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Kavi's POV

I awed at the shining fireflies in the darkroom. This was a fantastic sight to see. I noticed Akhilan's aura radiating guilt and I tightened my grip on his hand and mind linked him.

'Don't feel bad, baby. Even I forgot about it with all the chaos. I love you always. You don't have to prove your love to me with gifts.'

I tried to convince him. His aura mixed with love and adoration but still, guilt was there

'I will be back, Anjali.'

He removed my hand around his bicep and I felt his footsteps going back. When I turned around to stop Akhilan, Maayan caught my wrist.

"He might return with something which would make him feel better. I could sense his jealousy and guiltiness. Now let's go. They are waiting for you."

He pulled me closer to him.

Though the tingles weren't there, I could feel my body reacting to his touch. This feels so right and wrong at the same time to be in his hold. And it was scaring me that I was forgetting about my mate whenever I was with Maayan. The room lightened up and the fireflies flew up and started rounding around the ceiling. I smiled at Aadhira and other men and walked to them.

"We are leaving tonight to Qywesir. So I didn't plan anything big. Hope you don't mind this small celebration."

I raised my eyebrow at him.

"Are you telling this is a small celebration? Balloons, flower shower, wish from fireflies. This is the grandest birthday I celebrated so far. Don't you know? You have been stalking me all these years?"

I replied mockingly hiding my excitement. He smiled but narrowed his eyes at the last sentence. He circled my waist and pulled me closer to him and looked into my eyes. I gasped and looked at his fiery red eyes. Like fire, he was swallowing me with his eyes.

"I wasn't stalking you, Cupcake. I was watching you."

He said in a low tone near my ear. He let me go when Aadhira cleared her throat. I feel so carefree when I was in his arms.

The warriors stood in a row and bowed before me extending their swords and swear their loyalty to me. I felt warm and contented with their action and asked them to go to continue their duty.

"Do you want to cut the cake and celebrate like humans do? I can get that for you. But be prepared. Anything may happen tonight. I don't want to think negative about our mission. But if anything goes wrong don't feel guilty and remember that I always love you, Cupcake."

He said in a heavy tone making my heart swell with pain.

"No. I'm fine with this arrangement. Nothing will happen to you, Maayan. I won't let anything happen to both of you."

I instinctively stand on my toes and cupped the back of his neck to bend him down and pecked his cheek softly. My soul was recognising our touch as I felt like Dejavu while kissing him.

He smiled at me warmingly and asked me to retire to the room and told me that he will send me food there. I nodded my head and walked to my room taking the bouquet he had given me. I was adoring the flowers and lost my path. I looked around for the guards but a door with a unique smell drawn my attention.

I pushed the door open and smell of heavy chemical with fruitiness hit my nostrils. I used my vision and found a switch like a thing and turned it on. The room lit up. I gasped and my eyes widened. The room was filled with the painting of me... Ummm... It was Layla's. In various poses amid nature and at a different situation. But it was like I am seeing the most beautiful version of myself. The canvases were human height. I walked up to them and caressed the leathery canvas. A picture where Layla was just wearing old-styled one piece and sitting on the steps of the pond outside and looking up at the stary sky with a beautiful smile which made me amazed. It was me. I have never known I could be this beautiful. Who painted this? I could tell the person who drawn this must have a great talent.

I walked to the next canvas on the other side of the wall and caressed and painting where Layla was petting a golden yellow big seven-headed cobra with adoration. Layla's emotions were shown very beautifully in the canvas. I touched the frame of the canvas and to my surprise, it slid to left and another piece of art was there behind. I realised there was a big collection of the album here and started moving them to the left side.

A few pictures of Layla and Maayan came up. I could tell they were so much in love from the paintings. These were memories of the couple and their emotions were clearly portrayed here. After a few slides, I noticed the paintings getting intimate about their embrace, kisses and stargazing cuddles. I was bewildered when I saw the nude canvas of them and the next few were them making love.

Who might have drawn such explicit paintings? Damn it! I could feel my blood heated up but I couldn't stop myself from seeing the further canvases. My cheeks were burning upon seeing the replica of me with a man in intimate position and my perverted mind was imagining me in Layla's place and was making my panty wet.

After gazing and admiring the canvases completely, I peeked out of the room cautiously not wanting anyone to know I saw them. I walked out closing the door softly behind me carefully. I turned around and startled to see Maayan looking at me with his hands crossed across his chest.


I waved sheepishly. His eyes darkened as if knowing why I was uncomfortable.

"Whats are you doing in my gallery?"

He asked in a deep voice and his red eyes were scrutinising me.

"Your gallery?"

I gasped out. Now I realise how the paintings were so beautiful. Because he showed his love and passion into drawing us and I could understand that's how he sees me. I look so beautiful in his vision.

"Yeah! That's what I said! Painting is my hobby. And painting you is my favourite hobby."

