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Kavi's POV

The pair of cherry red eyes looked at me!

The same eyes I fell deeply in love with! As I looked deeper into his eyes, I realized indeed Akhilan and Maayan are same.

My mind spun to see the person I thought I would never see. My knees gave out but a hand caught my waist pulling me up to a warm body that was so familiar to me. My eyes never left his eyes. The similar touch of him at different occasions passed before my vision – both past and present. I closed my eyes to calm myself. My deep inhale only made me suffocate as his scent was suddenly unmasked and the unique deliciously ripen scent of the man I love filled my lungs. I want to keep my wandering mind and racing heart straight. But my body was already reacting to his touch.

I stood up straight and pushed him away. My eyes noticed the Aambal wand tucked safely in his front pant pocket. My face contorted in anger. I let my darkness flare off my skin. Instead of fear or hurt, his eyes shone in admiration making everything hard for me.


I warned him through my gritted teeth.

He tilted his head sideways with a smile and folded his hand across his chest. He shook his head 'no'.

"Don't test me, Akhilan! People won't be the same. Situation moulds them and forces them to change. I am not the same love sicked 'Layla' or 'Kavi'. My goals and responsibility come first. I don't want anything from you. If you interrupt my duty I won't hesitate to punish you as a Goddess should. You asked me to leave. I granted your wish. I am not taking that back. SURYA! He should be gone before dawn. This meeting will continue tomorrow after I announce our people about the return of our Kathir."

Flaring words came out of my mouth.

My wolf was so stunned to react. I walked past the man in my way. This is what should be done. I blocked my mindlink and covered my soul with the darkness. He was such a crazy man who wouldn't hesitate to stake his life for me again. I don't want to go through all these heartaches once again. It's better if he stays away from me.

I sensed Surya following me. I went to my room and sat down on my bed. Surya sat down on his knees and took my hands in his.

"A lot had happened, right! Akhilan wasn't normal after returning to the earth. He had gone through so much pain from the bond severed. He had been telling people that you would come for him. We pitied him when the days passed and there was no sign of your return. He started drowning himself in alcohol. Alpha Sezhiyan and Alpha Dhayalan advised him a lot. But he never listened. His parents were very much worried about his state.

He sensed you on earth when you came to Blood warriors pack. But you left before he could go there. Moon God appeared knowing you had been on earth and poisoned Akhilan's mind telling that you must have consummated the relationship with Maayan and lied to him about your changed scent. His possessiveness, jealousy and territorial mind blinded his rational thinking. He loves you so much that hurt him very much to know you are with another man.

Pooja was at his side all the time in the name of supporting him. But she is the one introduced him to alcohol. He would be at pack house mostly. That day, Alpha Dhayalan scolded him for drinking too much. He left to his home in anger. And you know what happened there!

Today I went to visit him. He was fully sober but his red eyes startled me as I initially thought he had gone rogue. He was confused and panting in rage to comprehend things happening to him. Suddenly a wand appeared on his hand and he fell on his knees clutching his heart. I was panicked and tried to help him. Accidentally I touched the wand and in a flash, the memories from my past flooded my mind.

I sensed my mate coming to me as she must have felt some things happening to me. I recognized Akhilan as Maayan. He let me in his mind showing his pain and what happened in past to make him leave you. Also how he patiently waited all these years for you.

The respect I had for him increased and I agreed to go with him to our realm because we both knew what state you would be in. My mate came there. Akhilan went to bring his parents and I picked up my mom and mate. We drove to my friend's cult and I shared my past through mindlink to my mate. She understood but as I expected, she asked for time. Akhilan did the same to his parents. They were so confused but complied to Akhilan's words to stay there for a few days. My mom was oblivious of everything. I dropped her telling my mate wants to spend time with her.

Your mom was in Blood warriors. After ensuring everyone's safety, Akhilan teleported us here. I understand you are so broken from his actions. But he deserves a chance, Kavi. He did everything for you. Think about it."

