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   Chapter 6 Destiny or Coincidence

Destiny or Coincidence? By sprinklePT14 Characters: 7438

Updated: 2019-06-27 16:03

Athira Patel

Imagination is one thing, and practically experiencing it is the other thing. From last few hours i have imagined how his lips would feel against mine, but now while practically experiencing it, my imagination is nothing compared to what I am feeling right now. His lips are so soft and gentle against mine that i want to stay like this forever.

His lips are moving against mine in a slow and passionate kiss. He dragged me until there is no space between us by placing one of his hand around my waist in a tight grip while other is at the back of my head to keep me in place. I can feel the mint and vanilla flavour in his taste which is so addicting. I Stood on my tip toes for better access and gripped his neck with my left hand while my right hand is playing with his soft and silky hair.

He slowly massaged my lower lip with his tongue asking for an entrance which i have granted by opening my mouth. He slipped his tongue into my mouth tasting and ravishing me. Both of them are fighting for the dominance so he sucked my tongue into his mouth taking dominance in the kiss and i moaned in pleasure when he sucked my lower lip. The taste of him was intoxicating and so was the scent of him. His kisses were so gentle at first but became fast and possessive now which is making me skip my heart beat due to desire. I don't want this feeling to end but due to lack of oxygen we broke our kiss and he started trailing soft kisses to the slope of my neck. I moaned and turned my head giving more access to my neck by catching hold of his hair by both hands. When he found my throbbing pulse, he gently sucked and nibbled on it and the sensation of it made my eyes close making me to forget the world around us.

He placed his lips back on mine and gave me a short and brief passionate kiss sucking my bottom lip and biting on it. He gave one more peck on my lips and placed his forehead against mine while breathing heavily. I closed my eyes all the while feeling his pulse and trying to catch my breath. My lips are still tingling due to the sensation of the kiss, He does know how to kiss passionately. He placed his hand on my left cheek and started rubbing his thumb gently up and down. I opened my ey

ont of him.

"Yes. I am. You are good. But I have a goal to reach in my life and this will be only distraction for me which i can't afford it. So it's better this way." I explained the reason which is half true. But still it is true. He don't need to know about another half reason.

"If that is your decision, then I agree with you." He said smiling and stepping closer once again.

"Thank you for understanding" I said smiling and relaxing that he didn't create any drama.

"You're welcome Cutie pie. It was nice meeting you. Maybe it was only for few hours but still it was worth knowing you. I hope we could be in touch. But i respect your decision." He said stepping in front of me. Now there is only one feet gap between us.

"It was nice meeting you too" I said sincerely. I too hoped that we could be in touch. But I don't want to say that to him especially when it's me who don't want to be in contact with him in first place.

He hugged me by placing one hand on my back and other around my waist. At first i just stood there without doing anything then I lifted my hands and hugged him in return by placing my hands around his waist and keeping my head on his chest. We stood like that for some time and then he tilted my head upwards towards him by his right hand and placed his lips on mine in a gentle and breathtaking kiss. This kiss is not about desire. It's completely about how much he wanted me to stay in contact with him and his way of saying goodbye.

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