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   Chapter 2 Destiny or Coincidence

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Athira Patel

After getting down from the car we stood in front of the pub as Dev went to park the car. Most of the teenagers are either coming with partners or in a group with their friends. Even from outside we can hear the loud music going on inside the pub. I wonder how it will look inside. Will it be the same as shown in the movies or it will be different? Guess will know after getting inside. I was in my own thoughts when Dev caught me from behind startling me. I screamed and punched him in the gut. Turning around in his arms I started slapping him on shoulders for scaring me like that.

"Hey hey hey..!!! Stop! Ok fine I'm sorry Babe. Will not scare you again like that" He said while laughing and capturing both of my hands stopping me from slapping him.

"Never do that again Dev. You scared the hell out of me" I said while resting my head on his shoulder. My heart was beating faster. I took deep breaths to calm down. Dev put his hand on my shoulder and was looking at me in concern.

"Hey are you ok?" both Rishi and Riya asked at the same time while coming to stand beside us.

"Ya, I'm ok. Just caught off-guard. Nothing to worry." I said while starting to walk inside with Dev. Rishi and Riya were walking in the back with us. At the entrance, I stopped walking due to nervousness. All my friends turned to me to check what happened.

Dev took my left hand in his and said "Nothing will happen choti. Just relax and enjoy this night leaving all your fears outside." While smiling towards me and tugging my hand to walk towards the entrance. Riya took hold of my other hand and squeezed it lightly to assure me that everything will be fine. She faced towards me and smiled while walking inside. I returned the smile feeling somewhat relaxed and started walking inside with them.

Inside there are disco lights flashing of different colours making it look completely the party is in full swing and at the left side of the entrance, the bar is placed, which is huge with the collection of different drinks that I can't even recognize some of them. And to the right side booths are situated where everyone is sitting and chatting. And to the other side of the entrance, you can see the dance floor with most of the teenagers dancing without a care in the world. The pub is totally packed today due to the weekend and most of them are with their gangs today.

Me and my friends went to one of the booths and occupied places in the Corner round table. Dev and Rishi went to bring some drinks while we are busy taking in the sight of the dance floor where some pop music is playing by the DJ and many teenagers are dancing and swaying their bodies to that. Some of them are making out, some are touching each other and some of them are casually dancing. It's only 7.30pm but looks like everyone are in the mood of the party.

I was casually looking through the pub until someone caught my eye at the other end of the booth. He is sitting with two of his friends and their backs are faced to me. I can only see him. He is listening to what their friends are saying and laughing but I can't hear through the music what it is. But he was enjoying what their friends are saying. His laugh is like addicting. I'm unable to move my eyes from his face. He is very handsome with light brown colour eyes, fair skin with a light beard and long hair that is falling up to his eyes. His hair is so silky that I want to run my fingers along with it. His full pink lips are very attractive and God that smile is breathtaking. I haven't seen like this man up to now in my life, he is definitely from North India. I can say it by looking at him. Suddenly he raised his face to look straight at me and I lost my breath. His stare is very intense and he was looking directly at me without blinking an eye. I know that I should look away but I'm unable to do it. His eyes captured mine in an intense gaze and there is something in the way he is looking at me that my body is having these strange tingles and I have the sudden urge to touch and kiss those lips.

God, what is happening to me. I turned away from his intense gaze when I saw Dev and Rishi at his back returning with the drinks in their hands. But still I can feel his stare on me but I'm scared to turn back and see him. I don't know why my body is responding like that and why my heart is beating faster. As crazy as it sounds I have the urge to kiss him. Both of them took the seats where Dev sat beside me and Rishi took the seat opposite of me beside Riya placing the tray of shots and four beer bottles on the table.

"Babe vodka shots are for you both. I know it's your favourite and thought Athi will also try them with us" Rishi said looking at me and showing the shots in front of us.

"I don't think I want to drink today?" I said but probably it sounded more like a question than an answer.

Dev is shaking his said while saying "No way, it's our last day and you're not going to say no to drink. You have to drink today. I know you are excited to drink so stop acting innocent and take the shot" and took the shot from the tray and placed in front of me. He was watching me like he would take the matter in his hands if I won't drink.

I released the breath in defeat and took the shot in my hands and saw my friends faces. Dev is smirking as he won the lottery, Riya is giggling in her seat and trying to stop her laugh by covering it with her palm while Rishi is just smiling in an encouraging form. I took the shot glass in my hands and brought it up to my mouth and closed my eyes, taking a breath I swallowed it in one big gulp. Immediately I started coughing because of the bitter taste of vodka and is burning my throat. I don't know how all these people will drink this.

"God how you guys drink this. It's horrible and my throat is burning. I need water Dev. It's so bitter" I complained like a small child looking at Dev.

