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Warning for my innocent readers:

Mature content ahead!

Have fun for those very innocent people who are more curious to read this chapter now!

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Kavi's POV [Layla's POV]

After the promise I made and the kiss, he went unconscious and his body started falling to the ground. I used my power to stop him from hitting the ground and made him lie down gently. I got worried and examined his body. His heart was racing crazily. I frowned when I noticed all the cells in his body were modifying themselves. It wasn't doing any adverse thing but surprisingly his body cells were turning similar to the body cell of an immortal person. The neurons were becoming more active. The muscles were ripping apart and forming more rigid and tough muscles and his skin was stretching accordingly. He is turning into a powerful immortal man still in his human form. I realized the promise I just had made to 'connect his soul with mine' was happening like a spell cast. I felt a pull in my heart and something was replaced in the place of the pulled away part.

The process ended and his heartbeat reduced to the normal rate. He had turned into an immortal! But damn he looks more delicious now. Moon and Sun won't stand a chance before his glorious body. I licked my lips and slowly enjoyed the sight of his luscious body. He coughed out and sat up. His eyes ruby eyes had a twinkling shade of crimson now. It took my breath away and I slowly placed my hand over his panting chest. A tiny thunder wave passed on my skin and he looked at me and shook his head. I was so emotional when I made the promise and didn't think of the consequences. But the power of my words had instantly bound us together which kind of making me relieved.

"What happened to me? I feel... I feel different… in a good way."

He was sweating from transformation and asked me in confusion.

"Our souls were connected now and you have transformed into an immortal person while you are still human."

I said out with a sigh as this is a new phenomenon and I am yet to know whether he would have any side effects from this premature transformation. So far he was doing well.

"What? How did that happen? I didn't finish the purification process!"

He exclaimed getting up by holding the hand I extended to assist him. But how did I forget that? Now he can't go through the purification unless I take back my promise. Still, that's risky to the solar system as my soul was now connected to him.

I sent telepathic order to Aadhira to advance the Realm gathering tomorrow. I should properly let my people know that I am getting into a relationship and Maayan should be treated no less than me.

"Cupcake, how did this happen?"

He questioned me again as I was being silent.

"My promise! Our souls were now connected and that's how you turned immortal. I didn't expect this would happen. But we can't reverse any of that now. Let's go to our room. You might need some rest."

I teleported to our room and asked him to lie down and sat on the bed as he seems little dizzy.

"Is there anything wrong with me? Why do you seem worried?"

He asked with a cute frown. Now I realized that his voice too had a slight change which makes him more attractive.

"To be honest, I don't know. No one had turned immortal without the purification and you have directly changed while you were still being human. But don't worry. I will not let anything happen to you. Now take rest. I am going to meditate for some time."

I walked to my usual place and looked at his charming face; I closed my eyes and focused my concentration towards peace.


I was in my room and thinking about the events happening around me. My handsome wizard had gained a great knowledge of magic and learning new things so quickly. He was accepted by my people wholeheartedly and he was so overwhelmed with the affection they were showing him. I take him everywhere I go to make him used to the routine of mine. Then I can choose a way to allocate some responsibilities to him. His attitude had also turned very cocky and confident as he never hesitates to tease me irrespective of the people around us.

Also, he was pampering me with his care and love. It was cute when he worries for me about small things which I didn't even have time to consider. We visited his family after the gathering for his brother's wedding. They were so sweet and caring. And I experienced the love and bonding of his family. All the children of his tribe missed him and he promised to visit them often before leaving back home. Kathir and Aadhira were easily got used to his company and my wizard has the talent to charm everyone around me. His transformation didn't bring much change in his character. But he got more bold and sharp.

Maayan's hand circled my waist pulling me out of my thoughts. My body relaxed instantly and I leaned on his warm body. His fingers slowly moved my hair from the shoulder and he pressed a kiss under my ear and another one on the nape of my neck. My fingers clenched into a fist and my body instantly reacted to him. This tension between us was growing so fast. But we didn't react upon it yet. Maybe it was going to change soon. He turned me around and made me look at his darkened eyes. I blushed but continued to maintain eye contact. He looked at me with so much adoration which made my heart flutter.

