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A Mysterious She-wolf By Vasugi Characters: 14465

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Warning: For 16+ readers only!

Akhilan's POV

"Are you challenging me that I can't do this, my dear beloved?"

Her dark voice filled my ears with a thrill of lust. My spine received chills and my brain was stunned at her intense look.

"Umm... No... I didn't mean it... Ahh... CUPCAKE!"

Before I could finish my sentence she gave pressure to her hip and dropped down a little. She gasped for air as her fingers sought her hard nipples and pinched herself. I sucked in a deep breath as she was too tight than I remembered and the vision of touching herself was arousing me. My half entered cock twitched and the vibrations were making this sensual experience into more erotic. I could feel the trace of her broken purity was dripping down to that c-ring and overflowing to my balls.

She opened her eyes and it had turned back to purple. Tears filled in her eyes which she was blinking back to go. I stayed still and she let go of my cock and placed her palms to the sides of my head over the pillow and bent her body over me. She rubbed her hard nipples on my skin and pressed her body over me. She moved her hip a little taking me more into her. Her warm and tight muscles feel like heaven but my cock ached a little as it was my first time too for this body. Her lips hungrily latched on mine as she kissed me fiercely to divert herself from the pain.

She sat up and closed her eyes tightly. I anticipated her next move and raised my hip when she dropped down. That's it! I'm completely inside her. She yelped and looked at me lustily. She let out a moan as her clitoris had perfectly landed over the vibrating ring. She stayed still and I could tell she was already so close to her orgasm. She pressed her hip down pushing me down on the bed and mewled in a few seconds rising up a little and panted for breath. Her inner muscles clenched onto my member and her juices drenched my cock.

She slowly initiated the movements and our moans filled the dense forest as a dark aura covered the room. I remember this happening at our first union. Her vulva stretched to my size and her eased movements increased in pace. My balls were tightened but the cock ring was delaying me from exploding. She feels so amazing. The breathy moans and lustful and blissful expression on her face were enough for me to understand that she was enjoying my body. The compassion for our bodies intermingled with carnal desires and let the blazing flame huger.

When I felt I was nearing my limit, she stopped abruptly and bent to kiss my lips. I groaned in frustration but she didn't acknowledge it. She continued eating my lips while my cock twitched for movements. Her hips moved very slowly while she continued kissing me. Our hot breaths and sweat were intermingled and her sudden quick movements made me groan out loud. Fast and deep! Her pace made my mind go insane. I started thrusting up and her increased moans motivated me to continue. I felt her shaking hard on my cock while she stopped moving her hips. She pulled away from the kiss and started licking my neck. I continued pounding from below as she moaned loudly in my ear. She spotted my marking spot and sucked there hard.

That pushed my limit and with a deep plunge, I emptied my potent seeds into her womb. Right when I shot my set of sperms, I felt her canines digging into my nape - my mate marked me; claiming me as hers. She licked my blood clean and kissed my mark. My loud groan turned into moan with the pleasure coursed through me. My ejaculation prolonged as she came again from the vibration of the C-ring on her clit.

The familiar vision of two shining threads intertwining with each other flashed before me. My body was at the junction of pain and pleasure as many spots had been sore from her lascivious assaults and the bliss from my first lovemaking and from getting her mark. Our heartbeats were clearly be heard at its marathon pace.

"It seems like my mate has a part of submissiveness in him!"

She commented and winked at me. Her hair was a mess and her face was glowing with satisfaction and sweat. Her ripe body was mine. I couldn't believe this vixen had tied and taken me in her way. But I am so sated to complain about it.

She pulled away from her hip slowly and hastily ripped the C-ring off me and laid over my body hugging me tigh

t corner. I could stimulate it easily from this way. My wolf smirked at my idea as he knows what's going on happen now.

I pulled her left leg over my shoulder and slowly teased her opening with my crown. I filled her warmth slowly and bent to kiss her lips to let her adjust my size. My claws were digging softly into her smooth thighs holding her in place. She didn't mind that anyway. I pinched and fondled her breasts and sat up to my original position. Her half hooded eyes were displaying satisfaction and love.

I bit my lower lip and pulled out and thrusted hard into her. Her eyes peeled open wide and she swore shaking in a mini orgasm. I grinned widely and held her thigh tightly and pounded into her harder and deeper with my wolf power. She started to scream loudly and I was enjoying the way her body reacting to me. I growled out calling for her wolf to surface to keep her from passing out in the middle of the action. I can't trust this Goddess in bed as she tends to pass out from orgasmic trance.

The silent night of the forest had been filled with our mating sounds and the aura of darkness. The quick pace soon pushed us to our limits. I bent down and licked her marking spot as and nibbled there before sinking my canines into her. The taste of her blood filled my mouth and my wolf has gone crazy at her sweet metallic taste. I sucked there a few seconds and pulled out licking my clean. The pleasure from mark made me explode as I started filling her up again. The intertwined cylindrical threads had now melted to each other and compressed to a sphere and beautiful wings sprouted out showing the completion of successful mating of our souls. She let out a loud moan with the stimulation of my mark and my seeds warming up her sensitive spot and her love hole gushed out the love juices from her biggest orgasm of the night.

Still connected, I lay next to her and cuddled her from behind. Our ragged breath and pacing heart was the conclusive lyric of our mating song. Her soft snores surprised me. My little mate must be tired. After all, this is the first time for her body. I pulled my flaccid cock from her messy cunt and used the wipes to clean us up. A bath would be better but I don't want to disturb her sleep. Maybe tomorrow morning, we can bath together. I smiled looking at the sleeping mate and removed the hairs sticking on her face and kissed her cheek. She turned around and scooted closer to me. I hugged her and used my wand to cover our naked bodies with the comforter. Finally, everything had fallen in its place. With the contented and happy heart, I thanked the destiny for blessing me with my mate. I love her so much. She is someone who cannot be replaced by anything in this universe and I will bear anything to be with her and cherish her to eternity. I kissed the top of her head and cuddled her falling into a peaceful slumber.

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