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Kavi's POV

No warriors from moon realm had returned back and the rogue wolves chained in were kept in the unconscious state within the prison that covered with silver bars in our snow land created specifically for them. I wanted to end the war before they get their conscious but this is complicated than it appears. When Layla died, I have transferred my divine powers to Maayan. But unless Chandran transfers or gives up his divine powers, I can't kill him. It would have an impact on every planet. Days on earth would speed up due to the lack of Moon's pull. And the balance would affect in the Solar system.

Moon wasn't in his realm and my dark hounds confirmed his presence in Green ocean pack. It worries me because the people in the Green Ocean pack are my family. My mom had been in Council when I last checked with Alpha Ashwin. She had been having a hard time taking everything in about my identity; her nightmares that kept her away from me had come true now. She sought her mate's support to comprehend everything. I don't even know how that man had taken this issue.

The Council let the magical creatures to decide whether they want to join the war or not because each variety of creatures had been created one way or other by each divine. Vampires started recognizing the darkness resting within them as they were descendants of my people. Chandran would surely make the werewolves fight against me. With my consolidated powers now, I could easily defeat any army but I don't want to hurt anyone. Like Maayan and Layla fell for Chandran's lies, these people weren't aware of the truth.

I looked at Surya and nodded my head. My eyes had turned normal. It turns black only when I was using the power of the darkness.

"Did Aadhira come back?"

I asked him. Before he could reply the knock in the door interrupted our conversation. Aadhira peeked in and entered after I nodded my head.

"I have conveyed your message to him, Goddess. He wasn't sure about it but he had agreed to meet you later this evening."

I nodded at her and directed my mind to think about the possibility of the plan I am having in my mind. Akhilan was preparing some strong potions. Jasmine was aiding him. I looked at Surya and found him rubbing over his chest like he was in slight pain with a frown. His aura wasn't good. He let out a scream in a few seconds and fell to the ground clutching his chest. Aadhira started freaking out. I asked her to calm down and touched his head and I realized he is feeling his Mate's pain. I used my power to put him to sleep and teleported him to his room. I assured Aadhira that he will be okay.

"We are going to the Cult where Vibha, Mithun and Rakshna were staying."

I told Aadhira and teleported us to the location of the Cult Surya had told me.

It was The Elder Cult. I have been here. These people were descendants of the Vampire affected by the Moondust previously.

The Eastern side of the Cult had been surrounded with Fire and the Vampires were trying to save the people from the fire. People were running here and there to fetch water and no one seems to notice us. I turned towards Aadhira.

"Bring the Primus of this cult."

She nodded and stopped a person and asked for their primus. I walked near the place and used my divine powers to bring a rain cloud over the building and the flame was put off within a few seconds. People stilled and a few rushed into the building to save their family. The other Vampires had now sensed the presence of some powerful vibes inside their Cult. People formed a circle around me and hissed barring their teeth. I closed my eyes and with a deep breath, I healed everyone's wounds. They gasped and everyone looked confused but stepped away from me.

Aadhira rushed towards me with a Grey-haired man. When his eyes met mine, he fell to his knees and joined his palm showing his devotion towards me. His lips uttered 'Goddess of Darkness!'

He sensed me!

The vampires submitted to me on seeing their Primus's submission. The cut on his forehead told me what might have happened. I smiled at him and touched his forehead healing his cut. And I know where to go. The shield was intact but some wolves had entered the place and attacked the Primus and burnt their main house and kidnapped Vibha and Akhilan's parents.

"Aadhira! If you want to check with Surya, you can go back. I am going to the Green Ocean Pack. Let me see what that cunning scoundrel had for me!"

I gave her option despite knowing she wouldn't leave me alone. I smiled when she shook her head and teleported near Pack house. I just wanted to first see what was going on there. But our presence was immediately recognized and the wolf started lunging towards us. How can I expect Chandran to leave the perimeter unsupervised?

Aadhira jumped into action as she started taking the wolves one by one before I could stop. I kept silent admiring my warrior's skill when I noticed she was just defending and putting them to sleep by pressing on the pressure point behind their neck. I grinned when I inhaled Jackfruit smell. It feels like years since I met that idiot. My eyes were searching for him and sighed to see him running towards us in his wolf form. He jumped at Aadhira's direction but caught a wolf trying to attack her from behind and threw him away. I looked at him in surprise but bells rang in my head as my smi

p that. And now you can do whatever you want with this dirty potion, my people are here. They won't let anything go wrong and I am not the same old Layla. I'm Kavithanjali! The part of the wolf in me made me immune to Bright ashes! Maayan's magic and Akhilan's determination made me more powerful and no one in my realm is prone to Bright ashes anymore!

In fact, this wasn't a trap for me but you have been caught in the trap you have set. (*Letting the darkness flare off my skin and my eyes turning black*) Now you are going to get what you deserve!"

I summoned the darkness from celestial and trapped Chandran within a bubble! He thrashed around but the celestial darkness has the power to dull the Moon's light and Akhilan's magical rope had him tied. His limited powers made him helpless and I drained his energy making him go unconscious. I noticed Dhaya trying to shift to his wolf but Alpha Sezhiyan stopped him.

"Dad! She is going to take our Moon God. She might kill him...."

"Shut up, Dhaya! Vibha gained her conscious. I have seen her memories that her mate shared. Not everything that glitters is Gold! Let her go!"

"But dad..."

"Are you challenging me, Son?"

Sezhiyan's Alpha voice shut Dhaya effectively. He looked at my direction with regret and guilt.

He was the first one to get a clue about my real identity. I looked into his eyes seeing the memory of the past.

***Three years old Kavi ran towards him with a bright smile but halted in her steps and fell to her knees with a small mewl. Alpha Sezhiyan could sense she was going to shift. He took a step forward but a big black lotus emerges from the earth which swallows the little girl. He rushed there in panic but the petals blossoms and a shining silver furred wolf pup was sitting inside the flower with her tongue out. He froze in his steps mesmerised at the sight and the flowers went back to the earth and the pup runs towards him and bites and drags the bottom of his pant breaking his stun feature.***

I nodded at Aadhira and teleported Chandran to Sun's realm. She knew the plan and she can take care for now. I walked to Alpha Sezhiyan.

"Kavi... Um... Goddess..."

I hugged him and he got silent. I could feel he was out of words.

"I wish I was born to you. You have taken care of me like a father until I leave the pack. What you did wasn't your fault. No one can change destiny. In fact, I should thank you for helping me solve the mystery of who I am. Don't feel guilty or ashamed. I am so proud of you, dad. And I always love you. As I took the oath while joining the pack, I will even give my life for this pack.

Dhaya and Logan, I know the love you carries for me in your heart. Don't think that you failed to save the Moon God. The truth will be revealed soon. And I am taking your third in command with me. He needs to make his mate accept him. I can't stay long as I have a long due duty to be paid. I promise to visit again. Mukilan, I am teleporting you to my realm. You will get dizzy at your first teleportation. I hope we would be back before you wake up."

I used my powers to teleport him. Aadhira wasn't going to be happy to see Mukilan in the realm. I smiled at them and turned around and saw the rubies eyed man looking at me with so much adoration and love which I have been used to but I will never get tired of that. I furrowed my eyebrows and kept my lips in a thin line to mock him.

I teleported to Sun's realm without a word to Akhilan with an internal smirk of annoying my lovely mate. I hope the little attempt I had planned goes as I expected!

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