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Akhilan's POV

I came out to a greeny forest. My wolf perked up as he fell in love with the place instantly. The sound of the running water was heard so close. A lake or river might be nearby. It seems to be a very dense forest. My wolf vision helps me to see the place though. I looked around a small source of light could be seen in the distance. I walked to the direction and sweet scent 'Manoranjitham' flowers [commonly known as Ylang-ylang flowers] filled my nostrils. I couldn't sense any sign of threats and my wolf was at his ease. As I neared the place, a floral decorated arch with bamboo gates with creeper cover bamboo walls stood tall in front of me.

I pushed the door open and the scent of chocolate divinely filled my lungs. My mate is here! The antique style lamps were hung from the ceiling and the place was glowing in gold. It was a small room. The corners were lit up with the candles and a dinner table was neatly arranged in the centre with two bamboo chairs. A small door on the other side of the room opened and my Cupcake came out so gorgeously making my jaw drop.

I would never allow anyone to see her in this dress but she looks so damn hot. The black gown with a big slit to her left exposed and creamy thighs while she walks and the heart neckline was cut deep to expose the sides her beautiful cleavage. Her hip was covered with flimsy lace. Her red-painted lips had a knowing victorious smirk and her lovely purple eyes were shining mischievously. Her side braided hair just added more beauty to her sexy figure.

My breath became ragged while she walked closer to me. I couldn't even blink as the beauty walked closer to me. She stood so closer to me and placed her palms over my chest. My dresses started changing into a black silk satin full hand button up and a black pant. I felt self-conscious suddenly. But her palms cupped my face and she smiled at me warmly showing her love for me in her purple eyes.

"You look so handsome as always, my darling! Don't worry. We aren't going to stay in these dresses for a long time!"

She spoke huskily and pecked my lips while I stood there spellbound.

I heard her chuckling at my stunned form. Was this really happening? This feels so surreal. She intertwined her fingers with mine and looked around the place before looking at me. I was just staring at her from top to bottom. She cleared her throat and looked at me in anticipation. I got my hint.

"This place looks like a beautiful dream. You must have put a lot of effort. Great job, baby."

I pecked her cheek and her face lit up with a big smile but she was still looking me with anticipation as I stared back at her with a masked blank eye but was searching for all the important dates. It clicked and I looked at her in surprise as she remembers it. Now I believe the fact human mentions as women always remember things in details from the past.

"Ah! Finally, you remember?"

She paused in question not sure about my memory.

"Today is the anniversary of the day when a vixen corrupted my pure heart."

I blurted out and fakely covered by mouth with a smile. She glared at me challenging me to take back my words. It's been a while since we had such a moment. I pulled her to a side hug and smiled at her.

"This day changed my life, Cupcake! My mind was filled with you. I broke all the rules of my tribe mesmerized by the purple eyes of a certain person. Also, this is the day I kissed you for the first time. I hate it when you disappear whenever you don't want to see me. I have to wait for months until destiny makes me clash into you. At last, I have you in my hand. I am thankful to Destiny."

She blushed while I remembered the past. She pulled away from my embrace.

"But still you didn't recognize the place, my stupid mate!"

She remarked in a silly tone and snapped her finger.

The place started running back in time. My eyes ached with the speed of vision changing in front of me. The changes stopped and suddenly I could recognize the place. I looked around with wide eyes at the huge transformation my past livelihood had undergone. The vision of our first meeting played before me. The very place I am standing is the spot where I kissed her for the first time.

"Wow! I couldn't recognize this place at all!"

I exclaimed and looked at her.

"I know you just appear to be so smart but basically you are a dumb man!"

She teased me and snapped her finger. Thankfully, this time the illusion burst out without changing in time. I inched closer to her.

"Maybe I am dumb. That's why I have let a cocky devil steal my heart."

She smirked and caught my shirt collar and pulled me to a fierce kiss. I held her firmly within my hands and cherished the moment of passion.

"Yeah! This cocky devil is going to show you tonight what she really made of..."

