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Updated: 2020-01-21 13:05

Hi, my dear cupcakes!

I usually write during my spare time I get in between the work. This new year had increased my workload and I was so clueless about your question of 'When is the next update?'. And I am sorry for not replying the comments all these days.

I am so sorry for keeping you all waiting. But I managed to write three chapters in the last few days. Basically, I have written the latest two chapters from yesterday morning until this noon with three-hour sleep.

It's a strange but undeniable fact that I always get incredible flow while writing the intimate scenes. And I have worded the raw and sensual consummation of our lead in those two chapters. So I warn my readers to beware of it.

I will write one more chapter that needed to be done to close the unfinished character's story and if possible an epilogue.

Enjoy reading. Have a lovely day.

Kavi's POV

It has been a week since the announcement was made to the people of my realm about the rise of a new divine. Everyone was so shocked to know that a divine had been punished for his sins by Destiny. We, Divines had decided to try our best to not let another apocalypse happen in the earth. I invited Moon and Sun to my realm for the first official meeting, which was witnessed by our creator.

As a first step, I went to Council and spoke with the Council heads regarding the change in divine and future of the earth. We decided to let the Divines meet with the magical creatures to show the harmony of the divines to set an example and the magical creatures have the main part in the future of this earth. We arranged a Dinner at council with all the Alphas, Primus, High Priestess and a High Priest to discuss the same. They were so honoured to meet us and we expressed our wish to make better earth and also the warning of mass destruction that might happen if we fail to act quickly. The unison solution for time being is that the magical creatures had to mingle with humans more and change their way of egoistical thinking to bring equality among the other living beings on the earth.

The wolves have a double mind as they had believed me in the wrong light. But Goddess Mathi often stayed next to me graciously hiding her amusement for being new. Ashwin and Dhayalan's close behaviour had made the others rethink about their pre-build image of me - the Goddess of Darkness in their brain. Dhaya apologized to me for his behaviour. I calmed him praising his loyalty.

Aadhira and Kathir joined the dinner but Akhilan didn't come to the dinner as I hadn't invited him. He had been so cocky lately that I have been giving him hard time and was eagerly waiting for my heat to tame me. He roams around the realm bare-chested in the name of workouts but he was actually trying to seduce me. It feels so good to see him trying very hard to make me his. I let my wolf call for his wolf and they had spent a night cuddling in the snow land. His woke me up licking my face and took care of me so well. I can't stay angry with his wolf. Knowing this fact, that rascal last night tricked me to make out with him by barging into my room with his wolf in control. I was enjoying it too much to realize he gained his control back from his wolf.

Nonetheless, I wasn't going to wait until my heat approach. He was already heating up my blood enough. As he said, this was a special moment as I will be giving my purity to him once again. But I wasn't going to let him have his cocky way with me. He will pay on the bed. I will make him pay! I am so eager to sink my canines on his slender nape to mark him as mine. I want to him to mark me once again; it wasn't going to bruise this time.


"Are you telling me that living beings on the earth had found 2, 537, 498 new types of sins during these years I wasn't here?"

Aadhira chuckled and nodded her head. I sighed and looked at her exhaustedly. Seeing this Himalayan high files already made me exhausted.

"I don't want to read every kind. Do categorize them into sub-orders. We should change our purification methods. Punishments should be more severe. People should remember the pain and shouldn't commit the same sin again. If a soul commits the same mistake from its previous life – triple its allocated punishment. Intentional sins should be purified twice the unintentional sin. And keep a small memory of the purification process and the seed of spirituality in their brain before sending them to Sun. I will look into them eventually and I will propose the purification accordingly over the period of time.

The people on the earth had been upgrading every day. We should adapt to them and find a way to minimize the harm to nature and their lives on earth. Form a team and look into this iss

ughty but he laid there silently. His breaths started coming out calmly and he was sound asleep within a few minutes. I closed my eyes and fell into slumber expecting for the dawn.

Akhilan's POV

Something was missing! The warmth that I enjoyed all night was missing now. I opened my eyes lazily and realized I was still in my wolf form. The sun was already up. I looked behind me as I realized that warmth was provided to me from my mate all night. She wasn't there.

This woman!

How can she leave me alone and go back?

Or was it a dream?

I could understand her. I had hurt her deeply with my words. I acted out of jealousy without thinking properly and I have no idea why I dragged Pooja into this. Anjali already hates her and I have complicated things. Sometimes I fear that she would leave me as her eyes weren't reflecting the warmth I had experienced in past.

I have hope on our love which held us together for millennia. Whenever I invade her personal space, her increased heartbeat and hormones shows she was still affected by my closeness. And I thought she really had forgiven me yesterday on seeing her coming for me. But she had disappeared now. It was too detailed to be a dream. I am sure she had been here with me last night. I found a short and a t-shirt under the tree nearby. I shifted to my human form and wore them before heading to the castle. After searching my mate for 30 minutes, I spotted Aadhira and decided to ask her.

"Aadhira! By any chance, do you know where my Anjali is?"

She blinked a few times and looked at me confused.

"Goddess didn't tell you?"

She asked slowly. Didn't she aware how distant Anjali had been lately? I shook my head no.

"Goddess went to earth to meet her mother. And she planned to visit Green ocean pack. She will return before evening."

I frowned and nodded at Aadhira.

"Thank you, Aadhira. I will wait for her."

She bowed in reply and went to resume her duty.

I walked to my room as our argument from yesterday flashed before me. I really hate to prepare this tedious potion again but as I said to her, my heart won't allow forcing her into this. The potion is not only for her but I have to prepare one for myself to keep my wolf in control. Despite the natural ingredients, it's not healthy to delay the natural cycle of our bodies. My Aambal wand appeared in my hand and I started the process to brew the potion.

I successfully brewed them but it almost consumed most of my day. I covered the pots with thick black clothes as this potion has to ferment without exposing to Sun for three days. I wonder when my cupcake will return here. It was already 4 past noon. I heard a knock on my door and used my wand to unhook the locks. Aadhira came in and handed me a small vial which had a purple ribbon tied to its neck. She smiled widely and ran out of the room before I could ask its purpose. Strange!

I opened the cork and smelled it. It was potion used to teleportation. What does this mean? Does she want me to go somewhere? But what's with her grin! I used it on my room mirror and it glowed and a portal opened for teleportation. I entered the portal curiously.

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