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Kavi's POV

I went to my room and made myself comfortable in my usual meditating place. After connecting to celestial, I came to the conclusion that Akhilan's plan is very perfect for the situation. Also, I realized, werewolves were created out of the human souls died of Bright ash poisoning which has the power to even damage the souls. But the wolves had survived. I am naturally immune to the bright ashes in this birth but wolfbane still affects my wolf. My darkness could cover that.

But one thing had me worried. It's been almost ten days since I met Chandran. He had launched an attack on Blood warrior before three days. But why was he so silent and what was he planning? I recalled everything happened during the last month. The witch claimed as the person keeping the darkness away from the earth had used bright ashes combined with dry wolfbane and she had cast a spell to disable my wolf abilities. Without my wolf, I couldn't heal that day. I need to allocate a team to research the details of meteorite came across the solar system in my absence.

I should know whether Moon had obtained a strange thing that could be used against my people. I had to be very cautious. Unlike using the real power in a battle, Moon God would use his cunning brain to form traps on my way to reach him.

I was still meditating but there was something that felt wrong in my heart which I couldn't recognize. Was this a sign of danger? Also, Moon wasn't in his realm; probably on earth with werewolves to prepare them against me. The uneasiness increased in my heart and I opened my eyes relaxing from the meditation.

I massaged the nape of my neck with the sudden uneasiness in my body. Was I going to get a fever? I shook my head to clear my sudden yearning for Akhilan in my heart increasing every second. I heard a knock at my door and I called out the person to come in. Surya walked in but paused near the door and sniffed the air. His eyes widened and he looked at me as if he had been seeing a Ghost.


I barked annoyed at him.

"This is no good! Wait, Kavi… I will get Akhilan…"

"Hey, Surya… Wait… Why are you going to get him? I told you to not let him near me. I am going to earth to meet council members. It is a priority!"

What's wrong with him?

"NO WAY! You can't go there like this!"

He exclaimed.

"ARGH… What the hell is your problem? Ah!"

I scolded him but a wave of pain in my stomach made me yelp. My muscles were contracting. What is happening to me? I slowly walked to the bed and furrowed my eyebrows when Surya hadn't moved from his place.

I felt something is wrong with my wolf. Was that dustball making my wolf suffer in any way?

'Dumbass! Moon God isn't doing this. But as you thought, he has been waiting for this time to come. Please let this wolf bring Akhilan.'

She started to shout but pleaded at end when a wave of pain coursed through my nerves. Her changing mood confused me more but the realization hit me sooner.

I'm in the heat!

"Lock the door and keep him out"

I ordered Surya. I could tell he didn't like the idea but complied with my order. Thankfully he was a marked and mated wolf. I made my way into the bathroom and waved my hand to fill the bathtub with cold water. I entered into the water still clothed in. The cold water eased my pain a little.

My wolf whimpered as she didn't need the fire to put off but need more warmth from the man we love. But I can't let him take me reasoning my heat. This is a long due. Somehow nature had held back my heat after meeting Akhilan as he wasn't close to me. And the mark turning into bruise should have something with the delay too. Usually, the female with a bruised mark would go into heat with a week. It was horrible as the female has to submit to her mate unwillingly because of the pain and extreme carnal desire.

Despite the bruised mark, I had accepted him which made my heat delay and should have occurred in a month time. I never gave thought to that as to why I hadn't got my heat. But it chose a very wrong moment to occur. Like my wolf said, Chandran must have been waiting for my heat to happen. He should have known about it while breaking the bond. My body had taken a long time to make me fertile for the mating. And Chandran might have planned that without a mate even Maayan can't help my heat which would make me weak in turn easier for him to eliminate me again.

I could feel my hormones were doing their duty to make me wet and ready for him. I don't want to make him feel used as I had been behaving meanly towards him latterly. My wolf got alerted and then I heard a bang outside the room. A wave of heat passed through me. My brain had covered with a fog of emotions. When I gained my conscious back, I heard the noise of growling and a few thuds along with the noise of something getting broken. They better not make my room look like trash. I stood up gritting my teeth with the uncomfortable feeling in my body and opened the bathroom door. Surya was standing before me guarding the door in his wolf form and a few guards have been holding Akhilan's wolf near the room door. He didn't want to hurt anyone but was pushing away the men stopping him.

My wolf was making me feel worse upon seeing him. His nose flared and his gorgeous red-golden eyes met mine. All my determination and courage had jumped out of the window and a slight purr passed through my lips while I embraced myself. His muscles were bulging out and he shrugged the men using his magic to make them unconscious and walked towards me. My wolf was literally drooling at his delicious body and my mind was flashing me the various memories of the passionate kisse

nd let him give a hug. I smiled at Surya as he is afraid that something might go wrong. But he is forgetting one this. My man is here. Just like my wolf, my darkness loves him very much. And it will not go against his words.

I entered the bubble and used my divine powers to unleash the darkness that I had secured safely before transferring it to Maayan. The knots were untangled one by one and I could feel myself growing stronger. My wolf was cooperating with me by using her healing energy to merge the dark power with my soul.

The aura of men around me was growing anxious and when the last knot was getting untangled, a loud bang heard to my left. I completely focused on my darkness controlling it and absorbing it into my soul. My wolf was growing tired but a presence near me boosted her energy and my body and soul absorbed every single bit of my darkness.

I opened my eyes and found Akhilan looking at me startled and astonished. I subconsciously started floating during the merge. I came to the floor and placed my feet on the land. Like earthquake, darkness travelled around the place covering them like blood running through the nerves. I blinked and burst the bubble open and looked at the man slowly batting his eyes. My fingertips were radiating the darkness so beautifully. The mirror on my right displayed my appearance. An aura of darkness was so visible showing how powerful I got. My eyes had turned into black without any spot of white and my purple pupil has an outline of thick silver. It was intimidating and nightmares guaranteed looking.

Akhilan's words rang through my ears.

'My body felt that you would get into heat soon. So I prepared a potion to stop your heat. An herb added to the potion would induce worst nightmares. But I didn't get enough time to explain it to you. Our wolves weren't happy about this. But Chandran might have believed you are getting weaker and he would come to attack anytime. We need to merge your powers. But keep the shield of the realm weak. No one should go back after entering our realm.'

He explained this while I asked him about what had happened to my heat.

I felt so powerful and adrenaline rush was too much in my body. I noticed the absence of Surya. Also, the castle had been attacked on my left side leaving the place open and exposed to the battle happening there. The noise of swords and growls filled my ears. I moved in air through the broken part.

Thousands of rogue wolves and warriors from Moon's realm were trying to get past the rings of circular defence made by my warriors. The realm got life and the vines and branches were trying to hold back the wolves and attacking the warriors. Dark hounds who had been at the first ring were taking in the bright ash weapons and with the new found powers, they were swallowing the weapons. Their eyes had turned purple too.

The swishing sounds came from my both sides. The venom soaked arrows turned into dust an inch before making contact with my skin. The floating warriors looked at me scared but their eyes clouded and a few more warriors came floating and started raining arrow towards my direction. No arrows touched my body!

I laughed out at their feeble attempt. Such a sin tainted souls! They went flying and hit the land hard with a groan. Akhilan nodded at me and jumped down to the land. The rogue wolves trying to tear apart my dark hounds but they were shadows who can't be destroyed.

I let my senses search for the man whom I am eager to kill, but I cannot find his aura. He must have been either waiting outside or this must have been a first testing wave; probably the latter. He had got brains! He wouldn't simply show up. But that wasn't going to stop me from teaching him a lesson!

I am coming for you, my dearest Dust ball!

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