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Hi my dear cupcakes!

This chapter might feel small. I am really sorry for not updating on Monday.

A few things came up and my health had made a worst decision to take the drip downwards at the wrong time. But I had promised for a Thursday update and here it is.

One more chapter remaining and I might probably update on next Thursday!

I hope you would be patient and supportive. Thank you so much for bearing with me.

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Kavi's POV

"Are you kidding me? What do you mean he didn't arrive here? You told Goddess sent you after teleporting Chandran here!"

Surya questioned his twin with fury. He woke up when his mate gained conscious and contacted Aadhira and came to Sun's realm immediately.

"I really don't know how it happened but he might have escaped during the teleportation!"

Aadhira replied with a frown in a low voice.

"You know he is a divine too. Even a millisecond is enough for him to escape if he was left unsupervised in the space. The space would help him gain his energy and power. I don't think you have done this carelessly but for some purpose. Didn't you?"

Aadhavan asked me calmly in a curious tone.

Not bad! Years of understanding we had from our friendship hadn't gone waste.


I smiled at him and my two warriors looked at me with wonder. I haven't explained anything to anyone or discussed my plan to them in advance.

"What are you upto, Layla? He was dangerous to be let loose. And he might try to harm werewolves as they didn't help him."

Aadhavan concern was understandable.

"You are right, Aadhavan. But he won't go to wolves directly. He will first see the way to eliminate me before touching them. I left my dark shield over Green Ocean pack just in case he goes crazy. He now knows earth wasn't a safe place for him. I want to know if he has any back-up plans. We can't keep leftovers of his ideas. It was equal to leaving the radiation prone place uncleaned. It might slowly kill us. I want to wipe his evilness completely away from this solar system."

I told them about my intention. They nodded. Akhilan had been just staring at me from the start.

"Then we have to start searching for him, Kavi?"

I smirked to myself and shook my head 'no' with a wink at Surya. I could feel he was getting frustrated as I wasn't telling them my plan.

"Why do you think I had trapped him in the bubble of celestial darkness? When he broke my shield, his body had been covered with the particles of celestial darkness. Now I just have to track him down."

"She is Goddess of darkness. The celestial darkness is going to act as satellite - perks of a hacker turning out to be a Goddess."

He remarked with a smirk. His face soon turned into a void of any emotions. I understand that he was still angry with Aadhavan. But they have to sort it out.

I knew Chandran would have been preparing for me when he started suspecting about my return. And I know he wouldn't be simply trusting over Werewolves alone. I got to clear the messes he had created. It's a nice thing I was so curious about computers. Now I love to use the technology I learned with the help of my divine powers.

I closed my eyes and used my powers and spotted him in one of the Moon in Uranus. The darkness let me see things around him and he was just resting over a rock gaining his energy back. I opened my eyes and shared my vision to them. For time being, we should wait until he makes the next move. I used my powers to set a GPS like a device over my palm. I will know whenever he tried to teleporting to somewhere.

"Are you ready for the experiment, Aadhavan?"

I asked him.

"Yes, Layla. But I couldn't tell how much it was possible. Let's try anyway. Nothing wrong in trying."

He stood up and nodded at the twins looking behind and Akhilan. I teleported to the outer space.

[After a few moments]

"Let's try it once again, Layla"

I nodded at Aadhavan.

I closed my eyes and used my inner darkness to accumulate the cosmic dust to form it into a spherically shaped ball. Aadhavan used his divine powers to form patterns and characteristics. But the outcome has turned into a planet instead of the natural satellite.

I let my darkness pressure it and the small yellow planet burst into dust. It was frustrating. Aadhavan patted my shoulder to calm down.

"Are you really going to kill

of darkness and used my divine powers to let the darkness lit up with a fire on the outside. I increased the size of the shield and watched the creature halting in their steps on seeing the fire. They screeched when my fire blazed and burnt their glowing fur. They let out a growl like sound and tried to get past the shield.

I looked up and found his face contoured in anger. I smirked taunting him more. I turned to my form of darkness and used the celestial darkness to come into the realm and bound the creatures surrounding me. The commotion died soon when my darkness bound them all securely.

I made my shield go down and floated in the air to go near the old man thinking about his next move. His astonished face from seeing my dark form for the first time hadn't been recovered completely. If he had prepared for facing me, wouldn't I be?

"Is that all you got, Sweetheart?"

I tormented him with the same endearment he used at me.

"Did you forget that I am a divine too! If I die, the life of this solar system will also come to an end soon. Because I'm the balance here..."

He paused as I looked at him unfazed.

"You are going to kill me, right? I won't give that satisfaction to you!"

He pulled out a black dagger and raised it towards his heart. I snapped my finger making it turn to dust.

"Not so soon! I can't let you kill yourself. And I have no intention to get your dirty blood to taint my hand. I have the duty to safeguard this solar system until it's naturally time for it to die. And you can't escape from me easily. If I kill you, there would be no difference between us. And you might born again to take revenge and ruin my life once again.

Why would I want that? You have already set an example for me to make a person suffer. Your guess is right! I am going to bind you with my power and trap you inside the same place you lived all these years.

I let you escape last time to know what you have planned for back up. But now I have caught these creatures, I will keep my shield powerful. My darkness had gained more powers as I could now control the celestial energy.

As long as you are alive, the solar system will be safe. For your mistakes, you will be punished daily with loneliness. My dark shield will provide you with enough energy to keep you alive. But other than that, you are going to live as a prisoner at your own place."

His afraid and wide eyes gave me enough satisfaction. I raised my hand to summon the celestial darkness. But a pull of some powerful aura made me pause. Goosebumps raised on my skin as I realised her presence after a very long time.


A whisper escaped my mouth. Two voices of laughter filled the air making surroundings go colder. A familiar voice and more powerful voice could be felt through the laughter - the prime soul of our creator was here too. I embraced myself and fell on my knees on the ground to show my respect for them.

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