She pulled away from the kiss and whispered against my lips.

I smirked back at her. Whatever she might challenge, I know how to melt her in bed and I always had the upper hand there. I pressed my lips again on hers shutting off her effectively. I released her lips and embraced her into a tight hug. I wish to get lost in this moment forever. My stomach chose the worst moment to embarrass me by grumbling loud. I forgot to have my lunch as I was too much busy brewing the potion that was not going to be needed anymore.

"Let's eat."

She whispers against my chest with a soft smile. I nodded and kissed the top of her head and lead her to the dining table. Simple and delicious meals were served on the table. We ate the food in silence drinking up each other with our eyes. I don't even realize how my plate got empty but I felt full sooner. I kept looking at her with a smile. She had indeed changed. Layla in past would have turned into tomato with my stares. But Anjali here was looking at me equally

d crimson. But soon her bold character came out as she ground her clothed ass over my naked erection. She sat up and leisurely enjoyed me twitching against her warmth. Her darkened eyes held my eyes captive and she rose a little on her knees and snapped her finger transforming her black gown into a sexy lace babydoll. My palm was aching to touch her but this vine was strongly holding my wrists and gripping me painfully as I was kept tugging it. Her breast was barely covered with the see-through satin as a thong was flimsy covering my vision from looking at her love hole.

She sat down directly over my hard cock smudging her wetness over me. She placed her palms over my chest and moved her hip front and back for a few times. I closed my eyes and surrendered to the pleasure. Her hips paused and my eyes met with hers. She was smirking!

How long was she planning to sweetly torture me like this?

She crossed her hands pulling the satin cloth off her body from its bottom very slowly and she took her time to tease me with stripping. Her breast bounced when they got released which had a direct impact on my cock. She grinned at her desired outcome and pulled the knots of her thongs from both sides. She discarded it quickly and laid over me rubbing her naked body on mine. My whole body was on fire. I want to hold her hip and pound into her hard and deep to show how passionately I am waiting for mating with her.

She kissed me softly and pressed her breast over my hairy chest. Her hands went down and she softly caressed my hard cock. I felt like exploding at her mere touch. I gritted my teeth and controlled my hormones. A male should satisfy his female first. I could do things to her to feel her pleasure but I was so helpless. My Aambal wand wasn't working. The divine's bound at my wrists was too powerful for my magic to break free. Her thumb massaged my slit and she pumped me softly with one hand. She opened the drawer of the stand next to the bed with other hand and took something. She flashed the blue circular thing to me with childlike excitement. While I was wondering what she was going to do with that, she rose up and held my cock positioning it to the ring and she stretched the ring a bit to lower it to the base of my cock. It felt strange with slight pressure and pain as it restricts my blood flow. She rotated it and the wide part was facing me. She patted and pressed it somewhere and suddenly it started to vibrate. I yelped in surprise and looked at her devilishly smiling face with wide eyes.

Damn! Where did all her innocence go? The truth is, I have been trapped in a dense forest with the devil and completely at her mercy.

I felt her positioning her dripping hole towards my shaft. Is this how I am going to take her purity? It was her time. She was claiming me as hers. I should respect my female's desire. The soft vibrations from that C-ring were sending pleasure to my every vein.

I felt her warm tight flesh taking in my shaft as she gritted her teeth at the discomfort and paused when her hymen caressed my tip. I closed my eyes and fisted my palm to not plunge my hip into her as this sensation was too much. I felt her trembling above me. I opened my eyes and saw her dangling mounds and very naked cunt connected a little with my raging member. Her head was thrown back as she was managing her weight with her knees and shiveringly holding the base of my vibrating cock.

"Baby, let me free. Let me take care of you!"

I breathily managed to complete the sentence.

Her head snapped straight and darkness radiated off her. Her purple eyes had a silver outline and one of her eye's sclera had turned black. Her sane part, wolf and darkness were all together on the surface. I was stunned as this partial participation was new to me.

"Are you challenging me that I can't do this, my dear beloved?"

Her dark voice filled my ears with a thrill of lust.

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