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Kavi's POV [Layla's POV]

"How can I trust you?"

A part of me was still trying to convince me that Chandran was lying. But I couldn't conceive in these years and suspicion had sprouted into my heart already.

Chandran extended his hand to me which means he was willing to share his memory with me. I extended my hand shakily towards his hand. My palm touched his. My vision spun as I was connected to his brain. Visions of him blaming me and the fights we had were flashed before me. He blocked me from seeing all of his memories with a little struggle as his energy were low. His mind started showing me the memories of Maayan and a young woman laughing and speaking, Maayan hugging her at different situations, The view of his head from the back which was tilted to the side while he was hugging her close – He was kissing her… I pulled my hand away as I had seen enough to cry for eternity.

I couldn't see Maayan's eyes or full face on any of Chandran's memory but his back had a tattoo of my symbol which no one had in this solar system. That tattoo would appear in purple colour to me while others could see it in crimson colour. And no one knows about this. His tattoo appeared in purple colour in Chandran's memories. So Chandran wasn't lying. My man had left me.

The silent tears were falling on the ground making dark purple roses sprout out grazing my skin. My heart was completely gone numb on knowing I failed him - the man who had showered me with love and made me felt so alive. The days we spent together would never come back. The realm of darkness would never echo his booming laughter. I could never listen to his sweet enticing voice that always says loving words to me. His rubies – the pair of his mesmerizing eyes would never see me or show affection and admiration. I won't feel the warmth of his skin or his presence near me. I lost him. The 'Forever and ever' had quickly turned into 'Never again'.

What I felt as the purpose of my life had now left me! Then why my soul should have to live and go through the pain of his absence. He was a powerful man. He deserves happiness. I know I am different but I never gave thought to the compatibility of our bodies. He was immortal but not a God. Even he spoke about the children when he first opened up his heart to me before knowing who I am. I thought we would eventually be blessed with children but never thought that was impossible and I never thought he would go to another woman to get his wish fulfilled. Maybe that's why he didn't touch me for the last few days. And I feel so shameful to throw myself on him the last day. He left me because he couldn't tolerate my intimacy as he wants to be true to his rightful woman who is bearing his child.

"Aadhavan and I know that you might do something because he had left. Even if you try to cope up his loss, your darkness might affect the solar system. That's why we prepared ourselves to fight against you."

Chandran muttered in a fake sad tone. But I can't deny the truth in his statement. Without Maayan, I almost lost my mind. I am not myself. I could never do my duties with the same dedication because of the void in my heart and the darkness trying to engulf me into its hold.

My heart had decided what to do next. I stood up and teleported my people to my realm. I sent telepathy to Aadhira to take care of the people. They would heal eventually in their home. I summoned the dark hounds I kept as a guard for Moons and sent them to guard my realm in an invisible form. An unbreakable shield of darkness was formed above my realm which would only let the souls from earth to enter inside to go through the purification and send them back to the respective places.

I looked around the unconscious hunters and took back my effect but they didn't wake up. I tried again but there is no movement in them.

"Why aren't they waking up? Do you have anything to do with this?"

Chandran looked troubled and his eyes widened at some realization.

"I asked them to drink some bright ash liquid to keep them safer from you."

I sucked in a deep breath on seeing the hundreds of hunters lying on the ground; the darkness and bright ash liquid together had combined in their body making their death painfully slow. Humans are not some research materials. Chandran had turned them into a weapon against me which had gone terribly wrong now. They are unconscious and dying.

"When are you going to learn to think about the consequences of your actions? What are you going to do with their souls? This wasn't their rightful time to reach my realm. They can't go there and they should not wander on the surface of the earth either."

I asked him calmly. I can't think of any solution. My mind was so numb.

"I will take care of this."

He whispered and whistled in the air. A huge pack of wolves came running which halted in its steps on seeing their friends dying. Their howls filled the silent evening with agony.

"I expected something like this would happen. That's why I thought about the solution."

Chandran stood up weakly and raised his hands plucking the souls from the human's body and forced it into the wolves.

The wolves started writhing in pain as their body struggled to accommodate another soul. He used his divine powers to heal them and sealed them together. The wolves looked rather happy with the soul of their friends inside their body but their size had tripled and the divine healing had granted them advanced traits.

"When my people was a reason for the creation of vampires, it was a big mistake. But the God of balance had now created powerful creatures which would have no impact in the world, uh?"

I let out a dry laugh. He turned his head away as he got no answer. They all submitted to Moon and howled their gratitude.

"You wolves can shift your form whenever you want.

nd his cupcake was in pain. His aambal wand couldn't perform any magic as there was a strong anti-magic spell had been cast there. The rocky place had a shining liquid and crimson liquid rubbed all over the room. He was horrified to know the anti-magic was cast with his sister's blood; Chandran had twisted her mind to commit suicide to turn her blood into a powerful anti-magic serum. And the shiny liquid is Bright ash liquid as there was a thread of darkness within him as he was the beloved of Goddess of darkness.

He used various techniques and his physical power to escape the room but failed miserably. He prayed to the creator of divines to save Layla. His wait turned into weeks and he became so weak without food and water and low oxygen despite being immortal. The effects of the spells were weakening with days and he just needs a few more days before he breaks out of the place.

But all of sudden he felt great energy entering his body. His soul could sense something was terribly wrong. And his soul gained a string of connection with his cupcake as he did sleep with her, not obeying Moon's words. All he could feel was agony and he used the string to teleport to the place where his cupcake was. The look on her face made him so weak as he knew he was the reason for all her sadness. When a dagger floats towards her, he didn't realize what was happening. But he was too late to understand the events happening there. The darkness entered him carrying all her memories and his soul wept for the permanent loss of its half because of his blind trust over Chandran.

To see his love, dying and disappearing into the air made him completely broken. His heart beats to bring her back but his mind knew better. His anger burst into a scream and he draws his wand to destroy the Moon God as the darkness gave him the power from the universe. As if expecting this would happen, Aadhavan places a curse on Maayan –

"The Goddess of darkness's weak heart failed to trust you. Hence I curse you that her powers would lay idle within you as you aren't the owner of the powers. The divine powers would only obey the divine. And you should be trapped inside the rock here until the blood of your beloved and the voice of her trust calls you. No magic of yours would help you come out! And I won't let the death of a weak-hearted woman to bring blame on us. So her presence would be erased from the memory of every living being on earth."

The rock behind Maayan flashed a light and a vacuum was created inside with eighteen steps leading to a rock door behind which Maayan was trapped forever as Layla can't call for him anymore. The confused looked look on Chandran's face for the curse pronounced by Aadhavan was patted away with a smile from Sun and look that tells 'She won't come back'.

The angry wind blew on the surface of the Qywesir was unnoticed by anyone while a voice whispered hopeful words of Layla's return into Maayan's ears stopping him from joining Layla in death. He got the duty of protecting her darkness within him until she returns.

The darkness narrated the missing part to Kavithanjali and merged with her body. She gasped out coming back to present with all the memories of her past life along with the memories of Maayan; which all had happened in a few seconds.

And now she knows Maayan was consuming bright ashes into his body to separate the darkness from him. A weep of yearning escaped her mouth. She shook him to tell she know everything and that she loves him still as much as she did in past and there was no anger on him. He got one more dose for tomorrow which she was redundant to let him consume but he was already unconscious with his hand tightly hugging her to his body.

The authority of darkness brought the place light as her voice boomed the name of Aadhira to find a way to stop the man in front of her slipping away from her hands… again!

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