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   Chapter 4 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

I never thought that I will feel like this again, especially with a complete stranger. Not even when I was with Akash I felt like this, these feelings are completely strange. I never got the urge to talk to a person like this, I never thought that I will get attracted to someone like this. Hell, I never thought I wanted to kiss someone this badly. But yes it happened and this is proof that we both sitting opposite of each other and I am ready to spend some time with this stranger. I am completely nervous that I want to drink my beer which I kept on the table in front of me. He too bought one beer bottle with him.

To make situation light I asked "So, how does this work? I mean you are going to interview me to know about me or I need to interview you?" placing both my hands on the table and folding them together.

He smirked "You are so eager to get to know about me cutie-pie. But no, it won't work that way and you are not applying for any job in my company that I will do your interview." he said and took one sip from his beer bottle "So the thing is even I don't know how. But just wanted to get to know you. That's it" he said looking straight in my eyes.

I nodded "Don't tell me that you won't speak much with the strangers and you don't know how to start a conversation with them." I said looking at him. But he had the look on his face saying that I caught him correctly. To say I was shocked is an understatement.

"God you are serious, " I asked sounding shocked "you don't talk much with strangers?" It's a surprise to me because I didn't think he was genuine. I thought he was a playboy like Dev.

He scratched the back of his neck with his right hand saying "Ya. You caught me right. I don't talk to strangers. I won't even come to pubs much. This is maybe 3rd or 4th time." he said laughing awkwardly.

I laughed seeing his uneasiness "Never thought that I will see this day were a handsome man is saying that he won't talk to strangers much even when knowing how much girls are ready to throw themselves at him" I said shaking my head and trying to stop my laugh.

"Haha. Go on. I know you are enjoying it. Laugh all you want. You are laughing at an innocent poor boy you know. Go go, make a joke of me" he said wiping his fake tears and acting like he was crying.

That made me laugh even more seeing his face. He was acting like I have dodged a bullet to his chest and he got hurt. He placed a hand on his chest and kept an expression of pain rubbing his hand above his chest.

"But I am glad that you think I am handsome" he smirked catching me for saying it by mistake. I thought that he didn't catch on to that. I should have known better. I blushed knowing too well that I cannot take back that word now. So I changed the topic.

"You are good at acting you know. I can give you the credit for that." I said after composing myself "So tell me about yourself" I asked the question that is running through my mind from past few minutes.

"Ha. Thought that you will ask this question, I know that you are attracted to me" he said winking. And I raised an eyebrow to say don't go any further. He raised his hands in surrender "Ok ok, Sorry. Chill, I was just kidding. You are so serious" he said pouting to which I smiled a little which he caught.

"So as I said my name is Abhilash Ponnam and I am from Mumbai. But currently staying in Bangalore. Just came to Hyderabad for my friend's marriage. And today is his bachelor party so we came to the pub to celebrate. But I am happy that I came here because I got to meet you." he said smiling and took another sip.

So he is not from Hyderabad. I don't know why I am disappo

inted knowing it. And I am right that he is North Indian." So you are a guest in Hyderabad. Is this your first time here? "I asked because I was curious.

"No. I stayed here when I was 10 years old for a year with my parents and then I have completed my post-graduation here itself, then I got shifted to Bangalore last year. Before that I used to stay here itself." he said dragging his chair closer to the table and kept one hand under his chin for support.

"Oh. That's cool. So you are enjoying then. How is Bangalore?" I asked mimicking his actions and placing my right hand under my chin since I am curious because I need to go to Bangalore after 2 days for my new job.

"It's good. Mainly the weather but the traffic is horrible there. I hope one day you will come to visit so that I can show you the city" he said sounding hopeful. I thought whether I need to say to him about my job or not.

"Actually I got the job in Bangalore and I am moving there after 2 days. That is the reason we came here today to enjoy our last day in Hyderabad." I said watching his expression. You have to see his face when I said that I am coming to Bangalore. God that smile is my new favourite from now onwards.

"Wow. Are you serious?" he asked to which I nodded "that's great. We can definitely be in contact then" he said sounding excited. Can we really be friends? I want to but I don't want to get distracted by boys, not when I know that I am attracted to him. It will get difficult and I don't want that.

He saw the look on my face "You don't want to be in touch with me right?" he asked knowingly to which I gave a sad smile. He nodded in understanding.

He took a deep breath "It's fine. At least I got to spend some time with you today" he smiled taking both my hands in his and closing them with his palms. His hands are warm.

I was looking at our adjoined hands thinking of being in his arms. I need to control myself. I stopped my train of thoughts and lifted my head to look at his face and shocked to see that he was already watching me with those same intense gazes. My breath caught in my throat and my hands are becoming hot where he is holding them. His eyes are so beautiful that I want to look at them forever, his fair skin is so smooth that I want to run my fingers along with it. And his full pink lips are so attracting that I want to kiss him.

He captured me in his stare that even if I wanted to avert my eyes from him, I am unable to do it. Suddenly someone stumbled upon our table making us break our stare. I am thankful to that person because I don't even want to think about what would have happened then.

"Hey watch where you are going, " Abhilash said to that person looking at his side.

"Sorry man. Sorry sister" he said raising his hands in surrender and walking away from us. It's clear that he was drunk.

"Are you ok? Idiots, can't even look where they are going" he asked looking at me and giving one glance in the direction where that person went.

"Ya, I'm fine. He was drunk probably. Leave it" I said dismissing the topic.

Some romantic and slow English song started playing on the dance floor and all the couples gathered on the floor for a dance where the rest of them are backing away to give the space for the couples. I can see that Rishi and Riya are still on the floor holding each other and dancing to the song. Even Dev and Preethi are dancing. They can make a good couple. I make a mental note to talk with Dev regarding her later.

Abhilash called me making me turn my gaze from the dance floor to towards him.

"Would you like to dance with me?" He asked smiling and forwarding his hand for me to accept it.

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