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Kavi's POV


Chandran uttered in complete disbelief and confusion.

"No! I'm not Layla. The same small pathetic girl you mentioned who cried all my life hoping you will do something to make my life better. But you never seem to hear my prayers. The only good thing you did was making Akhilan as my mate. But you did a great mistake by taking him away from me. You shouldn't have done that."

I spat out and raised my hands drawing in the power from the space and directed them towards him. The purple gas formed into a ball shape and hit his chest making him let out a groan. His silver white robe had torn and a bruise formed on his stomach.

After healing within the bubble, Maayan instantly caught hold of his wand and cast some spell on Chandran which made him went flying and hit the wall before us. Maayan's aura was radiating so much rage.

"I won't let you hurt her again!"

Maayan cast another spell but Chandran blocked him with a wave of his hand. But Maayan seems to have expected this move because he instantly used his magic to bind him to the wall.

"It's up to you now, Cupcake. Even though I crave to tear him apart. He is your prey."

I nodded at Maayan and walked near Chandran with the determination to end this all. But he closed his eyes and muttered something. A bright light formed before him and he vanished into the air with the sudden appearance of a portal before him.. I let out a frustrated groan. Maayan rushed to my side.

"I know it is not easy to kill him. I just wanted to try. But how did you do that? I could still feel your powers within me. Then how did you summon those powers?"

Maayan held me in his arms and asked about his confusion after checking I am okay.

"I don't know. It's like I started absorbing energy from the space and redirected it to him. I was so enraged when he explained his plans to torture everyone I knew. And Akhilan..."

A sob breaks out of me not knowing how he was going to handle everything and I don't even know whether he was alright?

"Don't worry, Cupcake! Chandran might have sent him to earth. Akhilan will be alright. Chandran was so conscious about his actions towards the people. So he won't do direct harm to anyone. Let's see a way to get your powers back and we can go to earth then. Okay?"

He said softly and rubbed my back.

"No! Let's go to earth and take him to our realm first. Then we can come here again"

I can't be calm when my mate... No more! But he is always my lover. He is not with me now and Chandran might harm him as he promised me.

"Do you think you can overpower the people there. Chandran must have already portrayed you in the wrong way. Don't take decisions when you are emotional. Think practically. The powers may help you to bring Akhilan back easily. Even though I want him gone from our life, I know how much he was important to you. Equally important as me. So let's finish this here and let's get him back."

I want to disagree but I have to get the powers back which is the only way to fight against Chandran. I didn't have any vengence to fight him earlier. But he broke the bond between my mate and me. Now I want his blood. My wolf was almost unconscious and she was too weak. Usually, for normal werewolves, it would make the human part weak too. But I wasn't affected as much as I should be. The darkness within me was giving me energy.

Maayan's arm circled my waist and he did some magic. We teleported to the other side of the wall. The surface was the same as the other side of the wall. And after a few miles, the place was covered with a fog in the ground level. But the rock which I have seen in the vision was floating high in the sky and half of the rock had been covered with a black magical cloud.

"What we have to do now?"

I asked Maayan.

"Probably we have to see whether we can find any clues inside the rock?"

He replied scratching his beardy jaw. I nodded and looked at the rock. Suddenly a loud roar made us startle and we looked at the fog to see where the noise was comin

ut you know what happened back there. With a snap of his finger, he made us all hanging on the air. So I want to make sure you get your powers back and set thing right before it's too late. And this is nothing for me. It may sound cliche but its's true. I love you so much and I will die for you within a blink of an eye. After all, we just have one vial left. Let's finish this."

He confessed.

I glared at him and he chuckled at my angry face but his laughter turned into a heavy cough.

Why all these happening to the people I love?

I pulled his blanket and rubbed his hard chest and snuggled closer to him. He sighed and weakly circled his arm around me. I gave him some of my energy which actually did work and he hugged me tighter. Making contact with his skin was a warm feel and I can't help the wetness developing between my legs. He was warm and smells heavenly even in this state.

"We can't feel each other much until this herb was in my system. It separates our soul and keep us detached. But it was a miracle that you could give energy to me."

He spoke softly while stroking my hair. I felt a wave of sadness and pain in his aura. I looked up at him questioningly.

"I... miss you."

He said and his eyes got watery. A lump formed in my throat on seeing him in this state. I sat up quickly and I cupped his cheeks looking into his beautiful red orbs. I kissed his forehead and hugged him to my chest. He hugged me too tight but I don't mind. Words failed to come out of my mouth to comfort him so I let him be in my embrace and feel how much he means to me.

We stayed like that for a few minutes and he clutched his stomach suddenly and his aura was radiating so much pain. I don't know what to do. I rubbed his back and urged him to have some water. He gulped the water quickly and pressed his eyelids tightly enduring the pain. He leaned back on the headboard with a sigh and looked at my watery eyes and smiled at me.

"I love you, cupcake. Don't worry. Everything happens for a reason."

He muttered softly and closed his eyes drifting off to sleep. I stayed by his side and I could feel his health was getting worse but I don't know how to heal him. I was just holding his hand and transferring some energy to him at certain intervals. I can't sit and see him suffering. But I don't know what to do to make his pain go away. He said that after my powers come back to me, things will get better. I believe his words and hoping for this torture to end soon.

Suddenly I felt something in my head and it felt like exploding. I clutched my head and before I could know the pain vanished. But my brain was sucked into something and my vision showed nothing but black!

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