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Kavi's POV [Layla's POV]

I directly teleported to Sun's realm as the meeting was taking place there as always. There was a summoning hall in every realm for the divines to enter other's realm. Other places in the realm were magically protected with a shield to keep things within the walls. Only the Home God can open the portal of the summoning hall to let the other in. I snapped my finger and changed my dress as a long black gown with a silver flowery belt below my breasts and let the darkness radiate off me [imagine black gas surrounding her body]. It's the usual thing of greeting by being in our divine form during the meeting.

The guard on my way bowed their head and let me pass through the familiar hallway toward our private meeting chamber. It's a hall on the surface of Sun which has the ceiling similar to the overall view of our solar system. Aadhavan has enormous love towards the creatures and he had granted immortality and saved a couple of every type of living being created in and on the earth. And he provided a good livelihood for them.

Chandran and Aadhavan were already present there with Moon's glow and Sun's flame. Aadhavan stood up with a smile but that 'dull ball' had a scowl on his face because I made him wait for a few minutes; maybe a few hours. But Chandran followed Aadhavan by graciously dusting his white dress and stood up clearing his throat. We greeted each other by joining the palm in front and seated in the tri-single seaters. The meeting went as usual with us discussing the changes and movements of planets and the stars crossing our spaces and about the earth and soul management.

The meeting ended surprisingly without any argument. Sun and Moon made eye contact and I knew the reason behind their sign language. I bit my inner cheek to keep my face straight. These two people had a secret contract. As I am the only Goddess here, they wanted to lure me into their bed though they have many to service them periodically. They were highly sexually active unlike me. I never felt the need for it until meeting one person; the person who makes my soul and heart yearn for him and waking up foreign feelings within me. Maayan! And being on the dark side, I have upper hand over such desire; I can control the want. I seek the company of beautiful creatures and celestial to get refreshed and feel the bliss; they seek pleasure from sex. It wasn't abnormal but they think it's strange of me.

My thoughts broke when I felt a hand on my thigh. I looked up at Chandran who smiled beautifully. He is a God after all and his compassion was something I admire but I always hated his attitude from the start. Nothing belongs to anyone but he feels that he own things that he was given the power to handle. That's the wrong perception and he never seems to learn that basic thing of life.

"How about a private dinner at my place?"

His eyes expressed nothing but desire. Aadhavan is far better as he was kind of friendly compared to Chandran who was always keen on getting only what he wants. His honey coloured eyes bore into mine. I looked at him and transformed my thigh to burn like a volcano within my dress. His adamant smirk gone and his eyes held fury while he withdrew his hand in comet speed.

"Damn! You are hot!"

He hissed.

"Thank you. But I knew that."

I winked at him while he shook his healing hand and glared at me. His hand almost melted to half within seconds and he should remind this pain before thinking about touching me. Confident males were a turn on but overconfident guys were really a pain in the ass.

"What happened, Chandran? Have you changed your mind about dinner?"

I asked battling my eyelids innocently. He stormed off with a big grunt careful not to touch me. I heard Aadhavan's laughter and looked at his radiant face.

"I have no clue why you are so happy to taunt that man."

He paused and his smile reduced to just a curve at the corner of his mouth.

"You can't stay like this forever. But be sensible before making any choices. Your choice may change everything happening around our solar system. And remember neither of us will feel bad if you choose any one of us. And I won't mind if that person is none of the two. Just be careful with the choice of your friendship... Don't narrow your eyes! I am not stalking on you. I heard it from someone and wanted to give this advice as your friend."

I let out a deep breath clearly understanding what he was trying to say.

"Thank you. I will keep that in mind. I will take my leave."

I kept my palm over his bicep and gave a gentle reassuring squeez

houlder to his hip in the name of withdrawing my hands. I felt him shiver and did a happy dance inside my brain.

"I enjoyed the day. You are a great company. See you tomorrow."

I complimented him for the wonderful day knowing leaving after hug would leave him confused and made up my action as a sign of gratitude. He sighed; usually, stranger humans won't hug unless they have an intimate feeling of each other. He kept his face blank but I could see his inner battle from his eyes.

I walked to the other side of the lake and teleported to my realm. I was in a very happy mood being spent my day with the man who captured my heart. I was smiling widely and nodding at everyone bowed at me and I already have rescheduled the evening meeting with Aadhira and Kathir an hour late. I went to my room and decided to meditate for some time.

I sat on my usual place and focused my mind on the darkness with me that spread all around the solar system. I connected to the celestial I got the familiar feel of spiritually floating across the solar system. But I sensed a presence with me.

"You never met me alone in all these years."

I stated to our creator in wonderment.

"Yes. But I sensed your soul calling for me. And it never happened in any of these years."

She stated calmly. It's true. I want to clear my thoughts about Maayan.

"I met a human. His name is Maayan. A wizard. I am very much attracted to him. Attraction is a small word. I was drawn to him like he was my gravity. I couldn't think clearly or come to a conclusion about my feeling for him. What should I do? Why do I feel this way towards him?"

I asked her curiously in the hope as she is the only one who could help me.

"Every soul is bound to feel something towards other souls. That won't be an exception for the Goddess of darkness. You need to focus on yourself and sort it out by yourself. Because I won't know what your heart wants. You can make any decision as you got the powers to make any of your dream come true. But you should be ready for the consequences of every decision you make. The situation might get better or worse. It's all about how you handle these things. You are a strong soul who could keep the darkness away from your soul and control that darkness without it affecting you in any way. And your morals and ideology were different from Sun or Moon. You should consider everything before choosing the path of your life. Because you are the base for everything here."

She spoke to me softly.

I understand her words yet I was still left confused. But she made me realise that I should make the decision for my life. I can't ask her to make any decision for me. I need some time to make that decision though. I sighed when I felt alone again; she left. I muttered a thank you to the black space and felt a slight stroke on my head.

I should first know what he thinks of me before making any decision. I can't force him into anything. I may not derive a conclusive solution for the feelings I have for Maayan. But at least I knew what I should do next.

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