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Kavi's POV

I could not sleep with this nagging feeling at my heart. A sweet pain! My heart, mind, soul and body wants him. It was evident that I was already having a strong attachment towards him. Yet something in me still stopping me from accepting him completely. He was proving his love to me by expressing it to me all this past week. And I don't have any doubt about the genuineness of our love.

I sat up not comfortable with the same bed I slept all these days. I tried to mind link him but his walls were up. I nudged his walls a few times but no response.

I walked down and peeked on my mother's room. She was sleeping peacefully. This is the second week she was having her undisturbed sleep. I walked out and sat on the porch and diverted my thought to some other thing, but all thoughts were running back to my mate at the end.

I wonder how Rakshana was taking that her son was going to become Alpha of Blood warriors and surely we have to leave this pack. And particularly Blood warriors pack is very weak in front of others without an Alpha. I need to go there before something happens. There are lots of threat to a pack from neighbours and rogues.

I suddenly inhaled my mate's scent and looked up. I found his silhouette froze on his step with a leg on air and he gave a defeated sigh with a chuckle and lazily walked to me. He must be sneakily coming here but I caught him. He sat next to me.

"What are you doing here at this time?"

We both asked at the same time and smiled at the connectivity we have. His scent and the chill atmosphere was making me want to do so many delicious things to him.

"I couldn't sleep without..."

I stopped when I realised what I was about to say. He was smirking obviously caught my slip.

"I knew! I am struggling with the same problem. That's why I sneaked out when I first felt a nudge at my head. I guessed it must be you."

He said with a cheeky smile while taking my hand in his and rubbing it softly. The tingles were making my brain cease to work. I leaned my head on his shoulder with a contented sigh. We sat there at the darkness for a few minutes in complete silence.

"Umm... We should get some sleep. You can use the guest room."

I told him as I was feeling shy to invite him to my room.

"Do you think I came here to sleep in the guest room?"

He smirked and lifted me in the bridal side while he was getting up.

I can get used to being in his arm like this. I didn't reply to him but helped him to open and lock the front door silently. He took me to my room and put me in the centre of the bed. I rolled to the left side to give him some space. He hopped in and pulled the comforter over us and snuggled closer to me. I switched off the lamp with my bedside switch and turned to my mate.

The moon was peeking inside to supervise us. I am alone in my room with the most attractive creature I have ever seen in my life. And he was decorating my bed gloriously. Thankfully he didn't remove his t-shirt. I pressed my thighs together to not let my arousal reach his nose. The mate bond is stimulating my hormones.

He nudged my head with his bicep to raise my head. I complied to him and laid on his bicep and kept my hand around his torso. He inhaled my scent deeply and sighed. I hesitantly looked up at him and found him looking at me with a smile. I can easily fight a pack of wolf alone but I was so nervous and my heart was pumping my blood too fast whenever I was with him. It was mixed torture of being safe, calm, contented yet nervous with anticipation, shyness, desire and lust. I licked my lips and leaned forward to kiss his cheek. The soft touch was igniting something inside me which I never experienced in my life. I used my elbow to raise myself and kissed his other cheek. The smile in his face had now turned to a smirk.

I kissed his forehead and looked at his shining eyes. I waited for a few seconds and pecked the tip of his nose. I didn't pull all the way but waited there to look at his eyes for any change in emotions. They were darker now. I teasingly rubbed my nose on his and raised my hand on his torso and cupped the side of his neck. My wolf loves this teasing game. His aura started radiating love and lust which was increasing every second. My male was enjoying my advances!

I slowly peppered kissed very near his mouth to test his limits. He lost his patience and gripped my hair to pull me to his lips. I smiled and let him do the honour. He grazed his lips on mine before catching them between his. I could not control the moan slipping out of my throat. His other hand snugly sneaked to hold around my waist. He moves his lips expertly making all the nerve ending in my body to wake up. And my wolf growled when we inhaled his arousal.

I straddled him in a swift motion and kissed him passionately to compensate all the time I made him wait. His hand were holding my hip and massaging them slightly. I fulfilled my longtime wish of touching his muscular torso and chest

jumped and shifted mid-air and landed just before them. Akhilan was looking at me with a knowing smirk but his eyes were showing so much love for me. Pooja was now hiding behind him.

I sat before him like a good puppy and nudged his hand. He took the signal and stroked my fur. He rubbed my neck and ear. I felt like I was in heaven. The tingles along with his awesome rubbing techniques making me purr in delight. My wolf happily took part in the enjoyment.

I went near him and pushed him down and laid above him not caring about my weight and licked his face. I don't want her scent on what's mine. He laughed at my behaviour and tried to stand. I growled in a warning and looked at Pooja with wolfy smirk. I saw her looking at us with jealousy and hatred at me. I turned my attention to my mate and moved away from him.

'Can you shift. I think we need to give our wolves to have their time. If you have any important work we can do this later.'

I mind linked him in a suggestive tone. He didn't reply but shifted to his golden yellow coloured wolf and stood proudly. I saw Pooja leaving from my peripheral vision and smirked internally. She should get into her head that Akhilan is MY mate.

I stood tall hovering above him and winked at him. He narrowed his eyes as I was teasing him with his wolf size. I went near him and licked his snout and bit his ear quickly and took off to the woods. I heard a growl behind me followed by paw thuds. I gave control to my wolf and she stopped abruptly and looked at our mate coming closer to us. On seeing my silver eyes, his eyes too turned golden. He stopped before me and licked my snout and face lovingly. He sniffed me and rubbed me with his fur and circled me a few times. My wolf barked at him and started running towards the beach. He came alongside me often rubbing his body with mine. We played with the water there and helped cleaning each other and laid there for some time. Our wolves were showering each other with love. After an hour or so, we decide to go back home. Our wolves stayed in their wolf form enjoying their moments.

Suddenly he asked me to stay there and ran into a random direction. I looked the direction he went in puzzled expression but laid on the grass and waited for his return. After a few minutes, I smelled my mate scent along with heavy iron. I saw him carrying a deer and kept it before me. My wolf was lusting for him more than the meat he placed before me. He stood tall and nudged it towards me to take the first bite. She walked to him and cleaned the blood on his fur and nuzzled her snout in his neck to say thanks. He licked her shoulder blade in return and pushed her to eat.

She took a bite and looked at him to join her. The fresh hunt was always favourite for wolves than to eat the cooked meat. Feeding the mate was our way of telling that he was capable male to feed her and it was a fact of toughness and masculinity. A male would hunt for her mate after mating with her as she would be exhausted and it shows his care and love for her. Sharing a meal with a female shows his interest to share his life with her and also that he has no ego to treat her equally. We relished the deer and filled our stomach and left the remains for other animals. The life once I yearned was now in my hands. I should treasure our relationship!

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