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Kavi's POV [Layla's POV]

I was back to my realm but couldn't stop thinking about the luscious man I met back at the earth. How didn't I never come across him all these years? Was this called Destiny? Whatever!

I decided not to go to the castle because my brain needs some time to pull myself together. I spotted the rows of trees outside my castle and I knew what to do. I can't let his little gift perish within days. But I can give life to it. I used my powers to create a pond in the middle of the empty land. I kissed the lotus and let it into the water which instantly formed roots and a few branches formed in the next few seconds. I adored them thinking about the person gave this to me with a big smile on my face.

I teleported to the Hallway and nodded at the guards bowing for me while making my way to the Meeting Hall. Aadhira and Kathir will report me every evening to update me with what was happening around and to take my advice and instruction for the things to be done. I will meet my second level heads every fortnight to discuss my ideas with them and solve the issues if any. And I will meet my people once a month on the throne. I will go over visit to other planets too and it will make my time flew very soon. Yet I love to spend considerable time in the earth.

"... you should at least tell her, Idiot. How would she know unless you tell her? I am going to tell her if you don't have guts to tell her."

I heard Aadhira was in some serious argument with her brother when I get close to the door. Was Kathir in love? Who is that 'she'?

"Don't you dare, Aadhira. You know this is not simple. Many people have been attracted to her but SHE has to choose what she wants and the way she looked at him spellbound... I realised I have no chance for my love. We can't change destiny."

He said in frustration. I held my hand to the guard to stop him from opening the door for me and listened to them. He can ask me if he needs any help. I should assure him after the meeting. After I felt the silence between the siblings, I nodded my head at the guard and he opened the door which chimed with the small bells adorned on its top.

I found both of them composed in a matter of seconds. They bowed and smiled at me widely. I always love the way my people's eyes lit upon seeing me. It shows I am doing the right thing and they don't feel pressurised and it shows their never-dying love and devotion to me. I smiled at them and asked them to sit down on the rock carvings I made especially for the three of us and we started discussing the daily affairs as usual. I changed my decision to ask Kathir about his problem. I have the power to look into the mind of someone. But I know Kathir would never do something stupid and he is capable of handling things on his own. So I let him be for the moment. If I feel he needs my help in future, I will be always ready to do.

I teleported to my room after that and found they have changed the dark blue curtains into cherry-red cloth weaved with golden silk. My mind directed me towards the handsome wizard I ran into today. His eyes! Damn!

I decided to focus my mind and sat on my favourite spot near the window which has the entire landscape view of my realm. I closed my eyes and tried to establish my connection with celestial. Instead of stars, a perfect row of teeth with a dashing smile of the bearded guy appeared before me. I sighed and opened my eyes knowing this wasn't gonna work. A small smile appeared on my face on thinking that I found a person who could sweetly torture my soul even without getting to know him.

I used my spiritual power to focus on him and found him back in his village and meditating on the rock facing the Sun. The evening breeze was caring his black locks and making him look so angelic. Oh! He disturbed my peace of mind but doing his meditation peacefully. I don't know how long I have been looking at him. The sunshade vanished and the bright moon was now illuminating his face. A small figure came next to him and softly stroked his head. I could tell from the gesture, she was his mother. He opened his eyes and smiled at her. As if it was the usual occurrence, she went back and he followed her trails to their home.

I opened my eyes and sighed dreamily. I shouldn't do this. I have the responsibility for all these people who had been looking upon me for everything they do. I am not an epitome of how a person should live but I can't be a bad example as well. I looked at the fruits and a glass of pineapple juice kept near the bedside table for my supper.

The night passed while I spent my time on my library to note down the things I wanted to. The library has the scrolls from dried thick leaves which I have written from my memory since my birth and saving them to use them in future. The room has the volcanic rock seats and slab to sit and write or read. Aadhira and Kathir were the only people allowed here to use them and to keep the records related to the realm.

I love nights as it let me caress the creatures on the earth and help them get their time to regenerate their energy. My physical body might be limited within the size of human but I am spiritually present everywhere and most precisely wherever the darkness present.

I visited th

sped out and pulled some flimsy wooden wand and stood up defensively. He mentioned 'seven months'. Either he has a good memory or he was somehow affected by my presence and still do remember me. I could feel the swelling of happiness within me.

"What do you think?"

I questioned him back and stood up. His eyes raked over my body and he licked his lips again subconsciously.

'He was attracted to me.'

I smirked internally and looked at him.

"I'm Layla. Everybody knows me and see me every day! I am just one among you."

I repeated the same words from that day and he did recognize it.

"Was she your sister? I heard her telling the same words."

"You could tell!"

I lied. He relaxed and tucked his wand to the cloth he tied across his hip. And I noticed a small cloth with things was tied to his back across his hip.

"What are you doing alone in this forest? It's not safe here."

He said with a concerned frown.

"I am very familiar here and nothing will hurt me here. What are you doing here?"

Yeah! The earth was very familiar to me. He thought for a minute but his features loosened up.

"I'm Maayan. I was born with some powers. Don't panic! I have magical powers and I was trying to develop it. My father had met Sun God and got the boon. However, I need to learn things being more powerful as firstborn and I should teach my siblings. I came here to study the medicinal plants here and to collect things to make potion trials."

A unique name that suits him well. He explained me softly with pride of his father had met a God. But this sweet idiot didn't know I am Goddess. And I like his hard work and determination.

"That's great. But you feel so exhausted. Get some food and sleep for sometime before continuing your search"

I said to him with a smile.

"Wait! I remember a cobra biting me. How come I was normal?"


"Does he always asks too many questions?"

I loudly exclaimed to myself. He let out a manly laughter but his eyes were determined to get his answer out of me.

"I used some Ophiorrhiza root to heal you."

I lied but that root really helps to treat snake bites.

"You know about herbs?"

He wondered with wide eyes. I could see what was coming my way. I nodded my head and his smile widened.

"Can you help me learn about plants? I was familiar with the plants around our native. But I heard this mountain has more unique plants. And I hope you can teach me about them. This is very important to me."

He didn't give me chance to reject and decided it himself. I too want to get to know him to see why my soul was yearning for him.

"I will help you when I get free time. There was an abandoned hut across the lake. I think you can use that. The man lived there recently moved to the next forest."

I used my power to build a habitable hut near the lake for him before he could notice and pointed him out.

"Thank you. I was worried about building a new one. Where do you stay? I knew you are different from normal humans!"

He asked me. He really was full of questions.

"I will tell you when the time comes. Get comfortable in the place. I have something to do today. We can start our search from tomorrow."

I told him when I got a telepathic reminder from Kathir about my meeting with Sun and Moon after an hour. Maayan nodded his head and thanked me again.

I ogled his hard muscles flexing when he walked towards his new home. I walked into the woods and teleported to my realm.

Time to go to the Meeting!

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