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Kavi's POV [Layla's POV]

I teleported back to earth where Kathir was trying to stop the coven of vampires. Their eyes had a glint of gold and their face held fury and rage. I appeared to the side of the approaching coven in my invisible form to first see what was happening.

I saw Kathir's back stiffening and he muttered 'She is here'. It's always puzzling to me how he could feel my presence. On the day he was into an argument with his sister, I thought he would sense me like he always does but he was so engrossed in the topic that day. I smiled and made myself visible and the coven stopped abruptly and turned towards me.

Kathir had guessed it right. They are infected. Their eyes were displaying the proof and their rage increased on seeing me. Their mind was blank and I had a bad feeling about it. I could feel they have something that had been cursed and their target is me.

Kathir and a few of my people were trying to catch a vampire to check what was wrong but they were acting as a team and not letting anyone near them; like a very well preplanned strategy. Killing them was not in our plan. Kathir would have done it by himself but we need to keep them alive and find the reason for their strange behaviour. And most importantly we need to cure them. That's why Kathir sought my help. It was a well-known rule that Vampires shouldn't interfere in Humans life. A human kingdom was very close to the place and I can't risk the order of our creator.

They had known that they could make me come before them if they create chaos. All of them approached me in quick strides and I knew fighting against them won't get me anywhere but I need them to come near me so I could do what I should do. I used my powers to form an invisible portal in front of me to teleport them to my realm. They approached me and the portal teleported them to my realm. I turned around to see Kathir but he wasn't there. I told my men to clear the area that coven's left their trail. I have teleported them to a specific hall because I knew teleporting for the first time would make people dizzy. Aadhira was already there and the vampires were lying on the floor unconscious.

I went near a vampire and used my powers to find her problem. I scanned every part of her body. My eyebrows furrowed when I found the strange crystals in her kidney. I scanned all the vampires and the same yellow crystals were in everyone's stomach or kidney. I closed my eyes and raised my hands gathering the crystals from their body. The magic made the crystals tear apart their flesh making the flesh and skin to bind back flawlessly and the blood got disappeared in the air and the clean crystals floated in front of my face taking a shape of a rectangle. I turned towards Aadhira and she instantly gathered them in a jar to do her duty. I teleported back to my room because I knew Aadhira don't need to be dictated to put a few guards there.

I have been busy with spending time for the man who left me as a friend and lost my focus on my duty. I need some time to focus my mind. Then I want to talk to Kathir about this incident. It wouldn't have happened all of sudden. And if he had seen some signs before why didn't he approach me earlier. I pushed the questions aside and went to meditate.

I connected with celestial with full concentration. The ever blissful feel engulfed me and I could feel the knots within me untying and letting loose. After some time I felt the need to go back to my realm. I slowly opened my eyes and found a shadow walking restlessly in front of the closed door. I felt it was Aadhira and called her to come in.


She looked unsure.

"I couldn't believe this Goddess. Please take a look at this."

She handed me a vial of yellow and silver powder. I opened the lid and the scent hit me hard. My mind spun at the recognition and revelation of the cause. This can't be true!

"I crushed the crystal and this is what I get from them, Goddess. I never thought he would go to this extent to put you in trouble."

She spoke with rage and disbelief.

"We can't just jump to a conclusion. Don't discuss this with anyone. I will handle this. Ask Kathir to meet me soon."

"Sure, Goddess. I will let you know when the Vampires wake up."

I nodded and made my way to the library with the vial in my hand.

Before I could reach the library, I got telepathy from Sun asking me to meet him in his realm immediately. I know this is going to happen soon but not immediately. I teleported to the coven where Kathir was currently in. I am not going there without knowing what had happened here. I knew they will accuse me.

The vampires fell on their knee seeing me and Kathir sensed me before seeing me. He bowed at me and the head of the coven lead me to his hut leaving us alone. I narrowed my eyes at his silence and he gave me a small apologetical smile.

"I am sorry, Goddess. I should have reported to you earlier. But I wanted to warn the entire covens personally to avoid something like that happen in future."

He was doing the right thing. I can't scold him now. He has a team and every member of his team has the responsibility to look after each Vampire coven. The team will update Kathir about the daily status and he will report to me. Also, he wanders different places to update the strange things happening around the earth.

"That's Good. But now tell me how it all started?"

I asked him calmly.

"One of my men was supervising them. And the people were normal until noon. Suddenly all the people started shouting one by one and their eyes turned golden shade

met with my expectation but not that Goddess of darkness. And to think I have limited powers compared to that untoward woman, made my blood boil. I wanted to make Aadhavan and our creator to understand how much she was irresponsible and mismatched for the position. But they never listened to me. Gods should be an example for people living there. They shouldn't go and mingle with the living creatures. Then how they would value a God? Creatures should have respect and fear for Gods. And it's so rare to have a living being in a solar system but it was getting spoiled here.

I planned to join hands with Sun to get rid of her. But his morals won't let him do that. She has to be controlled. So I decided to lure her into my trap with the feeling of Lust. That was a great failure as she remained like a rock to all my advances and even Aadhavan's advances were wasted. So I decided to show how she was careless and lacking the qualities of being God.

Even though, it was my choice to be in a lower position I hate that I don't have much duties and powers here. Initially, my feeling for her had remained indifferent. But her behaviour after the creation of life on earth totally threw me out of my circle. She got the purification duty and Aadhavan got the duty to hold the souls till they were sent back. I was left with emptiness. All the years of emptiness turned the void into hate; hatred for the Goddess of darkness. Her arrogance and dominance always tortured me every second.

I couldn't understand why our creator let those blood-sucking creatures to live among the people. It also bothers me that she had originated the powerful creatures who were the offspring of her people. And the fear of how powerful her offspring could be, made my peace fly away. I increased my efforts to make her mine; make her powers mine. Unfortunately, I know she won't fall for me. And after hearing her distraction for a human, I knew I have zero chance. But I can use the same distraction to get rid of her. And I can take her position to set the things right.

I started my game with her people's offspring by making them inhale a part of my dust to have control over them and create an imbalance in the world. But she had interfered before I could do the honour. Not only that she found the remaining particles of my dust in their body.

I have warned my commander so many times to do the job without leaving any clues. I altered the climate and added my essence in the rain cloud. After the vampires took off, I ordered my commander to clean the place without any trace of my essence. But who would have thought that Vampires body had crystallized the dust I made to mingle within them. That's a great failure. I stripped the soul of my commander into pieces in front of all his subordinates. They should know what they are getting into. I tried many times to do something to prove her inefficiency and for the first time, I got the opportunity to breach her armour. But because of this idiot's overconfident words, I believed there was no evidence and I almost got caught.

I knew my ways to conceal the truth from the Sun. He is the main key as I can't do this alone. And it's also a doubt to take her down even if we put our powers together. I should stand next to Aadhavan and make her pay for all the frustration she was causing me for billions of years. I am tired of all my tries.

Maybe I should wait for her to commit a mistake. Also, she has a distraction now that let me take a chance to interfere with her affairs. Love will make people blind. I have seen that happen from animals to humans. Goddess won't be an exception for the rule. My time will come and I will prove my efficiency to this solar system and my creator.

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