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Kavi's POV

I immediately mind linked Paari to follow Ashwin and asked Hari to come near the rogue. I went near him and sensed a very mild heartbeat. I focused all my energy and started healing him. When I found his heartbeat becoming normal, I let his wolf heal the rest and pressed his pressure point under his ear to keep him in a dizzy state. He was a golden egg laying duck to me. He had touched the gates of death and now he will spill the truth. Or I will just repeat what Ashwin had done.

Hari was standing next to me in his wolf form and watching the area. I kept the rogue's limp body over Hari's back and mind linked him to take him to the dungeon directly and I will come by morning. I decided to spend some time with my mate in the meantime. I shifted into my wolf and took my bag in my mouth and mind linked Akhilan to come to the waterfall on the free lands. I saw him waiting there already in his human form on a rock. My masking scent was still there so I decided to play with my mate. I rounded the area and went behind and jumped on his back in my wolf form.

At first, he panicked but soon the tingle made us purr. He was lying on his stomach over the rock and I was leisurely sitting over him. He turned his head and looked at me with a big smile. I barked and bent down to lick his face. My wolf was happily enjoying the time. He tried to flip us but I pressed his body not letting him move. I laid on his back belly flat and started licking his neck. He started moaning and rubbed my side awkwardly backway with his hand.

I moved after a minute to let my mate sit properly. He sat up and glared at me playfully. I quickly made small wolfy sounds and started licking his face with my forelegs on both sides of his shoulder. He started laughing and held my head to calm down me. His hand rubbed my fur and he stopped at the bruised mark. I let out a hiss in pain. He sighed and kissed the top of my snout and rubbed below my snout. It felt so good as I leaned my head into his hand. I mind linked him to wait and fetched my bag on my way into woods. I shifted and put my clothes and came back to him. He was just observing the dark surrounding and the sound of water falling. We are little far enough to not get drenched by its spraying water. I sat next to him and nudged my shoulder onto him.

"What did I do to get so lucky?"

He asked looking straight and turned to look into my eyes.

"Why? What happened?"

I asked innocently.

"I was blessed with you. What else would make me lucky?"

He smirked and licked his lips.

"Woah! You did some sin to get me as your mate. See we are meeting at night without anyone's knowledge like doing something illegal. I was born with a fate like that. Everything happens in my life with complimentary baggage of problems."

I sighed in frustration. He scooped me up like a doll and made me sit on his lap.

"Don't worry everything will be alright. Don't fed up on life. We can't change destiny. Accept it."

My heart skipped a beat as I felt dejavu about the statement he mentioned. I understand reality but it was frustrating sometimes. I buried my face into his neck. My neck still slightly pains with every move but I got used to it now. He held me like that for a few minutes.

"Hey why was your scent masked?"

He asked me with his sudden realisation. I laughed a little at his cute frown and told him my small mission to bring my Beta back into pack except for my feelings of missing my Teddy.

"Why are you showing so much interest in him. You are mine."

He growled and pulled me closer.

"Yes. I am yours, baby. Don't let your possessiveness blind your sense. You knew what I am doing is correct. He doesn't deserve losing his mate and their unborn. And I can't live in peace without doing anything about it. He was hunting them but his pain of loss stopping him from doing it faster. It may end up dangerous to him. I hope I will find some useful information from that rogue. And don't get over possessive. Ashwin doesn't even know who I was."

I said and looked at his eyes sternly. He looked back at me with a frown but soon a smile broke out on our face.

I got up and moved my knees straddling him. He smirked and looked at me with a sudden change in our position. I kept my palms on his shoulder and rested my forehead on his. He rubbed my nose with his. I didn't have the patience to play with him. I directly pressed my lips on his and arched my body into him. He held my hip and kissed me sweetly. He is one of the best people in my life the Moon God had blessed to me. I just don't want to lose him. I don't have the power to endure the pain of being away from him. He must have

spat out.

"I thought I could do some negotiation. But if you want to go the hard way, no one can help you."

I signalled my third in command and he came in with a spiked knuckle and started puncturing his body. Before leaving for the rogue tournament yesterday, I spoke with Nakul about everything and he was so happy to help me to get his friend back. He was warming up to me well. Usually, the firstborn of the top three rankings would have a connection by birth which helps the pack to function with ease. After three hours, I asked him to stop when the rogue started to go unconscious. I gave him some energy and he gasped when he felt the same.

"I may let you live if you tell me about your leader. You already know how it would feel when you die. And I won't hesitate to show you the hell here."

I said in a dangerously calm tone and my wolf surfaced with a growl. He looked horrified.

"I don't know about my gang leaders. All rogues will work under the command of Lee. Only Lee has a connection with the leaders. He usually meets us in the human city near Crimson moon pack every month end to get our payment and next assignment. We will receive a text message for it. We shouldn't ask any questions about the top-level else they will kill us instantly. I don't know anything else. Don't do anything to me."

He spoke in terror and his aura showed he was genuine about what he said. But still, I don't trust him completely. He might not have told every detail and might be useful in future. We walked out and I ordered the guard to feed him once a day.

"Can we trust him?"

Nakul asked me.

"We don't have any other choice. Let's do research about them. And we have a week to the month-end. We have his phone which was a basic model. Let me try to check that I could find anything with that piece of scrap."

I replied to him and Hari handed over the plastic bag containing the rogue's thing to me.

I entered my office and plugged his mobile to charge and took his purse. It had an old family photo where that rogue and a woman was smiling happily. I sighed thinking destiny has its way to give blows to everyone. He had some cash and a few bills. I checked them and they were random grocery or hotel bills. One bill caught my attention as it was entry pass to a five-star hotel hall. And it was dated last month-end. I clicked a pic of it and sent it to Nakul to inquire about it. Then it had a gold chain and bracelet. I kept inside my locker and took his phone to check whether I could get any useful info from it. But he had almost no call history and the messages he received were sent from the sim card which would be valid for just a day. They knew what they are doing. And each time the numbers were used from a different location out of the country.

I should find a lead to this Dark Vipers. There will be some way to reach the leader. I need to think. I need to think like a rogue. If he is so organised, they were smart. I should first get hold of that Lee. And I should explore Ashwin's place to know what he knows.

Be ready Vijayan. I will bring your son to the pack very soon!

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