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Dear Cupcakes, I haven't really dug into science to write this chapter. So the following chapters may not match with the discoveries or research made on the earth. Try to read it with the flow!

*sheepish smile*

Kavi's POV [Layla's POV]

That annoying buzz made me wake up and I was surrounded by complete darkness! Some things sparkle around me but I know those sparkling things were far away from me. My mind supplied they were stars and I am alone in the space. I looked around and I moved around the place. A voice ringed in my mind telling that 'Time' didn't come to existence as the solar system was yet to be formed in a few hundred years. I didn't understand anything at the moment. I have no form but I do exist. I roamed around the place and defined a certain circle of the place make me feel good.

After a certain period, a huge cloud of gas and dust formed in the centre of the place which I claim it as home. Then the solar system formed. The voice again asked me to go and see the bright burning ball in the centre. To my amazement that burning ball spoke to me. That invisible voice introduced us to each other as Aadhavan, The Sun God and Layla, The Goddess of darkness. I loved my name. Then that voice told that we are so powerful and in the next few millennia life will form in the third planet to the Sun and we have to support their life system and to manage the souls form there. We both were confused but we were told to wait till it happens. I visited every planet and wondered about them. But the third planet already had my interest. Also, I am happy that I am no more alone as I got a new company.

Then one day that invisible voice called me near the Sun. I went there and the voice introduced us to a white gas like a thing was there. She called that as soul and it was going to be the new addition to us. He will be Moon for the planets to bring the balance among them and it will make the better habitat for the life going to form here. In a few years, the moons started forming for the planets. Climates formed. And many fascinating things happened followed by the birth of Chandran, The Moon God.

And our creator explained that we can ask the souls to aid us in the process and also give them certain powers to do their duties. Moon asked about his duties but that invisible voice asked he was already doing his duty of keeping balance among the planets. The Invisible voice gave us form and called it as human-alike form which was a species to be formed in the earth, the third planet in the next few millennia.

Soon the earth started showing signs of land surface emerging from the water melted from ice. Plants sprouted out and grew up into sky-high trees. My fascination grew more and I was so happy when life started forming and evolving into different forms of animals, birds and fishes. The invisible voice summoned us and now we knew she is the one created us all and guiding us. She ordered that I should manage the death and purify the soul for the mistake they commit during their life. And the purified soul will reach the Sun. The soul will stay there until it gets allocated to re-born. The souls which did many good deeds would either serve Sun or it can turn into a star. The purification is required so that the soul will start anew and free from the sins. It's a part of how the universe work.

Every life had done something wrong with or without their knowledge and the food chain made their soul taint more by developing the habit of killing one soul for food. So every soul will come directly to me to get punished. Initially, it was easy for me but later I wanted some aid like that invisible voice as the population of lives in the earth started to increase day by day. Sun and Moon have a defined place as home. I too wanted to create a fixed place to do the duty of soul purification. So I decided to create my realm near the earth. The earth is the most beautiful thing I have seen in all these millennia. Either covered with green or reddish plants which habitat various lives with the massive green oceans and colourful creatures. It was an enjoyable change.

Moon asked me to find a different place as he felt that I was invading his personal space as the realm was close to his orbit. But I liked the place and brought a big meteorite there and raised a castle in the middle and made the volcanoes on the left and ice on the right side of the castle. I want to re-create the replica of the earth here without living being that could form naturally. I loved purple trees on earth and created them around my castle too.

I started recruiting souls to serve me. They will aid my duties and I granted them human form similar to me and gifted their soul with immortality. They have high healing power and enhanced strength as they would have to deal with the rebellious souls. They no longer need to participate in the circle of birth and death. But I can change that status anytime I wanted. Sun did the same in his realm. These people were my pride as they were the definition

ess his hard skin. He stood up and straightened up. It was like I am seeing a man for the first time; my attention was completely focused on him. He has a nice body; better than anyone I could remember. The blend of cotton and the skin of a deer was used to cover his hip to knee.

My mind was fogged with his masculine smell when he knelt before me and held my shoulders with his large hands. the warmth of his skin was seeping into my skin and making my blood boil. He leaned forward to my surprise but I stood there shell shocked and closed my eyes tightly when his pink petals touched my skin. Another thunder had struck. Nature was reminding me of my desire toward this ripe forbidden fruit in front of me. I was never kissed before. People like me but they never dared to touch me or kiss me. Animals too held their distance from me except a few nudges and a few nuzzle. This is so new to me and I don't know how to handle this feeling of affection from this handsome stranger.

He mistook that I was fearing thunder and rubbed my back soothingly.

"What's your name, Cupcake?"

His deep voice directly sent shivers to my spine. I have been living here for so many millennia but never felt this alive.

Was I maturing slowly as my lifespan was longer?

But why the damn do I feel attracted towards him?

Moon and Sun have much better built and have charming looks too. Yet I never accepted their advances. And this human was effortlessly making me feel things which I believed as unreal. I realised I was in a human girl form. A wave of disappointment rushed to me as his forehead kiss was meant to a small girl but not me.

'I shouldn't be wanting this. This is wrong'

A rational part of my mind supplied. But my heart was already smitten by him.

"What are you doing here alone?"

He asked me cutely by tilting his head when I didn't answer. Damn! I couldn't think straight with him just a few inches away from me. The children were now standing behind him and watching the scene silently. I looked around them and tried to cook a lie.

"I think she is afraid of us. Do some magic and make her your friend, Wizard!"

Wizard? So he is the one whose father got a boon from Sun God to make his off-springs shine uniquely in the earth!

He smiled at the cheering boy who asked to perform tricks to make me fall in their friendship. But I have already fallen for him. How much true the Karma is! I used to tease a few people in my realm when they have fallen head over heel in love with some person at first sight. Here I was infatuated to this fine human at the first glimpse.

He playfully rotated his hands and snapped his finger. To my surprise, a dark black lotus appeared between his thick fingers. This colour of the flowers doesn't exist! He really does have the magical powers. He blinked in confusion and scratched his head. He was thinking that he did cast the wrong spell. But he didn't.

"Thank you"

I said in a small voice. He looked at me without saying a word.

"I always liked dark flowers."

I whispered with the overwhelming feeling. He eyed me calculatively and before he could inquire anything about me, I took off into the forest ignoring his calls.

I traced the silky petals of the flower he gave to me and touched my forehead where his lips touched me.

Why does something forbidden feel so right?

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