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Updated: 2019-11-25 10:18

Hi my dear cupcakes, Thank you so much for your patience and support.

This chapter would contain more time-lapses.

I want to finish Layla's memories as sooner as possible and go back to Kavi's life.

So feel free to ask me if you couldn't understand any part in the chapter.

The next update would be on Thursday.

Kavi's POV [Layla's POV]

*A month had passed*

"LAYLA! Are you even listening to me?"

Chandran yelled at me because this is the third time I am zoning out in our meeting.

I smiled at him unfazed and nodded my head with the same grin. He scoffed and stood up from his seat. He shouted something at Aadhavan but my eyes were filled with the striking smile of the man who was constantly in my mind interrupting my focus. Like the magnet disrupts the flow of iron. Aadhavan's hand on my shoulder brought me back from my dream and I looked at him with the same grin. He shook his head with a sigh and sat opposite to me.

"Layla! You can't be distracted. We are not like some leaders or kings. We are DIVINES! You should be more attentive and responsible. I understand you have been so crazy about your love. But don't let that be your weakness. As Chandran was saying, you should have first turned him immortal when he came to you. But you were so lenient and see what you have done. Already your people have created a strong race on the earth. Now you are the reason for turning Maayan into more powerful Wizard.

We can't predict the future. What if he turns against you? He could now bring catastrophe if he wants. Also... "

"Hey, Aadhavan... Calm down! You have met him already. Can't you see the love in his eyes? He will never do any harm to me. He was with me for a month and you know how much it changed me to good. Why are you thinking like this? You should reduce spending time with negative minded people. And I am not distracted. I know my duties and I won't compromise it for anyone. You know everything was happening so smooth and well. I feel more energetic and doing my duties better than before with his presence."

I laughed out his frustration. He calmed with a sigh and laughed a bit understanding my innuendo about that dust ball.

"I heard people saying love is blind. But I don't want it to become a lesson for you. Just be careful."

I nodded my head and with a smile, I left his realm eagerly to see my sweet darling who was waiting for me.

Initially, Aadhavan and Chandran were so angry for making such a promise for a human. Also, they didn't like the fact he skipped the purification. But I can't change the past and he is more important to me than to think him as a just human. They couldn't find any flaw in him when I took him to Sun's realm. Chandran was literally green with envy but my wizard managed to speak smooth and surprisingly Chandran seemed calm after some conversation.

Sun knew him well as Maayan was Sun's blessing. But still, they weren't completely okay with what I have done. Our creator didn't show up yet but life is going good. I took Maayan around the solar system and let him experience the things I have given him as knowledge.

Sometimes Maayan would go to the purification pit and aid the designated purifiers. One day he spent along with the guards and another with warriors. He reasoned that he needs to know everything about the realm and the best way is to 'do things that people do' to understand the pros and cons. So he could think from their view and could suggest to me if he thinks something needs to be changed.

His involvement impressed my people and earned him respect when he pointed out a few suggestions to Aadhira. She was happy to get the company to share her duties. Maayan would help Aadhira in running things and he helps people with his magical power. Aadhira sees him as her another brother and they would join hands to tease Kathir sometimes. I would step in and team with Kathir to tease them back.

Kathir seems happy nowadays. I don't think he was in a relationship. Maybe he had cleared his mind knowing that there was no chance for a life to be with a human. There are many beautiful, strong and kind women here. I hope he would get along with one of them and starts his life. I have seen many women showing interest in him and flirting openly with him. But he never seemed to accept any of such advances.

I teleported back to my realm and used my powers to locate my sweet darling. A smile adorned my face by just thinking about him. I found him in the pond where he was meditating with his body immersed ravishingly handsome. I teleported there and ran my fingers across the beautiful sculptures my wizard had magically carved in limestone.

I snapped my finger and changed into a purple

ng look before passing out again.

I woke up to the chirping of birds and felt myself lying comfortably on the smooth warm bed. I rubbed my cheek over the bed with a moan but I felt something tickling my skin. Then my bed started vibrating beneath me and I peeled my eyes open in annoyance.

As soon as I blinked my eyes open, a hand roughly grabbed my chin and a pair of warm exotic lips was pressed on mine. My heart warmed instantly and I responded to him instantly feeling and tasting the love. I feel like we haven't been together for a while.

I propped up my elbow and he yelped making me realize I was literally using him as my bed. I smiled at him dreamily and looked at his face admiring his morning face. I thought about why I couldn't remember us making love last night and the events of yesterday flooded my mind. My sleepy eyes cleared and I looked at him quizzically.

"You fainted yesterday and came to conscious within a few hours but passed out again. You have no idea how much worried I am. Don't scare me like this again, Cupcake. My heart felt our connection strong as ever and that's the only relief to me for the past 28 hours."

He spoke with a broken voice and a few tears rolled down his beardy cheek. I wiped them and cupped his cheeks with both of my hands.

"Hey! Don't worry! Nothing will happen to me. I will live as long as the solar system exists. Even if any apocalypse was going to happen, we all will be bidding bye together and our souls would be together forever. I promise!"

I smiled at him but he frowned and turned his head away from my hold.

"Just because we call ourselves immortals doesn't mean we would live for infinite years. Every start has its end. But remember I love you always and I knew you love me more than that. Your love is unconditional unlike mine and I prefer my duties equally to you. But you left everything just to be with me and no one had ever cared for me like you do."

I kissed his lips softly. He sighed and smiled at me with glossy ruby eyes.

"Love you, Cupcake. No one knows the reason why you fainted. Please tell me what happened? I even spoke with Sun and Moon but they were just clueless as me."

He cupped my cheek rubbing it softly while speaking.

"I really don't know. I don't feel anything different in my body. I should explore myself about it. As you said, I don't have any memory of fainting in my lifetime. It may be good or bad. We should be ready for the same."

I told him honestly as I am confused myself about the incident.

He nodded his head and hugged me to his body tightly. I inhaled the ever-fabulous scent of my glorious wizard and prayed to my creator to guide me through this phase of my life. I could sense that something very big is waiting for me in my destiny. And that was going to affect the solar system and the lives of people on the earth.

I used to predict if something big going to happen in the earth like how a few species had gone extinct on earth to make it habitable for humans. And I feel the same vibes in my nerves and I know there is nothing in my hands to do but I can only watch what the destiny plays.

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