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   Chapter 8 Destiny or Coincidence

Destiny or Coincidence? By sprinklePT14 Characters: 11498

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Athira Patel

We feel so good when we touch something soft and smooth with our hands. It's like there is nothing worth in this world than this thing. It's the same feeling I'm getting when something is touching at the bottom of my feet and it felt like someone is making my feet wet. No, it's not someone, I think something is licking my feet and its smooth fur is touching alongside the bottom of my feet.

Wait... What… God something is licking at my feet, I suddenly got up from my bed and snatched my feet towards me and folded them in front of me holding them with my both hands looking at what is the reason.

"My goodness Casper. What are you doing in my room? How did you get out of Dev's apartment?" I asked looking at him who is just wiggling his tail at me and standing at the Corner of the bed. Why Dev brought Casper with him to my house when he clearly knows how much my father dislikes dogs. I thought of calling him so I started searching for my mobile in a bedside stand, then I have noticed that it is not my room and I am at Dev's and Rishi's apartment. Now I understood why Casper is here since it's Dev's room. But how did I get into his room? Then again I remembered about yesterday's events about us going to the pub, meeting Abhilash, kissing him, and about Dev's work location and all. Everything got back to me and I just simply sat in the middle of the bed catching my head. Slight headache has been started, maybe because of yesterday drinks. But still, my mind is so clear of the events that took place between Abhilash and me. I cannot forget the way he was looking at me yesterday and I cannot forget how good it felt when he touched me and kissed me. Oh God, that kiss is mind-blowing. I have never been kissed like that up to now, it's not like I have kissed many of them but still compared to Akash kisses his kiss was breathtaking one. It was one of the special moment for me or should I say it was the only special moment for me up to now in my life. It was just one night with him but I can say that I got attracted to him and it is first since Akash. He didn't even try and I agreed to kiss him, I don't even want to think what happens if he really tried to make me stay in contact with him. Might as well have accepted to his offer. And I'm thankful that he didn't force me to stay in contact. I don't want to have any type of relationship with him because I know it definitely won't be friendship between us. I slowly got up from the bed and went inside the bathroom to fresh up and have a nice relaxing bath.

After getting ready by wearing one of my dress which I bought yesterday with me, I went looking for my friends to eat something since I'm feeling very hungry. I don't think I have eaten anything since yesterday evening. I entered into the hall to see Rishi is sitting on the dining table eating Omelette with orange juice, while Riya is preparing food in the Kitchen. There are no whereabouts of Dev, so, I think he went to the gym or for jogging. I took a seat opposite to Rishi and placed both my hands below my chin on the table.

"Good Morning Rishi, " I said to which he smiled and wished me back with a mouthful of Omelette. "At Least you could complete what you were eating in your mouth before you wish me, " I said shaking my head. He started to say something again to which Riya slapped his head with her right hand and kept the plate filled with two Omelettes and one Sandwich

t staring at me without saying a word. I waved both my hands in front of their faces to which they responded by shaking their heads and laughing hysterically. Wow, now they both are enjoying my story too well. I just sat there folding my hands in front of me and looking at them to stop their laugh.

"Oh god Athi, at last after so many years, again one boy was able to melt you. I definitely have to meet this person. He sounds so interesting and it's a shame that you said goodbye to him" Rishi said trying to control his laugh.

"Ya, he is definitely something because no one was able to reach you until now. Not even Dev. But the thing is, are you sure that it was goodbye? Because I have a feeling that it was just a start and there is more to come. And not to forget you are attracted to him" Riya said sounding serious looking at me and Rishi.

"Yes, I am attracted to him Riya. But no way that I am talking to him when I know that he can be a distraction towards my goal. And no, we won't meet each other again. So don't worry your little brain so much about this. It was over yesterday night itself." I said looking at both of them to stop this conversation.

"Ok Ok. Let's see what happens. But I have a feeling it's not over" Riya said smirking to which Rishi nodded his head in agreement.

"Guys please, can we stop this discussion and start packing our bags? Because I think we are leaving tomorrow morning and we didn't pack anything up to now." I said changing the topic looking at them. At the same time, Dev entered the kitchen.

"Yes, we didn't pack. And Choti is right. We need to pack our stuff now. Let's go Choti. Will drop you and Riya at your places and come back for packing. Meanwhile, just check what all we need to take with us and also food" Dev said to the both of us and Rishi to look after the food.

"Ya, you are right. Common let's go then. Will meet you at night in Athira's house. Will spend the night with uncle." Riya said walking towards the front door.

"Sure. That sounds great. Will meet you there then. See you, Bye" Rishi shouted since we are already out of the house walking to his car.

All of them got inside and Dev started the car and drove first to my house where he dropped me and said bye and went to drop Riya at her hostel.

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