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   Chapter 10 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

The ringing of the doorbell woke me up from my deep sleep. But still, I'm stirring in my place not ready to be woken up from my beauty sleep. Someone was tapping my shoulder repeatedly but I just shrugged it off and turned to another side. Immediately recognizing that it is not my bed which I'm sleeping in, so I lazily opened one eye to take a peek on who is trying to disturb me but found out that my dad is trying to wake me up. Then I remembered waiting for my friends and sleeping on dad's lap. The doorbell was still ringing, making me get up from dad's lap so that he can answer the door. I'm running my hands in my hair to make them flow straight which were tangled in a messy way due to my sleep when my friends entered inside and Dev tackled me on my couch.

"God Dev. Just get up idiot. You're suffocating me" I shouted from beneath him trying to make him stand up.

"No. I just feel fine in this position" He said looking down at me with mischievousness in his eyes. But there was something else in his eyes which I cannot pinpoint because he masked it so fastly.

All of them were laughing standing there including my dad. You would have thought that being my dad he would have helped me. But no. He will never come in between our fights unless they are getting out of hand. I pinched his thigh strongly to which he shouted and got up from me immediately falling down from the couch.

"Fuck woman. Why the need to pinch me. You could have asked me sweetly" Dev said rubbing the spot which I have pinched just before.

I laughed getting up from the couch and stood beside his sulking posture "That's called teaching you a lesson for tackling me" I said patting his head.

"Language Dev. No one is going to use foul language under my house." Dad said looking sternly at Dev to which he lifted his hands in surrender.

"Ok guys. Stop fighting and let's eat. I'm feeling hungry" Riya said keeping the bags on the dining table and arranging the plates. One by one all of them got to the dining table and started helping each other to open the boxes which they have brought for lunch.


Everyone spread on the floor sleeping and arguing about which car needs to be taken to the Railway Station tomorrow. Riya was arguing about taking her car since there is plenty of place at the back side to load our luggage while Rishi and Dev were suggesting about taking their car since their car is more comfortable and I'm stuck in between saying yes to both of them.

"Stop it. All of you. No one is taking anyone's car" Dad said looking at us. They all started to argue about it but dad raised his finger to silence them. "Because I will drop all of you in my XUV. So just think of your bags and belongings. Nothing about cars." Dad said looking at them and not giving any point to arguing. Tomorrow is Monday, but probably dad kept leave to his office to drop us off since we all will be leaving then. I got up and hugged my dad, closely follow

dle seat and dad on the driving seat, I have handed the house keys to dad after getting inside and dad started the car towards Railway Station.

After 45 minutes of travelling, we reached the railway station and got out taking our luggage with us inside. We looked at the display to check the platform number of Riya's and Rishi's train. After checking it we all got to the train which is already on the platform ready to take off. Riya and Rishi got inside immediately with their luggage after hugging us and saying goodbye's making promises to call immediately after reaching Pune. After their train left we went to our platform and placed our bags inside our cabin and got out to say goodbye to dad.

"Go safely, princess. Do call me daily. Will be waiting for your call. Eat on time and take care of yourself" Dad said hugging me. "All the best to the start of your new life. I am going to miss you Athira. Come back to visit when you have time. I will make time to visit you as early as possible" Dad said releasing me from the hug and kissing my forehead.

"I will dad. Dev is there to look after me. Don't worry. And you too eat on time and come home early. Don't stay late at the office now that I'm gone." I said smiling to which he laughed and nodded in agreement. "I'm Going to miss you too dad, " I said kissing his cheek and hugging him again. After some moments he released me and went towards Dev who is watching us silently having a smile on his face.

"Take care of yourself kid. And even her. Call me whenever you have time." Dad said hugging Dev and patting on his back.

"I will Uncle. Don't worry. And will not forget to call you" Dev said after hugging dad.

"Ok. Now get inside. The train may start at any moment now" Dad said pushing us towards the train door.

I hugged dad one last time and got inside waving dad. The train started to Bangalore leaving Hyderabad taking me to my new beginning. I'm excited to see what is waiting for me in Bangalore.

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