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Kavi's POV

I mind linked Paari and he confirmed that Ashwin was still in his den. He would be having a hangover but I have a trick in my sleeve. I took my bike and made my way to his apartment. I knocked a few times as I want to start it right; sneaking might make him irritated. After a few minutes, he opened the door with an irritated look holding his head.

"Who are you? What do you want?"

He asked me with a groan. I extended my hand and touched his head. I connected to his heartbeat and hydrated his system and took his headache away. He narrowed his eyes and pulled me in, drawing a knife out of nowhere and held it to my neck.

"Who are you, bitch? You smell like a werewolf but performing magic? Are you a hybrid?"

I rolled my eyes and looked at him with bored expression with the scrunched up nose. He actually reeks of alcohol.

"I want you to come with me to Blood Warriors Pack."

He studied my eyes and took a step back.

"Go back if you want to live. You don't have any right to call me back."

His voice came out in dangerously warning tone. My wolf was annoyed with his ignorant behaviour. If he let his wolf feel who I am, he would have known who I was actually.

"I have every right to call you back. If Vijay had a daughter, she will be doing the same thing as me."

I raised my voice to make him understand he was doing everything in the wrong way. His eyes softened a bit.

"Drinking isn't the way to reach your goals. It will destroy you inside out. Come back home. We need you and you won't regret coming back. I promise that."

He listened to me calmly but nodded his head 'no'

"I can't!"

"What do you mean you can't. Are you going to live the rest of your life like this?"

I asked that stupid.

"Don't order me around. I shouldn't have let you in. Get the fuck out of here, bitch. I don't need anyone. You don't know what I have been through."

His yelling silenced at the end but he was controlling himself from breaking down.

"I knew, Ashwin. I knew what you have been through. I could totally understand you. And I am here to try to straighten your life."

"WHAT YOU KNOW? HAVE YOU EVER FELT YOUR LOVED ONE DYING IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES. You could see their life separating from their body every passing second but still... STILL, you could not do anything even though you have beta blood in you. Have you ever experienced the inability to save your loved ones who were dying in front of your eyes and it was your mistake for being weak and stupid? No! No one would have felt the pain of your heart breaking in front of their eyes. But I did. If you don't know that pain, you have no right to speak to me. Fuck off!"

"SHUT UP! I didn't lose my mate. But I knew that PAIN! That pain was living inside me from the age of FIVE! From the age of Five! Do you think that destiny decided to only fuck your life? No! Destiny was so happy to fuck up everyone's life? You are asking me about pain? It wasn't even wrong to say it was born with me. To say it right, it was a part of me when I was formed in my mother's womb. Did you have a fucked-up childhood where your mother avoid you just because you are an outcome of her rape by her own mate and who abandoned her after using her? You asked me whether I knew the pain of losing the one who was close to your heart in front of my eyes right?

Yes! I have experienced that pain. When I was four, I met with a boy on the top of the mountain. We had a strange type of connection between us. Our one-year friendship had its first fight because of my immaturity and I didn't speak to him for four months. A bastard then tried to rape my mom and she wants to leave the pack. I was afraid of not seeing him again and went to our meeting spot and howled for him. Maybe if I didn't go there, he would be alive now... He would have been alive now! A rogue attack just like the one happened to you turned my life upside down. They injected me with silver and attacked him. Before we could get help, the rouges poured something on him and I saw him struggling to breathe and going limp. I could still remember his hazel green eyes when it turned lifeless. It made me take a drastic decision to not let anyone close in my life. Because I can't bear the pain of losing them. The same pain you said!

At least you have the chance to take revenge on the bastards who killed your mate and avenge their death. But I wasn't even given that chance. My Teddy died because of my stupidity. Because I was weak instead of having Alpha blood in me. And that's not the end of my miseries. But I am not here to get your pity from my past. You are so lost when you are alone. You need people to be strong. Don't close yourself. We are here for you. And I have the greatest gift for you. Come with me. Just see what I have for you and decide whether you want to stay there or ruin the rest of your life in alcohol. I won't compel you. No one will. I promise."

My pent up feeling came up but the good thing is he agreed to come with me.

The drive back to the Pack was silent. Paari was behind me and Ashwin was dri

now his hand getting below my shirt. He cupped my left breast and groaned pulling away. He ripped my shirt and brassiere on a go and purred seeing me bare. He looked up at my eyes and kissed me again while caressing my breast. Our kiss was now rough and sensual.

He trailed his lips to my neck and breathed above my mark. It was sending sweet vibes to my nerves. I sighed softly and let him devour me. He slowly pecked my swollen mark and continued his assault to my breast. He sucked my flesh hard leaving his marks all over my skin. I was moaning at the pleasure he was giving to me. His hands were massaging my hip. I moaned out loud and arched my back when he little harshly bite my hard nipple. I flipped him down and tore his jean button and discarded it in a swift motion. My wolf was showing her boldness to her mate. His hard cock outline was visible through his boxer. It was making me so hot and bothered.

He was smirking at my state as he caught where my eyes were. He leisurely leaned on the headboard. I slowly moved near him with my knees. My wolf knew how to make him lose his patience. I paused near his hip and bit my lip while taking my breast in my hand and squeezing it for him with a moan. He growled out and pulled my wrist making me fall on him. He took no time to join our lips. He caught my breast with one hand and other was tracing from my shoulder downwards to my ass. The goosebumps were telling how much we both were enjoying each other's teasings.


I gasped out his name when his hand cupped my bare ass under my shorts and underwear. He laughed and moved his other hand to the front. I suddenly started feeling shy though my wolf was shamelessly letting him do everything. I let him unwrap my shorts off me and saw him patiently pushing it down to my ankles. He flipped me on my back and opened my legs, hovered above me. He started kissing my swollen mark softly and grinding his erection on my wet core. I moaned out in pleasure that I was foreign to me. I couldn't think straight. I need him. His hand cupped my ass and started lowering my panty. I was breathing heavily with the mixture of fear, nervousness, excitement, lust and anticipation. I gripped his bicep tightly and buried my face into his chest. He stopped and rubbed circles on my hip.

"We can here stop if you don't feel comfortable, baby."

He deep voice came in a whisper.

"No, Akhilan. I want you. Please don't stop."

'Stop this stupidity! You will kill yourself if you mate with him. You are mine! No one touches what's mine!'

My eyes widened when I heard that voice in my head. Before I could process what was happening, Akhilan went flying out of the door. I bunched up the blanket and covered myself on my way running out. He was laying on the floor hit with the concrete sidewall. I quickly connected to his heartbeat and healed his headache and the pain in his arm.

"Are you okay, Akhilan?"

I asked in distress. Why was he disturbing my personal life? Who is the hell is he to decide for my life? He nodded his head and stood up with a grumpy face.

"Baby, it wasn't me..."

"I heard his voice too. He also told me to leave you or he would make me! I am going to kill that bastard. You are mine, baby!"

He pulled me to a hug and buried his face into my neck.

This is getting out of control. I should do something. I can't afford to lose Akhilan.

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