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Kavi's POV

'I think we need a break!'

His words rang through my head. I didn't reply to him. I just walked away ignoring him calling my name.

After last night, he left to Green Ocean Pack. But then today he came here and told me those words which brought pain to my heart. I understand he is afraid of losing me. As there are probabilities of our mating might kill me as that dream-man said. But why he wants to stay away from me. The bond was hurting us by staying apart and pushing us to mate. That's the main reason he wants us to be apart. But what will he do when I go into heat. I walked to my office and sat there looking at the ceiling for how long I don't know.

I told the incident to our top ranking warriors and called Manohar and told him about it. And I am going there in a few days. Last week Sezhiyan asked Akhilan to tell me to meet him when we asked him whether he knew any strange thing. But when I went there to renew the peace treaty he told me that he had spoken with Manohar and I will get a call from them soon. He knew something but wasn't ready to tell us.

A knock brought me back to the reality and I shouted a 'come in'. Ashwin and Vijayan came in. I smiled at Ashwin warmly knowing the reason for his hesitation. After killing them, he went running in his wolf form into woods and other pack members mentioned he was at our pack cemetery. At last, he visited his mate and unborn pup. He seems refreshed and groomed and he hesitantly came in.


He called me tha

her. But I will never let her down.

"I missed you so much. All these years and for the past two days too. Please don't stay away from me. I want to mark you and make you Alpha of our Pack. You belong there. Talk to your parents. It's already too late. Shrini decided to stay in council for a few days with Iniyan as she needs time to accept the things happening around her. I brought my Beta back. But my Alpha was still behaving like a guest. Come to me, Alpha!"

She started sadly but her words turned into teasing and at the end. But the need in her eyes matched with her words. I should talk to my mother. It wasn't her fault for the past. I was the one who called Amudhan there. My mate wasn't responsible for it. With that guiltiness only I agreed to everything my mom asks me. But not in this matter. I won't leave my mate for anyone. And I won't let anyone take my mate away from me.

I felt a chill run through my spine when I thought the last sentence. Was that dream-man watching us?

We sat there till the sunset and we went to Blood warriors pack in our wolf form. I love the way our fur colour matches like silver and gold especially when we dip in the water or stand in the Sun. I waited there till she sleeps and went back to Green Ocean pack as Alpha Sezhiyan wanted to meet me for some emergency.

I knocked at Sezhiyan's door and entered to see a member of the council sitting there and Alpha's face had a grim expression. I saw Zarina taking her wand out and darkness engulfed me.

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