Surya told me everything before I ask. I sighed and held his hands burying my face in his palms. My brain processed his words.

" Welcome back, my favourite and best warrior. But I need a break. Understand me! "

I said to him with an exhausted look. He sighed and nodded his head and left the room to catch up with his sister.

I know I couldn't stay in the same place with him tonight. I snapped my finger and teleported to the empty place where no planets were present and mingled with the darkness there.

My mind recollected the events happened in past. Mirror soul is a concept known commonly but as a Myth in the earth. Also with the time flow, the words of spiritually experienced person had modified and filtered and only exists like a fantasy notion. I clearly remember the incident when our creator told me about the 'Mirror soul'

I was roaming around the solar system in my dark form once and felt her presence. I stopped and paid my respect to her. She asked about purification progress and my duties. After speaking official things, I asked her how she would manag

ut and his eyes started glowing gold. My wolf instantly started pushing me to get on the surface. His aura took a sharp change from rage to love and lust. Uh-oh! I can handle angry Akhilan but not his horny wolf. My wolf was purring to be let out to be with our mate.

"Akhilan, get the fucking control back and leave. I have been discussing an important thing!"

I shouted to reach the Akhilan beneath his wolf.

"Shhh…! My beautiful mate, I know you are angry with us. But he got the point. We should work together. I don't want to lose you again. "

I don't know where all my thoughts had gone when his wolf's husky sincere voice reached my ears. I am redundant to let him in again but I can't refuse his wolf. I closed my eyes controlling his effect on me. I used my power to bring a chair on the other side of the table for him. But he smiled shaking his head and walked towards me. I know what he has in his mind. I stood up and raised my hand signalling him to stop. His golden eyes glowed brightly but he went to take his seat.

I sighed and took a deep breath and looked at the ruby eyes of Akhilan who was having a thinking face.

"You are Goddess of darkness! Then why are you keeping the darkness bound within you? Let it out and combine your powers with your wolf abilities… "

Akhilan said casually.

"It wasn't so easy. You don't know what my darkness is capable of. You are not here last time when my darkness was unleashed. It has no mercy and the earth had turned the place of more sins. My darkness might swallow every soul in the earth."

I explained to him to which he chuckled.

"Cupcake, I may not be here when your darkness was released last time. But I had enough knowledge about your darkness to tell this. Did you forget I had carried your darkness all these years? Last time, it broke the barriers itself to save you. That's why it was so aggressive and cautious. Your darkness is very aggressive power though. Your heart had a void last time which made you have no control over the darkness. You have kept it under your control till then. Trust me. You have to just release that 70 per cent powers out and make your wolf merge it with you with her powers. When your darkness is in your control, it would gain more energy from celestial as the darkness is spread all over the solar system.

You have drawn power from the celestial before even getting Layla's memories when my life was in danger. When you could control the darkness within you, the celestial darkness will automatically come in your control. Your power will reflect in your people and facing Chandran would be just a piece of cake."

I was silent processing his words as I could feel this is the right way to increase my powers.

"I think this will work, Goddess."

Aadhira told with a bright look on her face. Surya too nodded with a hopeful face.

"I need some time to think about it."

I concluded the meeting in the intention to do mediation to analyze the idea.

I reached my room and my mind conflicted whether I am overreacting towards Akhilan. I would have done the same if I had been in his place. Then pushing him away is not fair. However, I can't accept what he did that night with Pooja. If only I hadn't felt the burning sensation, I don't even want to imagine what would have happened. I know that bitch had mixed sildenafil in his alcohol. I recognized that scent only after coming back as my mind was not clear at his home. He had behaved just to make me feel what he was going through but that drug had pushed him to be touchy with her.

And he had so easily given a solution to the problem I had been trying all these days. I didn't even give thought to that as the memories of unleashed darkness in my past wasn't a good one. I smiled and closed my eyes to teleport to the earth. It's time to meet council members. I can't let the differences in divines to affect the lives relying on us.

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