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Kavi's POV

Vijayan entered my room and bowed his head. I nodded my head and asked him to sit down. He gave me a file regarding the idea I gave him to build a small production unit where we could do the next level jobs of the products we are cultivating in our pack lands.

"I think you brought a guest to the dungeon."

He said in a casual voice. I looked up at him and he was really asking casually. After all, he is my Beta and he has the right to know.

"Yeah. He is a bait for my current mission. I will handle it. Don't worry about it, Vijay. I will see the models and will let you know tomorrow which one we could finalize."

I told him in the same casual tone.

"You don't have to explain it to me, Alpha. Please let me know if I could do anything about it. I have written my opinion about each model behind the sketch. If you want me to explain, just call me."

I nodded my head with a smile and dismissed him.

I kept the file aside and opened my mail to finish the orders for those I received advances. I decided to reduce my projects as already I have my plates full. My college, pack duties, bruised mark and the search hunt of Dark Vipers' leader.

I worked for a few hours and called Vijayan and Nakul to discuss the pros and cons of every design and we finalised the design which we all felt that gives optimal yield. On my morning run, I noticed a vast land near the northern territory was just covered with creepers and other small plants. I asked them to arrange a volunteer group to clear that place. After that, I leaned on my chair. It was mentally exhausting to go through all these. I skipped my college today and it wasn't the first time this month. The exams were due in a month which was the last thing to bother. But the main thing making me worry was, I couldn't go to Green ocean pack today. I failed to keep up the words I have given to my mate. I knew he will understand but I feel bad for him. He is my mate. And it was natural to want to be with me all the time. But my Alpha duties and my personal commitments were coming between us.

I mind linked my mate and found he was in their furniture shop in the town. I apologised to him that I couldn't come here. But he told that he had asked everyone about the strange thing but no one mentioned anything. Sezhiyan wants to talk to us separately and he doubts that he must know something. I told him that I will make some time this week to officially visit them. I already asked Vijay to prepare for the Peace treaty which would get ready in two days. So I could make that agreement while I go there and it will help me to spend some hours with my friends. I miss my friends.


I got this chance to explore Ashwin's den when he went to a bar nearby. I used the masking spray and entered his den through the balcony. Hari was waiting for me in a truck opposite to this apartment and was examining the place for me. The place was a total mess. There was nothing usual in his living room and kitchen. I made sure that I was not disturbing the place of things kept. I started searching in his bedroom. His closet consists of some t-shirts and jeans and an old bed was placed in a corner. The bedside table had nothing interesting. I lifted his bed and found a scribbling notepad. This should do. I quickly started taking images of his scribblings on my mobile phone.

When I finished the snaps, I heard a sound from the balcony. Hari mind linked that he saw someone was entering the place the same way I did. I mentally smirked at this bonus rat coming to get caught. I have hidden behind the bedroom curtain and found a man entering with a mask on his face. I noticed the same blue snake circling a black rose tattoo on his forceps. That was all I needed. I don't want Ashwin to know someone was here when he went out. I absorbed his energy and quickly picked him up and exited through his balcony. I used window sunshade to climb down and put him the truck. Hari looked at me amused when I came with the man on my shoulder. We reached the dungeon and I asked Hari to chain him in the cell in a faraway cell from the old rogue and bring all his thing to my office.

I entered my office and waited for Hari to bring his things. He brought his I-phone, purse and a pistol with silver bullets. He had his phone locked but unlocking it wasn't a big deal for me. But a rogue having I-phone and the latest model pistol was something interesting. His call history had the names of many human corporates and politicians. I noted down the frequent calls he had in which a few were unnamed. When I was about to check the identity of those numbers online, his mobile rang. The screen displayed 'A'. I quickly opened the tracking app I had designed and entered the number displaying on the screen. I clicked the answer button and clicked the record button.

"Did you finish the job? W

ty which made it easier for me to hack it. There were surveillance cameras which I programmed to display the previous night's recording. The brightness had almost gone and now the lights were lit up. I asked the warriors to follow me and went to the backside of the house. The place near the fence looks a little strange. The grasses weren't like the one outside the fence. I poked it with a long stick. It fell inside and a two feet gap came visible which had electrical circuits inside to electrocute anyone falling in. I thought he was living casually in this forest but this bastard had his security tight.

We shifted to our wolves and jumped inside. The dogs came running with the noise made from our entry but they instantly submitted to me when I barred my teeth and stood tall radiating my Alpha power. Smart buddies! I shifted back and pulled a shirt and a short and took my pistol from my bag. I could absorb his energy but I want to drag him away with his every inch in pain.

We slowly stepped up and barged into his house. He was leisurely applying jam to his bread with a cigar on his lips. This bastard was the one who killed a pregnant female in my pack. My rage was increasing and my wolf was in lust to his blood. She wants to tear him into pieces but he was a feast for my Beta. I controlled my rage and went to him and kicked his jaw which was open ajar at the surprise intrusion. He recovered from his shock and started fighting back. I asked the warriors to step back and fought him. He was a tough cookie but not that I have seen before. With three kicks on his head and a few punches in belly made him fell. When he tried to shift into his wolf, I shot him with a silver bullet to his thigh which made him weak. The warriors helped me load him in my truck. I thanked Black Lake Alpha and started my truck and at the same time, I got messages from Nakul and Hari that they have accomplished their mission successfully.

I dragged him to the dungeon and asked the guards to chain him. Soon Nakul came with the warriors and they have a few wounds and one seems to be with a big injury. I healed them all with my energy and congratulated them for their success. Hari came unaffected making us wonder but he explained how they have let the laughing gas leak all through the floor and shot all the guards with anaesthesia when they shut the main power and within the time gap the watchman switch on the generator, they kidnapped him. Karan was on worst shape with his head bundled with a bandage. His system has silver and it makes his wolf weak from healing. I asked the doc to give him the treatment necessary to keep him alive until I come back with an important person.

The sun was peaking. My mind was so happy irrespective of my body exhausted from having more sleepless nights this week. I mind linked all the details to my mate who instantly scolded me for doing dangerous things without any precaution. He had felt the mild pain when I fought with Shyam but my mind link was blocked and he assumed that I was training. I asked him to come to our territory to see the fireworks gonna blast this morning. He wished me all the best and asked me to be careful. I bid him bye and shut our personal link off.

It's time to meet my Beta!

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