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Kavi's POV

I woke up alone on the bed. It was still unbelievable to think that my mate and my Teddy are the same. But I'm so happy to know the truth finally. I can't thank Moon God enough for pairing us together. I am so happy and I could feel how much I love him. My wolf was happy too, but she was restless about something.

I got ready to visit the council and surprised to see my mate waiting for me to join me on the trip. I smiled widely and pecked his cheek. Ashwin had stepped up as my Beta and he was currently in charge of the pack. And the interesting fact is, tomorrow is my birthday and I was waiting for tonight to know what happens in my dream because I already stepped up to the top of that place in my last dream. And I was wondering what that dream-man was going to do now. I cursed myself for thinking so curious about him. He is one of the main reasons for my normal life getting affected. But I can't deny the warm feel my heart sending to me while thinking about him. It was like a part of me was fascinated by him.

I shook my head and looked at the direction of my handsome mate. He was silently driving and deep in his thoughts. His aura was blank of emotions making me confuse and he had blocked the bond so I couldn't even know what he was thinking about.

"What are you thinking, baby?"

I asked him undoing my seat belt and leaning on him.


He didn't even turn my side and I could feel his aura remaining blank. Something was totally different with him. He was just looking straight at the road hiding his eyes behind his glasses. I fastened my seat belt again and looked away with a sigh.

When we reached the council, it was late evening and the council members weren't happy to see me as always. Everyone was in some serious mood. The council was utterly silent as if no one else other than us were here.

What was happening here?

I bowed slightly before the council members and except Rio's nod, no one moved. It was strange because usually Rio was the one who gives me a cold shoulder and it was not the other way around. I was surprised to see Sezhiyan inside the hallway. I smiled at him but he looked away with a sigh. His aura was… sad and worried?

Instead of the office room or courtroom, Yamuna and Rio were leading us to the hall where I initially took the blood oath.

"Why everyone was acting weird?"

I asked aloud no one in particular.

"You will know in a few minutes."

Yamuna answered in a whisper.

I shrugged off the unwanted feel swirling inside my stomach and followed them. The sky was dark without Moon being new moon day and the torches were sparing the warmth and light. I like the way the Council still following ancestral ways. The hall was now filled with warriors standing in a row at both sides. Zarina and Vasigaran were standing at the opposite side and there was a pentacle with candles at each corner. But this was inverted pentacle. I think there are going to perform some ritual.

Poorna and Manohar joined us and an old lady was there looking at me calculatively.

"I knew you were confused about what was happening here. We all love you very much but you need to understand what we are going to do is not only for the benefits of our species but for this earth."

I looked puzzled at Manohar for his ambiguity.

"What is he trying to tell me? Tell me what's happening here?"

I asked my mate but he was looking straight and didn't even look at my side. Before I could walk up to him, I felt a sting around my bare hand and hip as a thick rope was thrown over me in a knot trapping me from moving. I looked shocked at Zarina and Vasigaran. They were using their magic to trap me. I looked at my mate who was standing frozen in his place.

"What the hell is this?"

My voice came out calm and composed. I didn't panic but just confused.

"Your mate is under a spell. He won't do anything other than what we say. Now we want you to go inside the pentacle without any protest."

Zarina told in a warning tone. I stared at her for a second but this is not the time to argue. I stepped in the magical inverted pentacle and I know I was trapped here for now.

"All the people whom I trusted in life were here. And I believe you won't do any harm to me. But care to explain what was going on here? And I couldn't accept you trapping an Alpha like this and casting a spell on my mate, the future Alpha of Blood warriors pack."

I said to no one in particular. That old lady laughed aloud

at her. She bowed her head in shame and teleported and vanished into thin air instantly.

He walked up to me and paused and with his clap of fingers the purple bubble around me vanished into thin air. I still stood my ground as my heart was letting out the exact opposite feel of what I originally thought I have for him.

Complete hatred!

"It's not good to disrespect the person who created you, child! Kneel like everyone! They have troubled you. But you are nothing before me. I was in a good mood and that's why you are still standing in front of me."

His order doesn't seem to affect me.

His face! It was like I have seen him before a long time and the hatred I feel for him wasn't accumulated in a few years. I don't know how I have repeated his name for everything when I hate him this much. I have really seen him before. Where! When?

I remembered that dream man's words. He said I was stronger than I realize.

Am I stronger than this pale old man?

What am I thinking?

Where did I see him before?

Think, Kavi. Think!

Suddenly I felt the air around me sending chills to my spine.

'Yes, cupcake! You are stronger than this pale old man!'

His voice entered my ears with his light chuckle while mentioning him as a pale old man.

I eyed the man with glory standing in front of me trying to intimidate me. I don't know how I feel familiar with this man but the hatred I am feeling for him was too strong. I could feel something was enraging inside me. My wolf was cowering with respect and fear for him but I am not. As always my human part was much more in control over my wolf and I was standing on my ground. He looked at me with a raised eyebrow. I don't know why but I smirked at him. I smirked at the damn Moon God!

"You still have that same bratty attitude. How would it go when your beloved was giving you blind hopes by whispering into your ears? Let's see whether he could stop me while I separate your wolf from you."

He spoke in a venomous voice not having any connection with his divine aura.

Wait. What! That dream-man whom they claim as God of darkness is my 'beloved'?

Oh, the council might have found the truth and they got terrified that I would release my lover. But I don't even remember his face or name. I do believe in reincarnation stuff as myself I am a supernatural creature who lives among witches, wizards and vampires. But did they judged it correctly? I already have my mate whom I love with all my heart.

He raised his hand and like a vacuum cleaner, I felt my wolf was getting sucked. It feels like someone was slicing a part of my soul.

'Use teleportation, cupcake. You know where to go! Hurry up!'

His voice rang through me as I requested my wolf to do so. She was holding on to me tightly and I felt our eyes glowing purple with an outer ring of silver. I quickly held my mates hand because I knew leaving him here alone wasn't a wise idea. The last thing I remember was I was being sucked into the darkness.

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