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Kavi's POV


I was consumed into darkness and all I could see is black and my mind feels like spinning. I closed my eyes and let the teleportation complete. Suddenly my butt hit a rock hard stone and another thud indicated my mate was here. I went to him and found him blacked out. I checked his vitals and analysed that he was normal but got lightheaded with the teleportation. I let out a sigh in relief. Why would that mad man force my wolf out of my body? Won't Gods be kind and good-hearted? How could he do such a cruel thing?

The place was pitch dark but I could see with my werewolf vision. I couldn't smell anything except a faint smell of mist. I looked around and couldn't seem to find any source of light or door.

Where the heck I am?

But I instantly recognized the place when I saw a staircase behind me. I confirmed it was a cave-like structure but was sealed without any gaps. I was teleported to the place where I use to meet that mysterious man in my dream. And this teleportation power must be gained on my nineteenth birthday.

I realized if there was no ventilation, we will suffocate and die unless I find the way out soon. I hesitantly placed my foot on the staircase and I felt a slight vibration. After checking my weight on the stair and looking at my passed out mate one time, I started walking up using wolf vision. The place started to vibrate as if the place was so sensitive to any move. I moved so slowly and climbed the stairs. When I was on the last stair, I saw a vault-like door made of stone looking so new with this tightly sealed place.

'Where are you?'

I whispered to myself but I couldn't hear him anymore.

I went near the vault and there were some symbols on the sides of the door. I could feel the swelling happiness in my heart. An unknown excitement! Suddenly, my head started pounding and random visions started flooding head. I couldn't recognize any. It was complete darkness. When I started feeling normal, I looked at the door again. With that light-headed feeling, I extended my hand to touch the symbols and before I could touch it, I felt a wave of electricity passed through me.

I withdrew my hand instantly and now I am fully sober from all the teleport and the visions invaded my mind with that shock treatment. The place shook a little and I balanced myself till it got steady and looked at the door again. But to my surprise, I could now understand the meaning of the symbols.

'A man was cursed here with the powers no one can imagine and bound by a spell to keep them within here. Call his name and tell the words he wanted to listen to release him from the spell. Also..'

The lower part was damaged and I couldn't read the rest of the sentence. I sighed with a dry chuckle.

I don't know his name. I don't even remember his face. Maybe everyone had mistaken me for his beloved. If I was his beloved, I would have remembered everything right? At least by now!

I know I am going to die here without oxygen. Maybe I should have submitted to that old man. Now because of my stubbornness, my wolf and mate were also going to die with me. My hand slowly caressed my bruised mark. I can't see Akhilan dying!

Maybe I should teleport back! That's right!

'Can you take us out of here?'

I asked my wolf. She was silent for a few seconds.

'We can't, this place has some spell that stops me from using teleportation. I think this is a one-way route. We need to open that door if we want to survive.'

She said in a thinking tone.

I groaned and sat up next to that door in the darkness. I started thinking about that Mysterious man. He always calls me Cupcake but never mentioned his name nor revealed his identity. I thought he was helping me not to lose my wolf but here I was going to die because of him and I dragged my mate here along with me into this mess.

Why I have to be so unlucky? This is why I didn't want anyone close to me. Misfortune always follows me and the people close to me. No! I won't let my mate die like this. I have left everything in the hands to destiny to decide and blamed it so far. But I can't leave it like that now.

I closed my eyes and tried to connect with him. But it was of no use. I walked back to my mate slowly and transferred all my energy to him. I think this will work. He used to connect with me mostly when I was asleep or unconscious. So I am going to try it that way. When I started feeling dizzy, I quickened the pace of transferring my energy to him and fell into darkness.

I was so aware that I was unconscious. Though my mind was awake. I couldn't see anything other than darkness but I could feel the presence of someone. My wolf vision wasn't helping me to see anything.

"Is that you?"

I asked into the darkness.

"What else do you expect?"

His voice came with a little sarcastic tone.

"What should I do to open the vault?"

I asked him. I heard him laughing. Even though the situation was critical, I could feel my heart reacting to the sound of his laughter.

"You know what has to be done, Cupcake"

"I don't know what are the words I have to say neither your name. You are the reason why I'm here. You should help me out."

"I can't do any help with that, Cupcake. You have to find it... for us!"

"No! I don't know who you are. Everyone had mistaken that I was your beloved. If we are so close, why aren't you showing your face to me? I don't remember anything. Why my past had to haunt my present? And what did you tell? For 'us'?

His perfectly shaped nose makes my imagination go wild as my mind want to know what it would be like when he traces his nose across my neck and down... Stop Kavi! His thick moustache and beard failed to hide his perfect wide smirking velvety lips. He smells like water. Very fresh water! I licked my lips and let my eyes roam around his neck, muscular chest, biceps and abs. He was huge. Almost seven feet in height. Bigger in size than my mate.

My mate! Damn Kavi!

I turned around and saw Akhilan's nose flaring and realized the scent of my arousal was heavy in the air. I was lusting for him and my wolf wasn't denying the fact that we are lusting for someone other than our mate. But I can't help the way my body was reacting to this man in front of me. His raw scent of fresh rain was so alluring to me. I knew I wasn't in the heat but just looking at him and his smell had made me aroused like never before. Blood rushed to my cheeks at the thought. I was in the realm of Darkness with my werewolf mate and the God of Darkness who claims me as his beloved. Very great!


I looked up at him.


He said in his deep voice making my body shiver. Even though I have heard his voice in dreams, the real vibration of his voice travelling over the air to me had given my whole body a slight shiver. Our connection was something on a whole different level. I took a step forward but my hand was pulled back by Akhilan. His eyes were reflecting jealousy.

"What are you doing, Anjali?"

He asked in a scolding tone. I looked at his eyes with mixed emotions of anger for stopping me, guilty for going to another male in front of his eyes, love and confusion as to not knowing what I should do. Before I could talk, I heard Maayan's deep voice coming out in a hiss.

"If you want your head stays in its place, take your hand off her at this instance. You might be her werewolf mate, but she is my beloved for eternity."

His words had the dominance that even made me cringe. But Akhilan didn't take his hand. I sighed and looked up at Maayan.

"I really don't know what I should do now. My heart beats for both of you. I can't leave one of you for another. Remember that first."

I sighed out my words in a whisper. I was replied with a groan and growl.

"I won't share you with anyone. You are mine."

Akhilan pulled me closer to him and looked at Maayan in a challenge. I moved away and looked at both of them.

"Stop this now! We have greater problems than to discuss whom I belonged to."

I raised my voice and reminded them of the problem we have in our hand.

"Moon God is after us. He might know you were released and he would come to..."

I stopped before finishing it as it was too painful even to say.

"Anjali, our kind was loyal to Moon God. We can't go against him."

Akhilan looked at me concerned. Yeah! That's right. I can't even safeguard my wolf from him.

"You should gain back your power to fight against Moon God. I will be always staying by your side and protect you."

I looked at him puzzled.

"Don't drag my mate into this. This is your war. You should fight it."

Akhilan growled out and his wolf was on the surface. I thought Maayan would get annoyed with my mate's overprotective behaviour.

"Who told you it was my war? It wasn't mine. It was hers. She started it and she is the one going to end it as well."

He said with a smirk making both of us confused.

"What do you mean?"

I asked him.

"The history what you were taught was wrong. The real war had happened between Chandran, the Moon God and Layla, the Goddess of Darkness and it is you who was born as Kavithanjali now!"

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