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Kavi's POV

Akhilan tried to convince Rakshana but she didn't budge. He was in the middle of us struggling to balance between us. I asked him to stay in Green ocean for the time being and I moved to Blood warriors. Luna shrini accepted me to the pack and instantly I felt the Alpha in me gaining power and dominance over the pack. As I defeated the previous Alpha on a fair fight, it was natural to gain his title. And being the heir of the pack, I didn't need the previous Alpha to step down to gain my powers. All of my friends participated there to cheer me.

Usually, other pack members would not be allowed in pack business but they allowed them for this once. All my powers and senses gained twice the effects after accepting the title. I received a bouquet from council members and I was invited formally there as an Alpha should pay a visit after stepping up.

Luna shrini didn't seem to know any of the pack business. So she decided to stay at council till the inquiry gets over as she wants to spend some time with her firstborn. She worries about her husband too but didn't mention it to me. Iniyan decided to stay back because he was afraid to be with them. I promised her to take care of him. I couldn't find what was wrong with him but something was stopping him from shifting. He never communicated with his wolf but he smells like one. It was confusing me.

Vijay and Nakul were helping me with the administration and I decided to meet with every pack member one-on-one to know about them personally, also to know what they wanted to improve in our pack. For some reasons, they all were calling me Alpha instead of Luna. I am not complaining but it was strange. After a week, I had that personal interaction with every pack members and it actually helped me to quickly get closer to each of the members. As my first decision, I made all the werewolf to complete their schooling and made some attractive changes to their usual schedule. Most of the females wanted me to allow them to train along with men. Males didn't demand anything specific but I asked them to interact with humans like the other packs do.

I started the training on the first day. They do train hard. But they are emphasizing the wolf. I suggested the head warrior, Bharathi to train their human part. He looked at me strangely but when I fought his wolf with my human form, everyone understood my point. Because if our enemy chose to attack us with wolfbane or silver laced weapons, we should be strong enough to take them down. This point brought great respect for me as no one had ever given thought to this fact. I love to train kids as they had this spirit and energy like no one.

I had a separate meeting with patrols to know their strategies and suggested them a few things. I made Vijay install surveillance cameras around the territory. A new building for the hospital was in the process of building. The main pack business was farming and selling the fruits and by-products from the forests. At least the previous Alpha wasn't greedy to destroy the forest. The one side of the territory shares the black lake with Black lake Pack. And the river bank provides us with a great natural fertiliser. And they aren't using any artificial fertilisers. I didn't have anything to change with that. But I raised the pay for those work on fields. I suggested a few business models as instead selling the product directly we could make some products for humans need which would yield more profit. Later in the pack dinner, we decided to talk about it.

There was quite a paperwork as Alpha which was actually tiring. I was thinking of a way to cut short this process. Because I could invest my time in much more efficient things. A work of an Alpha is to lead the pack most efficiently. And I hate the time I spend on this paperwork.

I love to be here but the only thing I am missing was my mate. Akhilan would visit me daily but we couldn't able to spend time together like before. Our wolves weren't happy about this arrangement. My pack members treat him with equal respect. And just like me he too has felt that dominance running through this body whenever he enters the pack. We miss each other and nights were always torturous. We couldn't get proper sleep. And we couldn't mind link as I didn't belong to Green ocean pack anymore. Often I would zone out with his thoughts. Vijayan and Nakul understand me and with a smile, they'll bring me back from my dream world.

I told my life details to them. I trust them with all my heart. And we naturally have the bond which would help us to lead a pack together. Vijayan was avoiding the topic about his son for some reason but I didn't want to pressure him. I knew he will tell me when he feels like telling.

Dhaya had found his mate, Nila. And the couple had mated and step up to Alphas in a month time. I was so happy for them and visited there twice to see my family and friends. One of such time, I ran into Rakshana. I tried to talk to her but she gave me a disgusted look and walked away. No one can change what was destined. And her hatred wasn't going to change the fact that her son is my mate.

Iniyan was eating well and looking more healthy now. I will give him special training and he was smart enough to learn the moves quickly. The top floor is for the top three rankings but previously all of them decided to stay separately at their own house. So curre

in a very deep tone. I couldn't speak. So I whimpered and he cupped my cheek and brought his face to mine. Before he could get any closer he vanished into thin air. Now I took a good look around my surroundings and realised I was in the same place where I would see myself in dreams on my birthdays. I started panicking but I heard his deep voice whispering me to sleep. And again darkness covered my vision.


I woke up coughing and inhaled deep breaths. I felt my body was completely exhausted and my nape was paining like someone had cut me there with an axe. I relaxed and looked around to see Sezhiyan and my mom looking at me with concern. My throat felt like Sahara desert. I cleared my throat and my mom held a glass of water with a straw in it. I drank the whole glass and felt relieved. I scanned the room again and frowned when I couldn't see my mate.


I whispered. I started feeling dizzy and I knew I was losing my conscious again. All I heard was my mom telling that my bleeding has finally stopped.

The next time I woke up, I felt better but with a strange sadness in my heart. The room was empty and I wanted to cry as my mate wasn't here. I miss him. Why he was not here when I was sick? I want him. What was happening to me? I didn't realize I was crying. The IV was connected to me and I knew I wasn't fully recovered from whatever was happening to me. I mind linked Vijayan and asked him to meet me immediately. He appeared in front of me within seconds and his face was filled with so much concern.

"Are you okay, Alpha? How do you feel now? We were so worried about you. Let me call your mother."

I held his hand to stop him from running away in excitement.

"Akhilan. I want him. Where is he?"

I cleared my throat. He immediately gave me the water to drink. I still felt discomfort near my nape. I touched there and found my skin swollen there and it stings like a bitch. I was confused now. Why was I hospitalised in the first place?

"I banned your mate to enter our territory, Alpha. And Sezhiyan agreed to hold him back till you wake-up."

I heard him say in a hate-filled tone. I looked up at him quickly and held my neck in pain. That's when I noticed a few cut and claw marks on his skin.

"What did you say? Why the hell did you do that? He was my mate and Alpha of this pack."

I yelled at him. He flinched at my tone and bowed his head.

"Sorry, Alpha. He will become our Alpha only after you mark him. And he had marked you forcefully. We heard your scream. Don't you remember that?"

He asked me with his bowed head and confused tone.


Forcefully marked?

Yeah! I remember him marking me. But he didn't force me!

'What the hell he was talking about?'

I yelled at my wolf.

'I don't know. You pushed him away before he licks the mark because of the pain. But it won't bruise unless we don't have consent on it. You should ask yourself why you didn't accept our mate.'

She said in an annoyed tone but her voice is weak too.

'What? I did accept him. You know'

I was confused now.

Wait, he marked me. So I could mind link him.

'Akhilan? What happened that day? I want to see you. Please come to me, baby.'

I pleaded to him with a relief of his mindlink being open. Unknown anger and sadness seeped into my heart. It was my mate's feeling. Our bond making us share feelings of each other.

'I will come. Inform your patrols.'

He shut our link with that. I ordered Vijayan to inform the patrol about the visit of my mate.

I thought everything was going fine.

What was happening to me?

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