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Kavi's POV

'Our mate was coming here.'

My wolf yipped happily.


My senses focused on the paw thuds a few miles ago and his racing heartbeat only made me anxious. I just had learnt everything about my past. I am not ready to face him; yet. I should have visited him earlier but I was too busy to find a solution to save Maayan's life. When the sound of his paw thuds increased, my heart started racing and I did the only thing that my panicked mind was suggesting to me.

I teleported back to the realm of darkness ignoring the pleading cries of my wolf. I understand she wants to meet him. I can't face him now. I don't even know what I would feel if I see his face now. Maayan was occupying my mind totally but Akhilan…

I am just... avoiding his topic from myself. Even after knowing my past, I could feel the same love for Akhilan in my heart. The confusion and the feel of betraying one for another had been eating my heart.

I want to understand this whole soul connection thing. Maayan had a string of connection with my soul and my death didn't affect him because of the connection was severed recently and my mistrust made the minimal damage to him. But his love for me kept our connection alive and when I said I trust him to release him from Qywesir, the connection got rejuvenated. But our souls weren't fully bonded like it had been once.

Akhilan was the man chosen by nature as the most compatible partner to me. But Chandran used his divine powers to break our bonding even after he had marked me. My wolf and I are in love with him. I won't question the sincerity of my love for him. Because I know it was pure. The relationship that was destined to meet me at the age of four which gave me the hope to live whenever hard times strike me. He made my life so beautiful and gave me the hope for love. I misunderstood him and stayed away from him but he held onto his love and won me.

There is no question of choice. I can't choose between them. I love them both!

But… Was it too greedy to ask for both these ripened hunks of handsomeness?

A perverted vision flashed before me making me smile. I shook my head and sighed realizing Chandran would be cooking up a plan while I was leisurely thinking of the confusion in my heart. I should think and react in Akhilan's matter before something irrevocable happens. My heart won't bear his loss. He was near Chandran now. Maybe I should bring him back here. Would he really want me? Obviously, Yes! Otherwise, he wouldn't have come to Blood warriors. Why I behaved like a coward and ran back here? He would have understood why I haven't come to see him.

A hand on my shoulder put a break to my thoughts. I looked up at Aadhira in the dark room where my beloved was laying peacefully left me in agony. I gave her a small smile and stood up walking along with her.

We walked in silence until we came near the place where we usually meet in the evening to discuss the affairs of the realm and souls. I opened the door and saw the place looking so dark and dusty. I imagined the place being clean and snapped my finger turning it clean like before. I turned around and noticed Aadhira's eyes were glossy – she was thinking about her brother. That's why she left the place unattended as it was too painful to recall the demise of the loved one.

I walked in and saw the three seats. A pang of ache made my heart clench to recall the brave soul sacrificed his life to save me but I let his sacrifice go waste by killing myself. I wasn't thinking about anything at that moment but my focus had been only the unbearable pain in my heart created by the false proclaim about my love.

"I know this place gives you pain. And I made his sacrifice go waste without thinking properly. He won't want you to be sad. Kathir loved you very much and he would want his sister to be happy. I could feel his loss made a change in you. You shouldn't blame his death on yourself, Aadhira. You have been carrying the guilt for the past seven millennia. Your cold exterior was trying to cover the kind heart of yours. I am so grateful to you for taking responsibility for the realm for my words. And there is one more thing you should know."

She let go of her tears free, dissolving the guilt and releasing the pain with my words. I held her hand and used my mind link power with darkness to enlighten her about Maayan. She hates him thinking he had left me for another woman like Chandran narrated it to me in front of my wounded warriors. She should know the truth about why I had died and how Maayan was also trapped in a sick game.

She gasped with wide eyes and fell on knees crying her heart out. I hugged her and patted her head.

"You are a brave woman, Aadhira. You did what your heart told you for the best and you have been giving your best all these days and maintaining your top position and leading our people on the right path. With the increased sins and population, I could tell how hard it would be to do the purification and you have done everything without the divine powers. Everything will be going to be alright. I will decorate

from that but you held onto me and made me believe in love. You gave me hope that love is a beautiful feeling to carry and I really believed that. But the same you taught me that was all just a 'made-up lie' and the ugly truth is Love would only bring ultimate pain. And as a Goddess, I shouldn't be distracted. Thank you for enlightening me, Akhilan."

I snapped my finger but instead of teleporting I turned invisible. He looked at me with wide eyes at the delivery of my emotionless words and fell on his knees crying loud when I was invisible. A ray of hope on love sprouted in my heart to see him crying for me. But I got enough pain from this fucking love. I don't want anyone near me anymore.

I should find a way to save Maayan but I should keep my heart to myself. No one knows what would happen in future. I am not letting my people down once again. The duties from the realm of darkness are waiting for me. I teleported back to my room. Maayan was in the bed in the same position I saw last time. I sensed Jasmine groaning in the next room trying to find a way to bring him back to consciousness.

I walked towards the window covered in curtain and sat on the place I use to meditate. I want to connect with the celestial once again. It's been a while but my mind was now crystal clear. I sat down in lotus posture and closed my eyes. Within a few seconds, my soul was connected to the celestial. Unlike last time, I feel so warm and safe there. The peace in the place made me calm down and the soul of my wolf was there in sleeping position. She needs some healing too. This place would heal her broken heart. My wolf managed to heal the bright ashes as she was also immune to silver which was so lethal to wolves. It might not be possible if she wasn't so furious and worked up with the dirty behaviour of Pooja.

Light has the power to eliminate the darkness. But a candle would only illuminate a room but not the dark sky! I should find a way to increase my dark powers. Then the bright ash wouldn't hurt any of the people under the influence of darkness. But Maayan was dying. I don't know whether I have enough time to build my strength before some bad thing happens to him. I don't want another soul to make a sacrifice for me. My mind could think more properly here! Suddenly the words of Aadhavan rang through my ears:

"…there is nothing in our hand now. The bright ash is a thing came here from outside the solar system. We can't find the antidote to it here…"

So if I get out of the solar system from where this meteorite comes from, I could find a way to save his life. If this was the ashes of a Sun, there is a possibility for a divine of darkness there. That darkness can help me.

That's it!

I should have known that I could find my answer through meditation rather than searching in the earth and my library. I wasted a week! I should go immediately. I thanked the celestial for giving me a solution and opened my eyes happily in the determination to save the man who loved me like no one in this universe. I felt like I gained more powers with the happiness my heart was in. But that didn't last long as panic engulfed my heart.

I blinked and rubbed my eyes staring at the empty bed…

I gulped and stood up walking to the bed slowly with the racing heart and traced my hand where he had been lying a few moments ago. The bed was still warm…

Did he wake up?


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