His lips connected to mine and I lost in the ocean of love. I was clinging onto his body. We are in need for one another. And there wasn't any boundary for us to keep staying away. I cupped the back of his neck tilting his head to deepen the kiss. A groan escaped from his throat and he pulled my body closer to him making me feel every curve of hard muscles. The wetness between my legs and the hardened nipples were aching for more. I want him now!

I broke the kiss and pushed him onto the bed and straddled his hip. He looked at me in surprise and desire. I bent down and kissed his neck while tracing my fingers over his hot body. His fingers were pressing so hard over my hips as the moans were escaping his mouth. I am putting off the heat of his skin by my wet kisses and sucking. He rolled over me to the bed and hovered above me and attached his lips to mine instantly. His hand on my hip moved slowly creating sh

ht his erection in my hand and slowly tried turning him to the bed. But he held the side of my body and pressed me to the bed. We broke apart breathing heavily. My insides are burning to feel him.

I felt him cupping my knees moving them apart like he heard my thought. I gave into my desires and eagerly parted them for his better access and waited for the torture to come to an end. His tip rubbed across my dripping folds and he slowly entered me. We are breathing heavily and his hard member split opened my hungry core marking its claim. He stopped on feeling my purity and let out a raspy moan. He pulled out and thrust all way inside halting at my cervix. I screamed his name in fruition. I feel so full. A wave of darkness emitted from me. He looked surprised and muttered 'Beautiful'. He cupped my breasts and massaged them before driving back and plunging in again.

We were one by heart and soul so far, but we become one by our body now. The feel of complete union and the bliss it spreading over our soul made the whole thing a different and delightful thing. My eyes teared up from the intrusion and the maturation.

He kept his pace slow while my inner muscles gripped him tight. My love juice was easing up the process after some time and he slowly increased his pace. He maintained his weight in one elbow while his other hand softly moved the hair away from my face and he massaged my nape and kissed my lips softly. He was thrusting at a medium pace but deeply. I feel like some tight knots inside me was untying and exploding like the cosmic dust.

My hands were caressing his back and bicep. The flame in me was in its highest boiling point and he was working to put it off. His breathing started turning into panting and I felt him increase the pace. The thought of my lovely man getting close to his release made my insides boil. He suddenly pulled away from the kiss and moved his hand to rub my sensitive clit. It stimulated my orgasm as I screamed his name so loud while getting undone. My walls clutched his hot cock and he grew bigger and twitched, shooting his seeds into me. I could feel our juices mingling. He laid on me burying his face between my breast panting hard just like me.

A sudden burning sensation on my back made me raise up a little and felt him gritting his teeth with a painful expression. But it was gone before we could react and we laid down in relief still connected. He raised his head and looked at me with a sated look on his face. My face should have been displaying the same satisfaction. But a blush crept to my cheeks sooner at his continuous stare. No one had shown so much adoration and love in their eyes for me. But only Maayan can love me like this.

"I love you, Layla. I am so lucky to have you in my life. This is so... so incredible. I hope it was as good for you as it was for me. Damn! Cupcake, you make me so hot and making me show you all the passion which I don't even know I have in me. I will do anything for your wellbeing and I will protect and cherish you for eternity. I love you so much, Cupcake."

He said with utmost sincerity and pecked my lips and rolled next to me and pulled me to his chest. I sighed in contentment.

"You have no idea how you make me feel, Maayan. I feel new to myself whenever I am with you. And what we just did is absolutely amazing. I never felt anything so intense in my lifetime. I could feel your huge love for me. And you make me feel so loved always. I love you very much, Maayan. Always be with me. I can't be normal without you anymore. We are not two separate persons anymore. Just hold me like this. You make me feel so happy and contented."

I hugged closer to him and softly confessed my heart. He held me closer to him and pecked my forehead. His lips curved into a mischievous smile making me blush as I could read him getting ready for another round.

"We aren't done yet, Cupcake. I will hold you after I exhaust you completely. Are you ready now? Because I'm so ready!"

He huskily whispered in my ear while rubbing his lips over my earlobes. He pulled me above him and rubbed his hardness over my core when he said the last sentence with a cocky smirk.

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