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Kavi's POV [Layla's POV]

I lovingly looked at the man who wasn't afraid to claim his place in front of all my people without any hesitation. During dinner, Aadhira told Maayan that she would show his room when he finishes the food. But he gave her a weird look and asked her, 'Why should I sleep in a separate room when a gorgeous woman was waiting for me to embellish her bed?'

The whole hall turned to silence and my people were staring at him with wide eyes. They never heard something like that and it reddened my cheek which warmed the place and they smiled widely continuing the dinner. I should get used to this. His words were true though. The bed was idle in my room as I rarely use it. But now I won't complain using it because, as he said he will be next to me while I lie down there.

Love feels like a kind of hypnotization; addictive and blissful. My heartbeat rises every time we are alone and the anticipation makes my blood boil with desire. He is a dream come true man for my life. He could bring the best out of me and he is capable to bring the worst too. But I know his love will always remain the same and it will always keep me on my toes.

I found him sitting on the bed but his distant and serious look made me understand he wanted to speak to me about something. I sat next to him and placed my hand on his shoulder and gave him a gentle squeeze. He let out a sigh and his ruby eyes met mine. As I expected, he started narrating what happened back with his family.

"My parents had been hiding a big truth from me, Cupcake. All the people in my tribe believe that our family was blessed with magical power as the reward for my father's prayer. But they weren't aware of the Sun God's condition to choose. It was either 'only one child of the family could get the power with healthy life' or 'every child will get the power but the powerful-first son will live only for 26 years'; 26 years because my father was of that age when he got the boon. I really don't know the logic behind that. Back to the story, my father didn't want to risk the boon as a small accident might make me die at an earlier age and his prayers would go in vain. So he had chosen to trade my lifespan for the powers for my siblings. He was a great father no doubt and he feels guilty for doing that. He made us unique by spending all his life praying to the Sun. I am not angry with him.

But he feels guilty. That's the reason they wanted me to get married soon which would help me to pass on the bloodline. And he was upset when I cancelled the wedding. The woman who was arranged to me knows the fact and that's why she withdrew from the wedding when she has the choice to get a better life. But destiny has other plans to bring us together. Now the son who they had been worried for short life is going to live for eternity. They were stunned when I said you are a Goddess. Who wouldn't? I won't lie about their fears for me going far away from them. But they were relieved; particularly my father was relieved from his guilt of staking my life.

But now I feel like using our love to extend my life. If you have doubt, you don't need to make me immortal. Let me die and get purified. Take my soul and give me a form. Let's start our life then. That's why it took me time to come back here. But I can't stay away from you. Now you have to make the decision."

He admitted and looked at me for my reply. I smiled widely and circled my hand around his neck sideways and leaned on his body.

"I have no doubts about our love. You didn't even know this matter until a few days back. You accepted me as I am and I am going to do the same. But as you said, you have to go through the purification before I grant you immortality. I am not the person to flex the rules. I would be lenient and playful in a few matters. But my duty is never a question of compromise. And as much as it is true that I love you more than anything in the world, it's also true that I respect my responsibilities. And Darling, you haven't completely known me. No one had seen the dark side in me. I wish it remains the same until the life of this solar system."

His eyes showed respect and pride when I sweetly warned him about me. It strangely thrilled me to know he was thinking my darkness as his pride. I could never expect someone to do that as the curse from Sun had really made most of the living being fear me which eventually turned into hatred. But here he is admiring me for who I am and treating me like his fellow human making me feel very alive. I feel blessed with this amazing human!

My chain of thoughts broke when his hand sneakily circled my waist and his body inched closer to me. My mind alarmed my senses making my body ting

pink adult dolphins. They might have liked him as they were asking for him to caress them and rubbing against him. He was laughing beautifully and patting the heads of the pink beauties. The dolphins sensed me and the smart creatures bowed at me. I smiled and touched them and looked at the man adoring me. They asked me to give them an opportunity to take us on a ride. I never denied the offerings of innocent creatures. They do this out of love and devotion without expecting anything in the back.

"They want us to take a ride with them, Darling. Hop on the back of that dolphin."

I pointed at a couple of dolphins straightened to make us sit on their back.

"Was it necessary? Won't they get hurt if we put our weight on their back?"

My heart warmed at his care for the other living being. Humans got used to the thought that they were inferior to animals. But they were just being polite and forgiving the humans despite their strength.

"These are adult dolphins and they have the power to carry us. Don't underestimate them and also our body won't weigh equally heavy as we weigh on the land. So get on him without worrying."

The pod started to move, letting the two dolphins carrying us to take lead. Maayan was in awe as we feel like flying in the water.

They took us near a whirlpool and happily whistled while taking a few rotations along with the swirl. Then they swam through a few places and showed off proudly to their friends that they were blessed with a chance to have my time. They dropped me at the same place where we hopped on them and left the place after taking my blessings.

"I feel like I have entered a new world, Cupcake. I would never have experienced these amazing things if I haven't met you. Thank you, Cupcake. As a Goddess, you take care of everyone. But let me take care of you. You are the greatest blessing in my life. And I want to live a life like no one had lived by showering with love and care. I love you so much, Layla."

The trueness of his words was reflected by in his eyes. My eyes teared up automatically and a purple lotus formed from the water diluted with that. He came near me held me closer to him and started kissing my lips softly. I kissed him back not knowing how I lived all these years without him. The softness in his kiss shows his care for me and his need to prove his words. I pulled away from him and looked into his eyes.

"Maayan, this is my promise to you. Our souls will be connected for eternity. We will share our emotions and feelings; physically, mentally and spiritually. I will never leave you unless you wanted me to. My trust for you will never fade and my love for you will grow every day. I promise to protect you with all my might. If the destiny decides to play in our life, just believe in me and I will come for you even if you are in another universe. For our love, I will go to any extent and will not hesitate to destroy anything that comes in our way. I promise you, Darling."

I pressed my lips on his and sealed my promise with the kiss. And I will never break this promise. I am going to grant him immortality soon and make him mine forever.

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