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Kavi's POV [Layla's POV]

"Aadhira had gone to check Sun's realm and these three went to earth. I went to Moon's realm, Goddess. He denied permission to enter his place. I got suspicious and sent telepathy to see if they have got any information. I got a negative reply and I asked them to come to Moon's realm. They came there and we warned Moon to let us in. He denied. We used the powers you gave us to damage the shield and entered there to search for Maayan as his essence was present there. And we were shocked to see him there in a garden and he seems to be staying there willingly. And he told us to tell you that he was doing what he wants to do and not disturb his life anymore. I… I can't control my anger and I hit him. I'm…"

Kathir's word caught in his throat with my fingers wrapped around his neck.

"How dare you touch him? Did you forget who he is?"

Kathir didn't say anything but closed his eyes when he felt my nails digging and breaking into his skin.

The fury of my man got hurt by one of my people was blinding my rational mind. But a faint cry of Aadhira reached my ears at the time before I rip his throat out. I blinked my eyes gaining back my control. The vision of Kathir barring his neck to me and Aadhira's pleading cries with the other three men cowered with a horrified look made me feel shame on my behaviour. I pulled away my hand and healed his skin and took the pain away.

"I'm sorry, Goddess."

He fell on his knees and a broken low voice reached my ears. I kept my hand over his head and stroked his hair.

"I am ashamed of myself, Kathir. I let my darkness control me. I want you guys to go and do your regular duties. You were given this position in my realm by your hard work, dedication and devotion. Don't let anything affect your duties. This is my life and my problem and it shouldn't affect my people. Aadhira, I will return with Maayan and till then take care of the realm. I have the feeling, this is going to take a long time for me to come back here."

The words came out on its own from my mouth and my fingers stiffened over Kathir's head. With a deep breath, I teleported near Moon's realm.

The darkness in me smirked proudly when I saw the damaged shield which was being reconstructed by Chandran with his divine powers. When he was about to seal the shield, I raised my hand and a spark of dark thread flew towards the gap and spread all over the shield shattering it into dust. He turned to my direction with annoyance but a smirk made its way to his mouth which made my darkness to growl. The darkness doesn't like his behaviour a bit and also the evil things in his mind was pulling my darkness to eat his soul to free the place off sin. Also, my soul sensed Maayan was no longer here. He had been here but not now.

"You think you can detach him from me just because you broke the connection? What we have between us is nothing you know about. That's a powerful thing than any of us. It's Love. Tell me where he is before I eat your soul."

The darkness intermingled voice boomed in the space. He started laughing only to get hit with a ball of cosmic rock as my darkness forced nature to do that. The crimson liquid gushed out of his shoulder making me feel satisfied. A flash appeared and Aadhavan came out of the rectangular portal and looked at Moon and then at me.

"Layla, I warn you to go back. Your people had already broken his realm's shield and barged in. Now you are hurting him. Don't affect the solar system because of your personal problems. Maayan had taken his decision on his own will. No one is manipulating him. Don't make me force you back to your place. I don't want to affect our friendship."

I laughed at his feeble attempt to make me leave.

"What did you call yourself? Friend uh? My friend won't be silent when my heart is bleeding in pain. You have changed and you know that. Don't interfere in this. I won't be responsible if I do some damage to you."

I raised my hand the rocks floating behind me turned its sharp edges toward the direction of my palm and my wave pulled them and flew towards Moon and Sun along with a coating of my darkness.

Sun cautiously formed a shield of fire melting the rock in his way but failed to cover Moon in t

almost five millennia and I couldn't believe he was no more just because of the vengeance of that stupid man. The thought made me realize the presence of another divine here.

I looked up at the pale man managing to get up with a struggle as the darkness that entered him on that day of the fight had drained his energy and powers. I got up gently making Kathir lie down and forced towards him with the speed and my fingers wrapped around his neck choking him and my nails were digging into his skin sending the shots of darkness into his system. The nerves in his body started appearing black on his pale skin as he cried in pain.

"You dared to kill my warrior? What was your problem? Do you want to let everyone know that you are powerful than me when actually you aren't? I will show what I can do now."

I let the darkness to flow freely from my tip of fingers into his system. He coughed out the dark gases trying to get them out of his body.

"You can't kill me. If you did… the reason why Maayan left you… would forever die with me."

My hand loosened on its own and my heart wept at the mention of my love.

"Don't think you can trick me. You have manipulated him and made him leave me. There is no question of reason. We were in so much love."

The words came out barely as the pain in my soul was overpowering everything in me.

"Take your venom back… I can't…"

Chandran fell on the ground gasping for air. I muttered a silent apology to Kathir and took my darkness back and he gulped in the air and coughed out the balance dark gas in his system.

"Did you forget he didn't go through the process of purification? He still has the human part of him. What a normal human would expect in a relationship is all he expects from you. But he realized he wouldn't get that from you and that's why he left."

He spoke in a low tone leaning on a tree nearby.

"We had love and happiness in our life. We have been so close with being our souls connected to each other. What else was there? What made him break the connection?"

My pained voice brought smirk on his wicked face. The darkness was too hurt to react for his arrogance.

"He wants to feel the happiness of becoming a father. He wants a baby which you can never give him as he wasn't a God. That's the reason he had been seeking the intimacy of another woman recently who had granted him his wish. So he left you for her and his future offspring. I don't see any wrong in that. Every man would want his offspring to carry the heritage of his blood."


She fell on her knees believing the lies of the bright Moon while the man he loved looked at her painting in tears yearning to be with her and his offspring growing in his Cupcake's stomach. But the lies and evilness had separated them as they love each other more than their self.


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