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Kavi's POV

I yelled for Aadhira and Jasmine. The sudden emptiness in the room was scaring me. I need someone to assure what I was thinking isn't true. I shouted their name once again. Jasmine came first as she was staying right next to my room. She dropped the pot in her hand and covered her mouth.

"Jas, did you see him waking up? Had he gone somewhere while I was meditating?"

I asked her with full hope wanting her to say 'yes' or at least a nod. But she stood there without moving a muscle. I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned around to Aadhira.

"Tell me he woke up, Aadhira… Tell me this wasn't what I think…"

I grabbed the sides of her shoulder and asked her with my threads of hope flying like they were being blown in wind. She looked at me with teary eyes.

"I am sorry, Goddess. He hadn't woken up. His soul might have left."

"NO! It can't be. I know our soul was still connected even though it was just a string. I would known if he had left me. I don't feel any void in my heart. It can't be true... IT CAN'T BE…"

My heart wasn't ready to believe reality. My eyes were stuck at the place he had been.

Then I noticed it...

I walked towards the bed. His Aambal wand was lying there. His wand had the magical bonding to be with him. Even if he forget it somewhere, the wand would appear on his waistband always. If this wand was lying on the bed, he must have really left me.

How could he?

My knees gave out and I fell on the floor. My hands caressed the warm mattress with a quivering lip and took the wand in my hand - the thing remained as the trace for his existence.

I just had found a ray of light to recover him from the clutches of death. But already he had gone. He staked his life twice for me. But how did he think I could bear his loss and I would happily continue my life without guilt. As the connection wasn't rebound, I didn't feel any pain like last time. The energy and power I felt like gained from the happiness a few minutes ago were actually my remaining divine powers rested within him.

A tear rolled down my cheek and fell on the Wand which absorbed my tear and glowed and returned back to normal. I closed my eyes and leaned my head on the bed inhaling his scent to calm myself. His warmth was slowly leaving the bed. I can't do anything now. His soul went so far – I have no control over an immortal soul. My creator does. But she turned her back to us a long back.

"He can't do this to me? Didn't he love me? Why he always want to go away from me? I have just returned. How can he leave me like this? I don't want him to leave…"

My whispers turned as shout of agony.

I was feeling like got pushed back in time. But there was no physical pain now – the emotional pain was compensating to fill the pain into my heart. From the day I released his curse, he never failed to show his love for me. He even tolerated Akhilan being close to me. And I know how possessive he is. He didn't even want my people to see me with swimsuit but I let Akhilan beyond the limits. Maayan tolerated it; because he didn't want to hurt my feeling and respected all my likes and dislike. I could feel how hard it was for him to stay away from me.

He never spoke a harsh word in front of my face. He had fought with Akhilan sometimes but never scolded me. He just loved me… and that made him go through so many things. His soul had been trapped in Qywesir for so long. I can't even imagine being locked in a room for a day continuously but he waited there for me with his love and hopes to see my face and to live with me.

'I love you, Cupcake. Don't worry. Everything happens for a reason.'

These were the words he said to me before closing his beautiful eyes to get embraced by sleep. But he never woke up.

"I love you too, Maayan. Please come back to me."

Tears flowed down my cheeks as the inability to save the man who loved me to the extent where he sacrificed his own life to save me.

I wasn't given an option other than to accept his loss. This isn't fair!

Aadhira was looking at me with a tortured and fearful look not knowing how to pacify me and at the same time, she doesn't want me to do anything like last time. Jasmine was sobbing like she failed in a very important exam.

Was this my punishment to abandon the people trusted in me in the name of 'Love'?

Was destiny purifying my soul with this big punishment?

I didn't choose to become a Goddess. I never desired any special powers. I always desired only one thing! A simple life with the man in my heart – a life that has been filled with moments of love, memories of sweet fights and the humourous rebounding, the home filled with the voice of our children running around and playing with each other, growing old and struggling to do chores yet trying to help each other with the love we carried all the days... It was how humans do live… Was it too much for me to ask a life like that? Why destiny has to be so cruel to me?

I felt a strange vibe from the breeze coming towards me. The cold air hit my face and the wand in my hand started to break into the piece of dust and vanished away. I clenched my hand hard at the remaining half in the greed to not let it go. But emptiness is what left… in my hand and

e has grown up all her life with everyone praising Moon God. She couldn't accept everything so soon. I left her at the cult of vampires whom I befriended after you become Alpha of Blood warriors. The magical creatures were at confusion. Vampires could feel their pull towards you. Your shield was still there above their cult.

I can't leave her in the pack because she will become bait to Moon God. The vampires injected a small amount of silver in her body which will keep her wolf weak and be a guard from the eyes of Moon. I gained my powers Goddess blessed me when my foot landed on the realm of darkness."

He explained. He is always so smart to make such a move. I think I should pay a visit to the Council.

"You have a mate? I finally got a sister-in-law?"

Aadhira exclaimed making us laugh.

"Yes. You can meet her soon."

He told her with a smile.

"Why it took so long to come here? Goddess came before you… Wait! How did you come here? You said that you got your powers back only after coming here."

Aadhira questioned him. I focused on Surya as I didn't give thought to that. His eyes met mine and he sucked in a deep breath.

"A friend helped me whom I know for a very long time."

He said looking at me. I frowned as I knew no one has the talent to break in my shield.

"That's not possible."

I muttered slowly and looked at him in confusion.

"Would you believe if I show you the person took me here?"

He spoke every word very carefully. I nodded my head. How did I not sense a stranger's presence in my realm!

He went out and I heard some unclear whispers. He walked in covering the person walking behind him. My wolf perked up in curiosity and sniffed the air. The person had his scent masked. Surya looked at me concerned and frowned before revealing the person I least expect. I took in a deep breath and sighed out loudly.


His eyes were closed and his face was bent down with a torturous look. My wolf was melting in love at the sight of our love. But my mind and heart were feeling conflicted. I don't want any more pain. I just lost the man I love. I don't want to put his life too in danger. The people I love will always bear an invisible curse of danger. I know the answer to how they came here. While going to Qywesir, Maayan gave each of us a vial of potion that opens the portal to the realm of darkness. Akhilan must have used it. But why was here and why did he help Surya?

"Thank you for helping my warrior to come back here, Akhilan. Surya got his powers back. He will escort you back to your place."

I said to him in a calm formal voice. I could see the twins sharing a look in peripheral vision.

"I am not going anywhere. This had become my home long ago."

Akhilan spoke in a deep voice that didn't fail to send shivers to my spine.

He still has his face bowed. Was he too ashamed to look at me? I internally smirked sadly. I didn't ask for this situation. He created that.

"I might have created the situation... But I am not ashamed to look at you, Cupcake!"

I stunned at his response and endearment. A sly smirk curled at the corner of his lips as he tilted his face up and opened his eyelids revealing the pair of cherry red eyes!

The same eyes I fell deeply in love with!

As I looked deeper into his eyes, I realized indeed Akhilan and Maayan are same.

Am I dreaming?

Maybe hallucinating!

A part of me supplied that this wasn't hallucination and Akhilan had been 'mirror soul' of Maayan.

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