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Kavi's POV

"How did the people heal when they were wounded by bright ash liquid last time?"

Aadhira stared at me with wide eyes. I blinked and realized she was shocked to talk about past all of sudden.

"Aadhira, I got Layla's memory. Now tell me what happened last time when I teleported them here?"

My voice raised and she flinched and bowed her head down.

"We couldn't save them, Goddess. The people struggled to heal the wound but the venom had spread eventually and one by one, they died. Their body and soul had disappeared into dust."

My heart skipped a beat to know my people had died. I was so irresponsible. So, Aadhira didn't know the solution for this.

Why this has to happen to me?

I could understand I was Layla, the Goddess of darkness in my previous birth. But I killed myself not wanting to live anymore. There is still a missing part in my story that why I was reborn. My creator can only answer that. But I don't have time to that. I have to save Maayan. My Maayan!

I could feel all his pain and his never died hope to see me again. The past had enlightened his love for me; also his innocence. We both were fallen for the trap set in the name 'Love'. Maybe that love is what forced me to born again and brought us together. But why destiny was taking him away from me before even I could embrace anything. Maayan knew that this was bright ashes still he consumed them to bring my power and memories back.

Wait! A Yaazhi had given him the bright ashes. Yaazhi-s weren't existent in the earth. I could name only one person who was so fond of creatures and has a huge sanctuary for them.

"Goddess, Sun God had been waiting outside our realm and he was demanding to meet you!"

A Guard informed me interrupting my thoughts.

Speak of the devil! The darkness flared outside my skin symbolizing my blood was boiling inside.

"Let him wait there!"

I commanded him.

I want to rip apart everyone deceived me in the past. My wolf might be silent but I have the same aggression in me. But the faint heartbeat of the man in my hand was my first preference. I closed my eyes and let my mind think of a solution.

Jasmine! (A witch)

She was good at making healing potions. She has her house at the border of Blood warriors and Vijayan had set up a herbal tonics shop for her there. She was a good witch and she is the only person I could trust. I freed myself from Maayan's hold promising him to come back soon. I teleported to her house and found her playing with her son. She sensed some presence and turned sharply with the wand in her hand.

"Calm down, Jas. I need your help now. I want you to come with me."

She looked confused to see me but she understood the emergency from my voice and nodded her head.

"Have you ever teleported?"

I questioned her urgently as I don't have time to wait until her awake.

"Yes. A few times…"

I didn't wait to complete the sentence and teleported instantly to my room along with her son.

"Don't ask me anything now, Jas. He had consumed two vials of bright ashes. His heartbeat was getting low. Do something. I can't afford to lose him."

Her eyes widened at my panicked voice.

"Bright ash is the most powerful venom used to kill vampires!

It was very so rare venom. There was no antidote found to that. But I was taught to slow down its effects. I need some quartz, clear coal and some medicinal herbs. Close the curtain of this room and keep the room as dark as possible. Darkness always reduced the effects of the venom."

I used my powers to bring the thing she asked outside the room. She looked at them in wonder and I let my darkness guard his room. I could see everything very clear in darkness and I know it wasn't my wolf power.

"Ask anything you want and do anything to keep him alive. He is the most important person in my life…"

Jasmine held my hand reassuringly and I could tell she understood who I am on seeing all these.

"You might be the one whom everyone fears of the evilness in your possession. But for me, you are a great person who saved my son's life. I will do everything I could. Trust me."

She spoke calmly and went to the counter where the things she asked were.

I walked closer to Maayan and held his hand in mine and whispered him not to leave me. I hugged him and laid next to him. Jasmine made a potion and made me feed him that. I could feel his heartbeat was gaining strength but it wasn't completely normal and he was still unconscious.

I felt a presence behind me and Aadhira looked at me with conflicted emotion on her face.


I barked and felt frustrated at my behaviour. I should be very grateful to her for taking care of my realm all these years. But here I am shouting at her. Still, she bowed her head and spoke to me.

"Sun God is still waiting for you, Goddess."

I frowned as I completely forgot about making him wait.

Why was he so persistent in meeting me? After all, he was the one who cursed my man thinking I wouldn't come back and also he had sent a Yaazhi to poison him. I got up from the bed with a fury.

"Bring him to the Meeting chamber, Aadhira. Let's see what he wants with this weak-hearted woman now."

She nodded with a frown not u

he mood to kill but I will do anything to save my people.

A bucket of wolfbane was poured on me all of sudden. My wolf panicked but the little power I got and the darkness within me formed a shied reflecting the venom on the person threw it. He gasped and fell to the ground coughing. They looked at each other again and marched towards me in unison with a loud howl of determination. The swords and silver bullets have come in my direction which I dodged with my wolf speed. It feels like an eternity since I fought. But I am so eager and ready to fight. I saw Nakul and Ashwin coming my way to help me. But a warning glare from my blazing purple eyes made them halt in their place.

The rogues formed circles around me and started fighting me with the well-practised simultaneous moves. My tired wolf couldn't help me but the darkness within me can help. A force of darkness covered my forearm turning into a dark forearm blade. I dipped to my knees blocking the attack aimed for my head with my left hand and my right hand slashed the stomach of the first circle of people with a rotation on my foot. They pulled back with a groan.

A sudden realization hit me. I am not just an Alpha wolf but a Goddess too. I should treat everyone equally. These wolves were just misled souls by Chandran. Layla's memories and the darkness had merged with me. But I haven't completely accepted myself as Layla. It might take time for that. I combined my wolf power with my darkness and drained their energy. Everyone fell down unconscious. I used my powers to teleport them to the Dungeon and ordered the healed warriors to chain them down. I walked inside the shield. This shield would be required for my pack until I bring Chandran down. He had already started the War.

My people looked at me with pride and gratitude. My wolf was contented that her pack wasn't affected. Everyone was almost healed and a few warriors having bone misplacement were healing eventually.


I called for him loudly.

"Yes, Alpha."

He rushed to me and bowed his head. I smiled at him. I know I am doing the right thing.

"I, Kavithanjali, Alpha of Blood warriors pack declare you, Ashwin as the new Alpha of the pack and Nakul will step up as Beta. The head warrior Bharathi will take the position of Third in command."

I announced and felt a thread of dominance leaving my body and entering Ashwin. He shifted into his wolf instantly and his wolf howled in pain when his body shifted to an Alpha wolf. The same happened to the others and they howled their gratitude once they had completed the transformation. All the wolves shifted and they showed their submission to their new Alpha.

"I can't fuse my blood with you, Ashwin. It might affect you. But you have become an Alpha now. And I trust you completely. Take care of the pack. I am leaving the shield active."

He gave me a determined look making me feel satisfied with my choice. I turned my attention to the people.

"I lived here for just a few months. But this pack is my home and I love you guys. I will not let any harm to the pack. I want you people to stay inside the shield until I clear off the danger waiting outside for you. The shield won't affect you but no one should go out. All the things you want will be given to you by my people. Understand?"

They howled their agreement and I sighed with relief. But a tug at my heart and the sudden emergence of my wolf made my body go still.

My mate... Akhilan is coming here!

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