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   Chapter 11 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

Everyone says that Bangalore is a beautiful city and the weather is cool compared to Hyderabad. They were not wrong. Everything I heard about the city is true. Starting from the way how pleasant it looks to the traffic of it. It is a hub to many IT companies. From the railway station, we took the taxi to get to the Whitefield where our apartment is located nearby the office. After giving money to the driver we got out of the taxi taking our luggage with us inside the apartment building which is of 25 floors. It's not any shocking here looking at the other apartments around which are also of same height. Only the top floor is of penthouse leaving all the flats in the building.

We got to the office room to take the keys of our apartment which is on 24th floor. I was standing outside the room waiting for Dev to get the keys looking at the surroundings when a small girl came running towards me and asking something in her native language which I'm unable to understand. I was looking at her confused when a girl of almost 29 years came running behind the small girl and took hold of her hand saying something to her in their language. I just stood there not knowing what to do.

"Sorry to bother. She is kind of super fast. I think you are new here right?" I think the mother of the three years girl asked me in English breathing hardly due to the running she had done just now.

"It's ok. No problem. Yes I am new here. Me and my friend came just now. He went to get the keys from the office" I said smiling towards her.


shower I unpacked some of my stuff since the order was in delay. I took out the photo frame of my family and kept it on the bedside table. In came Dev calling my name saying that the food is ready. He stood beside me and was looking at the photo as me.

"Your mom was beautiful" Dev said side hugging me. I kept my head on his shoulder nodding at him.

"Yes she was. She was my best friend and best mom I can ever have" I said thinking of our good memories together.

"You know that she will always be with you right." he asked to which I nodded. "Good. Now don't become emotional. Come, Let's eat. We have unpacking to do after eating. And to get ready for our 1st day at Jordan Saint Architects tomorrow." he said smiling.

"Yes boss. Let's go." I said saluting him and going to hall with Dev back on my trail.

After eating in peaceful silence we unpacked all our stuff and placed it in the closet with Dev taking the left side of it while giving me the right side of it. By the time we unpacked it was already 9:00 pm at night. Dev is preparing some light dinner for us while we spoke to my other two best friends on the call with me standing in the kitchen holding the mobile. They too were unpacking the stuff and Rishi was preparing some parathas for them since Riya doesn't know cooking. After their call we both ate fried rice which Dev prepared and went to sleep with him occupying the right side of the bed while I took the left side.

We both slept early since we need to be there at 9:00 AM in the office tomorrow for our 1st day.

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