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   Chapter 7 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

Why we like? Why we hope? Why we expect? Why we hurt? We really don't know the answers to all these questions. Because it's not in our hands for any of these situations. It just happens and we cannot stop it. It was same with Abhilash. It was not in my hands that I got attracted to him. Any girl would have got attracted to him, he was that handsome. But controlling the situation before it gets out of hand can be done. That is the reason i have walked away from him after saying goodbye to him to look after my friends.

I went to other side of the dance floor where i have seen Dev earlier dancing with Preethi, sure enough he was still there talking and dancing carelessly with her. I thought for a second not to disturb them and to turn away from them but then he saw me standing a few feet away from them and waved his hand to come forward to their side. I hesitated a bit because of the look Preethi is giving me but now I need a friend with me after Abhilash episode to forget about it. So without giving a second thought I went and stood in front of them giving some space between them and me.

"Hey, where were you? I was looking for you from quite some time now." He asked me giving his full attention to me by removing himself from her grip and turning towards me. By the look on his face he was saying truth about looking after me.

"I was seated at the booth itself. I think you haven't seen me there." I said avoiding the subject about him. Dev seemed that he didn't buy my explanation but didn't ask any further questions. He just nodded and placed his right hand on my shoulder turning towards Preethi.

"Thank you for your time Preethi. It was nice meeting you. But now i need to get back with my friends. Will see you later. Bye" He said not giving any space to say anything and gave one last smile with a nod and started walking away from her dragging me along with him towards the entrance of the pub. I Looked back to see her standing there and watching us with an expression of hurt written on her face. When she saw me looking at her she turned away and started walking towards the bar session. I looked back to Dev to see him looking at me with a look of furiousness on his face.

He dragged me until we are outside the pub and stopped near a bench and sat on it leaving my hand. He did not said a word or looked at me which is bad, because he only does like this when he is mad at me. I took a deep breath and walked around the bench and took a seat beside him leaving some space between us. We both did not said a word for quite some time watching the vehicles go outside and teenagers dancing

lacing my hands around his neck nuzzling my head in between his shoulder and neck.

"What idiotic thing you guys have done that you are so happy about" Now this is the thing only Riya can say. That girl is beyond my thinking. I don't know how I have become her best friend.

We both turned towards them to see that they came forward and took the seat beside us. They are looking at us asking to explain what happened.

"Dev's work location is changed and guess what it's Bangalore. Now we both can go together to our office and we can stay together" I said excitingly facing them with a broad smile on my face.

"Oh my God. This is fucking good. Shit man. At last you got your preferred location. I'm so happy for you. Now both of you can stay together like us." Riya said excitedly and hugged Dev and punched his shoulder.

"Thank you my tiger. Even I'm happy for it. Now I can still flirt with my all-time favorite girl" He said looking at me and winking to which both Riya and Rishi laughed and looked at each other communicating something which I didn't understood and don't even want to understand. That idiot cannot stop his flirting even with me. I shook my head thinking he won't change ever.

"I'm happy for you man. Congrats. At least now you got another chance. Use wisely" Rishi said patting his shoulder and hugging him in one of those Bro hugs. I don't know what he meant, I think he was saying about his flirting mentality. Definitely it should stop.

"Can we go home now? I'm feeling sleepy" I said yawning to which they all nodded in agreement. After Dev brought his car from parking lot we all got inside and went to boy's room and slept like babies. It was one tired day and interesting day as I thought before going to the pub.

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