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Kavi's POV [Layla's POV]

I straddled his lap and looked… no… starred at his face. My soul could feel his feelings. He was so happy and at the same time, there was a huge pain attached to that happiness. He had developed the strange habit of visiting Sun or Moon's realm; that wasn't strange but Maayan visiting their realms daily and returning late was bothering me. And I feel a little distant with him; physically and emotionally. I want to know why he was doing this. I am trying to talk to him about it for a week but he would bring some excuse and go to do that work. But I didn't allow him to go to Moon's realm today and trapped him here in our room.

"Why are you looking at me like this, Layla?"

He asked me with a gorgeous smile displaying his perfectly pearly teeth. My heart fluttered in happiness to see his smile. There wasn't a bit change in our feeling for each other. We understand each other more with the time and the love had grown stronger.

I continue staring at him. I want him to spill the matter. I can look into his mind but I DON'T want to. Honesty is one of the very important keys to a successful relationship.

"Are you going to keep starring at me? At least I would have gone to see Chandran if I have known this?"

He said with a sigh. I raised an eyebrow on him.

"Are you bored with me already?"

I asked directly looking at his eyes. His heart skipped a beat before he looks up at me with narrowed eyes.

"What are you talking about, Layla? I… Where did that idea even come to you?"

He asked seriously. I cupped his cheek and make him look into my eyes. He was trying to mask his emotion but he was forgetting that our souls were connected. My purple eyes bored into his crimson pearls searching the answers for his strange behaviours.

"You can trust me and tell me anything. I will do anything for you. You know that, right? I could feel a pain in your heart, Maayan. We aren't like other couples we see around our realm or the people on the earth. Our souls beat for each other and our heart yearns for 'us'. I could feel you are in frustration but also you are happy for some reasons. Tell me what is bothering you. I am here for you, darling. You don't have to carry that pain alone. You haven't touched me for the past month and you weren't even hugging or kissing me for the past two days…"

"Me being not intimate was your problem?"

He questioned suddenly with a hint of annoyance in his tone which I never got used to; also completely omitting the part I spoke before the intimacy. And the meaning of his words hurt me more. I contained the bubbled up anger at his words and took in a deep breath to calm myself. He still had that look of annoyance on his face. I removed myself from him.

"You can go wherever you want. I just wanted you to know that you don't need to bear any pain alone and I am there for you… I will be… Always! But… after you said those words, I am not talking about it anymore."

I stormed out of the room but ran into Kathir.

"Oh Goddess! Sorr… Are you okay? What happened, Goddess?"

His tone rose with anger as he might have noticed my teary eyes. I avoided his eyes and nodded my head quickly walking past him without answering him.

I locked myself in the library for the rest of the day meditating. At night, I walked to my room but stopped when I saw Maayan sleeping in the next room to ours. My heart aches for his love. My body craves for his touch and warmth. I went inside the room and sat gently on the bed and caressed his hair softly. My fingers stilled midway when a sweet scent hit my nostril.

My nose flared at the realization. It was a woman's scent and surely wasn't mine. I know it wasn't the scent of his mother or sisters or anyone those I know from his tribe. His face was normal as always while he sleeps usually. He is my Maayan. He won't do anything wrong. Even if something had happened I would have felt it from our connected souls. I sighed out in frustration while stroking his hair. He leaned his head into my touch which warmed my heart to see even his sleepy mind could recognize my touch.

What are you up to, Maayan?

Was he trying to make me believe that he was with another woman?

But, why? I know he would never hurt me.

I sucked in a deep breath as a thought of him visiting Chandran had crossed my mind. I thought that dustball had changed for good. But I think he is not. He should be behind whatever sick game this is. I intertwined my fingers with Maayan and teleported us to my bathroom. I made him sit ins

raints were broken and I need more time to bring control over the darkness which would get fed of all wrong things. The darkness would grow by consuming the evil things and it will keep the solar system clean off sins, and my darkness has no mercy or sympathy. The humans have been going in the wrong way which would attract my darkness toward them. I need to focus at least to keep myself sane for Maayan.

"Search for Maayan! I want him to be here within an hour! Use any powers and go to any place you want. But I WANT HIM HERE IN ONE DAMN HOUR!"

The voice of darkness intertwined with mine and it was showing off how powerful it is. The threads of darkness entered the bodies of the five making their eyes turn black. They nodded in unison and left!

I have to calm down! I should calm now!

I went to the library and connected instantly with the cosmic. The soothing place felt like a graveyard with the dead silence. My spiritual body screamed his name yearning for the love that man had shown me for eternity. Maybe that's why he left me thinking he had given me enough. But how didn't he realize I am not a lone soul anymore. That's why I connected my soul to his soul to show how much he means to me! Still, he left me. A part of me know he had been tricked despite his sharpness and smartness; or been blackmailed to obey their order. But he could have discussed that with me.

My mind was going crazy. The ignited blaze wants to destroy the whole solar system to find the man for whom my heart beating! And I know it was a plan of Chandran. Maayan had been visiting him recently often. And I don't trust Aadhavan either. The disease of arrogance and envy had infected him too. The good friend in him had died a long before.

I opened my eyes in frustration. I can't meditate. I feel so helpless. He is everything to me. I couldn't even feel a bit of anger on him for doing this to me. My heart and soul didn't even want to think anything negative about him. I just love him so much. Why did he leave me? I want him back. The darkness wants to be let out to destroy everything that caused me pain.

The five I have sent had walked in with bowed head and knelt before me. Their feared scent raised my anger.

"I just have given you one simple duty but you weren't able to do that?"

My voice boomed and echoed across the library. The darkness wants me to punish these inefficient people. I took a step forward, Kathir spoke urgently.

"We found him, Goddess! But he refused to come with us and he is in Moon's realm right now!"

I halted in my step taking in the words he said. The darkness licked its lips to satisfy her hunger with the sinful minds in Moon's realm and slowly covered my form giving me the strength to bring my soul mate back.

'Let's show what we are really made off!'

The darkness whispered to my weeping heart giving a ray of hope.

'You will pay, Chandran!

I am coming for you, Maayan! I won't break our promise despite you have broken the connection! You are MINE and ONLY MINE!'

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