside him. He was carrying both of our files where the documents are present which we need to submit today. We both entered inside and looked here and there until we saw the reception to the far end of the Corner. It was very huge with total white colour walls and stylish furniture which were matching with the walls. I can only see a few of them here and there who were either walking or talking among themselves. We got to the front desk where a lady was looking at the monitor seriously. "Excuse me. We came here for the joining. It's our first day. May I know where we need to go?" Dev asked her politely.

"Oh yes. You need to get to the 3rd floor. I think you are into interior design department right? " she asked to which we nodded our heads in acceptance. "Great. Go left and take the elevator for the 3rd floor. There you can meet Ms.Komal from HR Department. She will take you from there. Thank you" She explained and went to look at her desk again.

We both went as she instructed and got inside the lift by pressing the 3rd floor. Once we reached the 3rd floor the doors of the elevator opened and we went out looking for the right direction. In the distance, we can see some people standing at the entrance of some door and waiting. Once we got near to them we saw it clearly. It is Ms. Komal's door as instructed by the receptionist. Dev asked one of them if they came for joining today to which they said yes. So we just stood there waiting for her like the rest of them.

"Hi, Guys. I am Charitha" Said the girl standing beside me. She is of the same height as me. But you can say that she is fashionable by looking at her dress itself. She wore a White skirt with dark blue colour shirt and completed it with round tops, She left her shoulder-length brown hai

ing towards our side by clapping her hands together "Hello everyone. Welcome to Jordan Saint. My name is Omisha and I am from the Architecture department. Our colleague will be your Project manager. He will explain you about everything. There will be a training of 3 months and all of you will be divided into four teams. Where four of our team members will train you in this. Since you are 20 members each of us will take five members to train you. And these are my colleagues Arpitha and Rohan. I hope it's clear" She asked after explaining to us and we all nodded in yes. I can say that she is having an attitude and I don't know why but I am getting some negative vibrations while watching her. It's better to be away from her. I'm praying to god that my name should not come in her team. Anyone is fine except her. I was busy talking with myself when Sahana nudged me from under the table to inform me that our project manager is coming. I looked upside from my lap to see none other than my nightmare.

Never in my life, I would have imagined that he will become my Project Manager and I will face this day. I thought that I will never see him again. But probably all the forces in the universe are against me that I am going to face him again and that to like this. Oh god, why? What have I done to deserve this? He was looking as handsome as I remembered him on that day. No, he is looking even more handsome now in the daylight. He is wearing a formal suit with black colour pants and black colour coat with white colour shirt inside and completing it with a watch on his left hand. His hair is spread in a messy way indicating that he ran his hands through it many times. I came out of my daydream when I listened to his voice which is as deep as I remembered which brought goosebumps on my skin.

"Good morning one and all. I hope everyone is excited for your first day with us. First, let me welcome you all to Jordan Saint which is yours too from this day on. I will be your Project Manager and for the first three months five members among you will get trained under me and the same goes with my colleagues" He said showing a hand towards his Colleagues. He kept his left hand in a pocket while he is showing signs through his right hand. "I am from Architecture and Interior Department. Yes, I work with both the teams. And from now on will completely work with Interior team. That means with you guys" He said indicating us. "Now let me read the names of the team who will be trained with whom." He took the folder from Omisha and started reading the names of us. Now I really want to pray that even Omisha is fine with me but not in his team. Sahana and Charitha got into Rohan's team while Dev got into Omisha's team and Karthik to Arpitha's team which left me.

"And Athira Patel" Reading my name he lifted his head suddenly to look among us for the owner of the name. I slowly raised my hand to say that it's me when his eyes fell on me. I can see the surprise in those brown eyes saying that he remembered me well. Everything around us faded away when our eyes met taking my breath away.

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