"It tastes like that at first but it will get better after 2nd on

e." I glared at her, then she said "trust me Athi. It will get better. Try one more" and gave another shot for me to hold. While glaring at her I took another shot. This one is also bitter and it's burning. But a little bit better compared to the first one. Riya is right it's better now.

"It's better right?" she asked excitedly. I accepted while shaking my head. "I said you that it will be better and I'm always right, " She said giving her most charming smile.

Dev and Rishi rolled their eyes and took each shot and drank it. Riya also did the same seeing them.

Again I felt like that stranger's eyes are watching me so I turned and looked in his direction and yes he was watching me. I quickly averted my eyes from him and brought back to our table because again my heart is beating faster.

Riya got up taking one beer in her left hand and pulling Rishi with her to the dance floor. "common guys will go to the dance floor. I wanna dance now. Come Babe I wanna dance with you" She said giving mischievous look to Rishi and nodding towards our side to come along with her. All of them stood and both Rishi and Dev too have taken each bear in their hands and placing the last one in my hands. Dev dragged me to the dance floor along with Riya and Rishi.

The dance floor is crowded and most of their bodies are touching each other but they are dancing like they don't have any care in the world. It's a bit uncomfortable due to all the touchings but Dev brought us to a somewhat less crowded area. I cannot see Riya and Rishi with us so I turned to look for them thinking they might be lost in the crowd. But I think I'm wrong because there they are in the middle of the crowd eating each other faces like animals. I immediately turned my face towards Dev "They won't change right. They don't care about the place, if they want to have some romance then they will start anywhere. Idiots" I said placing both my hands around Dev's neck. He placed both of his hands on my waist dragging me near to him.

"You know that they won't change. And you even know that it's kind of romantic. You are just jealous because you are not able to kiss anyone and your hormones are getting the better of you" He said while swaying to the beat and smirking.

"What? Noo..." I slapped his shoulder "I'm not jealous of them you idiot" he caught my hand and placed them back in his neck "It's just that I don't think there is a need to show PDA. We all know that they are a couple" I explained what I'm thinking. But even then I'm not sure why I was not comfortable with their PDA. Maybe Dev is right but I am not going to accept in front of him. His big ego will get satisfied that he is correct and he won't stop teasing me then. So it's better this way.

"Ok ok. As you think choti." He said laughing and taking a sip from his bottle when a girl came and stood in front of us.

"Hey Dev, what a surprise. It's been very long since we met last time" She said while looking in between us like calculating whether I am his girlfriend or just friend. I can see that she is having some feelings towards Dev.

She is wearing a one piece of the red colour dress with black and silver colour Belt which hugged her curves perfectly. Her hair is very long and black which reached until her waist and she wore makeup. You can say that she takes care of her appearance very much.

Dev let go of my waist and turned around with an expression of surprise. He went near her and hugged her "Hey Preethi, indeed it is a surprise. How are you?" he asked after releasing her from the hug.

"I am good. How about you? And how come you are here. I thought you are leaving to Mumbai for your new job." she asked giving a glance towards my side. Yup, she definitely has feelings for Dev. Poor girl, she didn't know that Dev won't do relationships.

"I'm Awesome as usual. Yes, I will be leaving tomorrow. So today I came with my friends to celebrate the last day in Hyderabad." He said smiling and nodding towards me" This is my best friend Athira. Choti this is my family friend Preethi." Dev said introducing us.

"Hey it's nice to meet you, " I said while extending my hand towards her.

"Same here Athira, " She said smiling while shaking her hand with mine. You can see the relief in her eyes when Dev mentioned that I am his friend. Dev is so oblivious about her feelings. Such an idiot.

"Do you wanna have a drink?" Dev asked her to which she nodded in yes.

He turned towards me "Excuse me for a few moments, Babe. I will catch up with her. It's been very long since I met her last time" and said giving me a sorry glance.

"Hey, it's fine. I can understand. No problem you both go and have a drink for a while. I will go to Riya." I said bye and started walking away from them to search my other two friends.

They left saying thank you and I turned around to look after my friend when suddenly I bumped into someone and they caught me from falling by placing their hands on waist and holding me. I closed my eyes due to the impact and caught my saviour's shoulder from falling. I can say that he is male because of his muscles and his strong grip on my waist. He pulled me up towards him and instinctively I placed both my palms on his chest. Oh God, he is having a very good body. I can feel his chest beneath my palms and thought of running my hands to feel his perfect body. I suddenly stopped my train of thoughts thinking of what is happening to me today. First that stranger and now this unknown person who saved me. Why my hormones are going out of control today I don't know.

"Are you ok?" The person asked who saved me from falling. Even his voice is so manly but you can see the concern in his voice.

I opened my eyes to come face to face with his chest. He is wearing a plain white colour T-shirt. I nodded saying "I am fine" and lifted my face upwards to look at his face.

I froze on the spot because he is none other than the one whom I was watching a while ago.

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