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Kavi's POV

Now that I remember the dream, I knew that mysterious man licked me over my mark and I woke up after a few minutes and heard my mom saying I stopped bleeding. It only means he helped me from dying out of bleeding. But also he said that I was his!

What does that mean?

How can he say that when I have a mate already?

But I except tingles, I felt the same with him like my mate.

Who is he?

What if the council members think I am crazy or they might conclude that it was my hallucination! But I dreamt of that place exactly on my every birthday.

I realised everyone was looking at me expectantly.

"Actually, I do have one strange dream! On my every birthday, I would dream of a completely dark place with eighteen stairs..."

"How do you know it was exactly eighteen stairs when it was dark?"

Rio questioned me doubtfully. Yamuna (a vampire) scolded him to let me complete.

"I could only see myself where would be a ray of light from somewhere. I knew it was eighteen because on every passing birthday I noticed I was climbing a step up and last year I stood at the last step. The dream will happen like I was looking at the image myself. A dark air would surround me but the Kavi in the dream will smile at the man. I found it was a man last year from his masculine aura. And he would say that he was waiting for me."

I paused and looked at Manohar.

"Yeah! The same words that man told before stabbing himself. I didn't mean to hide it at that time. I just thought it was irrelevant and you too told he was insane. So I concluded it was a mere coincidence. I dreamt of him after Akhilan marked me. It just came up to my mind now. That man was holding me in his arms. He told that I shouldn't have let Akhilan mark me. Because I was his."

My mate pulled me closer and circled his arm around me protectively and growled 'Mine'. The tingles sent a warm feeling all over me. I smiled and said 'yes' to him and pecked his cheek. I looked at the council heads and with a clearing of my throat, I continued.

"He then asked me to come to him. He actually licked my mark and vanished into air. This is the first time I remember him speaking to me other than asking me to come to him. I panicked as I realised that the place was the same as I dream of, on my birthdays. He whispered me to sleep and I woke up in real. I saw Sezhiyan and my mom there and my mom said that my mark stopped bleeding. Now that I could remember everything, is there any possibility his lick made my bleeding stop? And who he is? Why I was dreaming about him? I have a familiar feel about him but I couldn't place who he was. He always had his face covered."

I was getting more tensed when I summed up everything. Akhilan might have felt it through bond and pulled me closer to him.

I looked up at them and I noticed Poorna and Manohar's eyes were glazed. Are they mind linking each other or to someone else? Did they know anything of these things happening?

"Why you have to bring such a headache for us? Are you hiding anything else? Remember and tell what are the unusual things you have been through. Or can you identify where that place you dreamt was?"

Rio spoke in an annoyed tone. That bloodsucker! I took a few breaths to calm myself.

"I told you everything. That's all I could recall from those dreams."

I said without hiding my annoyance. They looked at each other and sighed.

"We can't decide anything now. We can't risk her life by re-marking. Wait for some time guys. Usually, the bruised mark would heal with the time as the mate would accept him. Your heat may approach soon. If nothing was unusual, mating would heal the mark. But we can't risk anything. Take it slow. We will do some research in the meantime. Dreams are not as simple as you think. Leave it to us. But you should come here anytime we want you here. And try to ask your family members whether they have noticed anything unusual when you are young."

Zarina told me in a calm manner.

"Let me see whether we could heal your mark."

Vasigaran and Zarina stepped forward and used their wand on me. I felt a slight poke at my mark but nothing happened. They frowned and looked at the rest of them. They tried again and I didn't feel anything.

"Can you feel anything?"

Akhilanan asked me with a concerned look.

"First time, I felt a poke but nothing for the second time."

They nodded and shared a look.

"That's fine. Don't worry about anything. We are here to help you. Take some rest and if you want, you can go out. Dinner would start at seven. Don't get carried away with too much fun!"

Manohar said with a big grin and dismissed the meeting. Everyone smiled and we left with a formal bow.

"You never said these things to me!"

My mate asked me in a calm tone.

"Because I didn't give importance to it until now. My grandpa told those were some of my imagination. So I never mentioned it again to anyone after that. But I never expecte

vague. He told the top three would rarely appear at crime scenes. First I need to identify who did that. I called Sezhiyan to pass his territory as it was the easy way to reach the beach. The beach tournament held in between the Green Ocean pack and Crimson Moon Pack. I asked him to keep a low profile about my visit as I don't have time to visit my friends or even my mate. Maybe I could go and surprise my mate if things go smooth.

We shifted into a wolf and carried our things in our mouth and started running towards our destination. I know the place and I took Hari in short cut. It took an hour for us to reach there which would have consumed good four hours on wheel. We changed into our outfit and I checked my mobile as I felt my mobile getting vibrated from continuous notifications. Paari had texted me that Ashwin was going somewhere and at the latest message told that he was going in the route of beach rogue tournament and he suggested this would be the right time to examine his den. But I can't go there now. I want to know whether he was here for the same man as we or just to fight. Also, I want to know what he finds out from this rogue.

I asked Hari to stay behind and wait for my command. Ashwin would identify Hari easily. I bought my pass and mingled with the gang. I searched for Ashwin first and found him eyeing someone with so much rage in his eyes. I pinpointed who he was glaring and it exactly matched with the one tall person who rocket had mentioned. He had a tattoo of a blue snake circling a black rose on his neck.

When one of the wolves defeated inside the circle, that tall man entered the circle. His moves were sharp and calculated. I noticed him as well as Ashwin. He made two wolves submit in a row. Then Ashwin entered the circle. I could feel his rage from here. I watched them fighting neck to neck. But my Beta was gaining upper hand. They shifted to their wolf and Ashwin's dark grey wolf stood proudly and the fight went for forty more minutes. Ashwin did most of the damages and bit all of his limbs and made that rogue submit to him. He exited the circle and came back in his human. I followed him with a good distance. Paari was hiding in woods as per my instruction.

I saw Ashwin following the man who was partially healing now but limping his way to the parking area. As the tournament was still going on, there was no one on his path. Ashwin looked around and when he noticed no one was around, he used his wolf speed and pulled that rogue into the woods. I quickly followed him and I had already used masking spray before entering here. So I went to him without making any noises. With my wolf sight, I saw Ashwin hitting that man across his face. When he felt the rogue had enough he started asking who accompanied him on that attack.

So this rogue was a part of the attack and he must have noticed him from the way he was questioning. That man didn't budge and spat at him. I could feel Ashwin's raising rage but he calmed himself and questioned him again with a few more punches.

The tournament cheering voice was muffling this rogue's cries. This went on for the next twenty minutes and I felt Ashwin was losing patience and at one point he snapped the rogue's head. And kicked him a few times then shifted into his wolf and ran into the woods.

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