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Kavi's POV [Layla's POV]

It's been a week. Kathir had been looking for the clues to how the rainfall suddenly happened and also for the traces of any moon dust near their residence. But like magic, nothing was there. I visited there yesterday and couldn't find anything useful either. The last week were filled with the visits to vampire covens all over the earth to make a protective shield for them. I can't make that entirely for the earth as it might affect humans to Moon's contact. But now vampires were shadowed and under my protection. I loved to visit places and to see the harmony and love shared among people.

I skipped the fortnight meeting with second-level heads as I organized an 'Essential gathering' for all the people and announced the incident to them. I asked them to be cautious and discussed other issues inside the realm. I have been roaming all the week and attending continuous brainstorm with my second level people along with Kathir and Aadhira to the ways to increase the efficiency level overall. I need to meditate very sooner. Despite every time I warn myself to not think of Maayan, he flashed before me whenever I notice some beautiful things. I didn't visit him. There is no need to.

I decided to skip the next brainstorm and went to the pond outside the castle that carries the first gift that luscious wizard had given me. I submerged inside the pond and took the lotus position floating with my half body immersed in water. I closed my eyes and established my connection to the universe. I felt myself taking my spiritual form and I felt at peace. I floated in the peace and the knots within me untied one by one. I got fully rejuvenated and enjoyed the peace around me.

I opened my eyes and realized I have been lost in meditation for three days. It wasn't an abnormal thing but this is not a good time.

I walked out of the room and went to find Aadhira. She might be in her office. I walked there and just when I was close to the room, Kathir stormed out and halted in front of me.

"Goddess! I'm sorry. I didn't see you coming."

He bowed and looked at me.

"That's okay, Kathir. Did you get any other clues? Someone might have been there to oversee the plan. We need that one to expose the truth."

He didn't reply but lowered his gaze in shame.

"Fine. Leave that issue and concentrate on your regular duties, Kathir."

I ordered him and dismissed him with a smile. The guard opened the door for me and I entered her office.


She greeted me with a bow and smiled widely.

"How's everything going, Aadhira?"

"Everything goes perfectly, Goddess. I need your consent to allocate some of the punishment to the new type of sins committed in the earth. Would you be able to see that now, Goddess?"

I sighed out as I never liked to read the list of new sins. I nodded my head and we proceeded to the work.


A month had passed. Things have settled down and there was no sign from Chandran to make any trouble and past two meetings with them had gone well. It's been a while since our creator joined our meeting. Maybe she was busy with other galaxies. After the daily meeting with Aadhira and Kathir, I will go to the lotus pond outside the castle and spend time there. I framed his painting and put it in my bedroom. I couldn't stop myself from sharing my happiness to Aadhira about Maayan's gift. . I will look at the painting before meditation and the first thing after I finish meditation. I can't control my mind bringing those beautiful memories of the man I love.

I secretly appointed one of the best guards to have an eye on Maayan and to help him whenever necessary but not to disclose any information about Maayan's personal life unless it is very important. Hope the man is doing his duty with the new ability of invisibility. He would contact me weekly to let me know that everything is fine. And those times were the real test to my self-control as I wanted to question him how Maayan is doing.

I wanted to meet him in flesh and blood. I want to enjoy his fruity breath fanning my face and the feel of being close to his warm body. What would he be doing? What should I do if he had already forgotten me? Maybe I could visit him once. It's not a sin to visit a person who claims you as a friend right? I will also get a chance to forget him if I directly see him with his fiancé or maybe his wife. I didn't spy on him for the past one and half month. So I don't have any idea about what's going on in his life.

I teleported to the place where the guard was, without giving time for my brain to create a second thought. The guard bowed his head and looked at me with wonder.

"Where is he?"

I questioned him looking around to find the sight of the person my soul was longing to see.

"There, Goddess."

He pointed out near a tree. I saw his back and my heart started racing with anticipation. His hair was waving in the morning breeze and he was simply throwing small stones from his hand on the water running in front of him. I nodded at the guard and walked towards him. I want to climb on his lap and do so many things but I can't.

How would he react?

What would he do?

Am I looking good?

I shut off the voice alarming in my brain and walked closer to him changing to a normal cloth on the way. But sudden anxious hit me hard and I transformed into the child form in which I met him first. Maybe this way I could get a kiss like he did the first time. The mischievous thought lightened my nerves and I approached him cautiously. But just like last time, he sensed my presence and turned around swiftly with wide eyes. He looked at my eyes and narrowed his eyes.

"Quit playing, Layla. Change to your usual form."

He scolded with a deep breath and with so much confidence in my identity. I gulped the lump in my throat a

my heart and soul belongs to someone else."

He looked into my eyes and pecked my forehead softly. I could hear my heartbeat thumping against my rib.

Was this really happening? The happiness my heart feeling was nothing like I experienced before. He was breaking the rules for me. He wants to be with me; even not knowing about me completely. But what about that woman? I looked at him to question the same.

"After spotting me with you, she no longer wanted to marry me. She will marry my younger brother. And she is okay with that…"

He answered me before I could question him and he continued.

"… I couldn't stop thinking about you. Initially, I thought I could get back to normal life like you said. But every passing minute made my heart ache with yearning. It was you everywhere and in everything. I made my decision on the fourth day and was thinking about a way to contact you. I went back to the mountain but couldn't see any trace of you. Then the next day you came here to meet me. I was so happy that you had come to me. I was confused, Layla. I don't know how I could tell the tribe I was going to break the promise my father made before 24 years. And it's very rare to bring a woman from outside to the tribe as a daughter in law. I wanted to clear that with you and that's why I asked about you. But you saw her and left me. As days passed, I tried to behave normally with her but I could never be close with a woman when all I want is you.

When the tribe gathered to talk about my wedding arrangements last week, I told them I was in love with a woman and I can't oblige the wedding. My father is a man of his words. My father had agreed to take that woman as his family's daughter in law. And he asked my brother for his consent and he agreed and he got consent from the woman. They will get married next week. And I was given a time limit to bring you to the tribe before his marriage. I have no means to contact you, Layla. But I remembered you doing meditation. So I cast a spell to contact your soul and it took me a week to finally communicate with you. Despite the days had passed, I know you will come for me and I waited here. My father didn't speak to me after I announced to the tribe people. But he will understand me eventually on seeing us living happily with our babies."

A part of me was extremely happy about how he had announced his love for me in front of his people and his plans for our life. But I can't give a normal life to him. I won't grow old with him. And I don't want him to leave me any sooner. I want to live with him for eternity. But would he be ready for the immortality? How can I ask him to leave everything behind to be with me? It was too much. I couldn't leave my duty to come and live with him pretending to be a normal human. One way or other I would be needed there and it would bring a huge difference to the solar system if I wasn't there.

"Layla… Your silence makes me fear the worst. Tell me what you are thinking. Please."

His worried tone broke my chain of thoughts and his face was apparently displaying the fear of losing me and his grip on my hands had tightened.

"Maayan… This is time to let you know who I am… You know I am not a normal human. If you had thought I was also a person born with the blessing, in one way you are correct… But I am not a human."

I paused to look at him but he pressed my hand and inched closer to me.

"I don't care who you are. My heart beats for you and my love for you won't change upon your identity. I love you, Layla".

He kissed my lips making my eyes tear up with so much love he showering me. I pulled away but a drop of tear hit the ground and a sprout had emerged and it blossomed into a purple rose. He noticed that and looked at me questioningly.

"I love you too, Maayan. But I can't fulfil the normal life you are dreaming for us. Because…

I am Goddess of the darkness."

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