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   Chapter 9 Destiny or Coincidence

Destiny or Coincidence? By sprinklePT14 Characters: 9008

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Athira Patel

I stood in front of my house thinking about what my dad is doing while ringing the bell. After few minutes door opened to reveal my dad who stood with only his shorts and drinking juice from cartoon.

"Dad. How many times I need to tell you to use class for drinking juice. You should not drink directly from the cartoon like that." I said snatching it from his hand and going to the kitchen to find the glass for him. "Did you eat breakfast?" I asked pouring the juice in the glass.

"No. Just woke up a few minutes ago. And you know me well to know how lazy I can be on Sunday mornings. So please don't ask me to cook today" He said entering into the kitchen and taking a seat on the breakfast table. I placed cartoon back in the fridge after pouring juice in the glass and walked back towards him to give his glass of pineapple juice.

"I asked if you ate or not. I didn't said you to prepare. This is my last day here, let me cook for you today" I said sounding emotional looking at him. He caught my left hand and nudged me to take a seat beside him. I sat beside him and hugged him from side wards. "I am going to miss you dad" I said sniffling.

"Shh. I thought my princess became strong now a days. But look, she is the same crying baby like before." He said hugging me back and placing his right hand on my head. "I am going to miss you too my princess. But this is what you have dreamt all along and worked very hard for this day. Now you cannot be emotional like this, it is the day to celebrate, not to cry. Common, Will prepare some breakfast. I am feeling very hungry" He said making me stand up along with himself and patting me in the back. "I am proud of you my girl" He said kissing my forehead smiling.

"What do you want to eat?" I asked after composing myself and entering into the kitchen once again.

"Not your omelette again. May be Poha or Parathas?" He suggested looking at me. I know that those two are his favourite and he would suggest them.

"Sure. Will go with Poha for now." I said getting the required ingredients from the fridge for preparing it. I started chopping vegetables "Do you know, that yesterday in the pub i met someone and for the first time I got attracted to this someone very quickly" I said looking for a pan.

"Wow. Now I can definitely say that he is an interesting person if he got the attention from you." Dad said laughing. "So, what happened then? Did you both talk with each other? Exchanged phone numbers? Should I except any news in the near future?" He started firing back to back questions without giving me a chance to explain.

"Dad!!! Stop it ok. None of them will happen. Ya, only one thing that we spok

id looking sad at the picture. "They both died in a car accident 22 years ago" He said looking outside the window thinking. He rarely looks sad. I think they are really good friends since my dad is hurting even up to today thinking of them.

"I am sorry dad. I should have not asked about them. I didn't know that they are…" I didn't finish the sentence knowing that he can understand it.

"It's not your fault princess. It was in the past and no one was able to do anything. It was on the spot. "He said patting my shoulder. I hugged him by placing my head on his chest. He hugged me back saying "I miss them sometimes. That's it" smiling and releasing me from the hug.

"Now, done with your packing or not?" He asked changing the topic. I remembered why I came here in the first place.

"Dad I need one family photo of us to take it with me." I said looking at him to which he nodded and went towards his cupboards.

"Here Take it. In this pic you are only of one year, but i think it is a beautiful picture of us" he said extending his hand holding the frame.

I went to stand beside him and took the picture in my hands. Indeed it was a beautiful picture of us. Dad and mom were 20 years younger than now and I was still a toddler. Dad is hugging mom and she was carrying me in her arms posing for the picture. They looked so happy together that it made me smile looking at them.

I took the picture with me to my room and placed it in my bag packing it. Riya called saying that they will be here within an hour and said that they are bringing the lunch with them and not to prepare it at home. So me and dad got some time to spare. We took a seat on the couch and switched on the TV to see some movie. I slept on the couch placing my head on dad's thigh and drifted off to sleep.

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