He replied cockily blocking me by placing his hands on both sides of the door.

"Your paintings look so good! I never know I could look so beautiful like you portrayed me!"

I said with extra cheers to escape this embarrassing situation also because of my self-control getting slipping away every passing second with his close proximity. And the thing that I have been thinking about him past few minutes in most possible intimate ways wasn't helping me. He didn't say anything but looked deeply into my eyes. I gulped and stared back at him.

"என் காதலி...என் கண்மணி... என் சிநேகிதி...!

உன்னோடு நான் இருந்த ஒவ்வொரு மணி துளியும் மரண படுக்கையிலும் மறக்காது கண்மணியே...!

தொன்னூறு நிமிடங்கள் தொட்டணைத்த காலம் தான், என்னூறு ஆண்டுகளாய் இதயத்தில் கணக்குதடி...

பார்வையிலே சில நிமிடம், பயத்தோடு சில நிமிடம், கட்டி அணைத்தபடி கண்ணீரில் சில நிமிடம், இலக்கணமே பாராமல் எல்லா இடங்களிலும் முத்தங்கள் விதைத்த மோகத்தில் சில நிமிடம்..

free my hand but he tightened his grip which slightly made my skin burn. But I like this side of Akhilan who always been sweet and soft.


I couldn't form any words because his lips were mercilessly punishing me by ravaging my mark. The bond was so active and stimulating our hormones at a high rate. He pressed his member on my ass and rubbed there. I moaned out and that made me press more into the tree so does the pain. It felt so good and I don't want him to stop.

Like he heard my thoughts, he pulled away leaving me to slide down on the tress without balance. I sat down with a thud and my arousal was high in the air and my thighs were wet as my juices already drenched my panty and dripping past it. I looked up and found my mate already in his pant and now wearing his t-shirt. I don't like him hiding behind the dresses but he wasn't going to listen to me now. My throat was very dry from the panting and moaning. I adjusted my hair and waited for him to pick me up like he usually do but he turned around and started walking towards the castle. I felt sad.

Did he think I was trying to bribe him my body for kissing Maayan?

I hope not!

Will he reject me?

'Don't overthink! He won't do something like that'

My wolf scolded me.

Why all crazy thoughts have to come to me?

I leaned my back on the tree and closed my eyes burying my face between my knees. Tears rolled over my cheeks. I just need a break from all these dramas! Why can't I enjoy even a few minutes happily like normal people does?

I heard footsteps and rain and pineapples smell reached my senses. I sneakily took one hand and wiped my tears. He might have noticed I wasn't following him and came back to check me. I felt him sitting next to me. I raised my head and looked at him. He let out a sigh.

"You won't even stay quiet for a minute, right? Don't cry. Today's your birthday."

He scolded me softly and caressed my cheek. I smiled sheepishly and looked at him lovingly for his caring gestures. So he didn't leave because of his anger.

"Close your eyes, baby"

He demanded me. I looked at him quizzically but nonetheless complied to him.

"There were no shops here like we do back on earth. So don't hit me if you didn't like my present. I tried my best."

He said while placing something in my head and placing something in my lap. I felt his lips on mine and kissed him back eagerly pulling his neck closer to me.

"Now open your eyes."

I looked at his face showing anticipation, excitement and fear.

I looked down at my lap and found a bamboo basket filled with wildflowers but arranged in a nice way looking so beautiful. I smiled widely caressing the petals of different flowers and looked at his relieved face and kissed his cheek. The slight weight on my head made me remember he kept something there. And I took that carefully to see what was it.

I floral tiara with black and purple coloured flowers!

I absolutely love it!

Wow! I never knew my mate has so many talents under his sleeves. I placed it on my head and posed like a proud greek goddess and we laughed at my childlike act. I hugged him tightly

"These are so beautiful. You are making me feel so special and loved. Thank you so much, baby."

I said it in his ears.

He peeled me off him and again his aura has a sense of doubt and he parted the flowers in a basket and I saw a wooden block like thing in palm-size snugly hiding there. He took that and gave it to me. I gasped and looked at him with wide eyes. I knew he was a great artist and he works with his father in their furniture mart. But what sitting in my palm was really an invaluable piece of art.

It was basically a wooden cube block. I rotated the sides and saw the cube has the carvings, -two kids watching the sunset on top of the mountain, -two adults walking on the beach hand in hand, -the first kiss we shared near his car, -the memory of us laying on the rock near the waterfall, -two wolves playing in the beach.

He has carved our memories in five sides and the other one was carves as 'Happy birthday, my sweet mate Anjali'. He did this all for me!

This is a very special gift I received in my lifetime. Happy tears spurt from my eyes. And I hugged the cube to my heart. He pulled me to a hug and shushed my emotional outburst. I feel so lucky and blessed.

I don't know what will happen tomorrow. But I am happy with what I was blessed today. I love my mate very much. And I won't let anything separate us.

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