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Kavi's POV

I have spent the morning with Akhilan's wolf. And I really enjoyed it. He was so romantic. My wolf was so happy for the time we spent together yet that greedy bitch wants more.

I went to college and came back home. One more year to finish this tiresome college. It wasn't physically tiring but mentally exhausting.

I drove to packhouse to see Sezhiyan talking about my transfer but I found my mate was laughing and chasing Pooja. A bitter feel crept to me and I returned home without meeting Sezhiyan. When I reached home, I found a bouquet of red roses with a card telling me to be ready at six in the evening with Akhilan's name at the bottom. My mom was home and she was smiling mischievously at me. I put them in a vase and I knew I should go for the sake of the promise I made to mom. I knew I was behaving very mean to him. But I can't erase the memories of seeing him with Pooja. It was haunting me. How can I know that he really didn't have any feeling for her? Even yesterday afternoon, he said that he should have married her for the happiness of his parents.

I called Kalai and spoke with her for a few minutes and told her that my mate had found me. She didn't seem to notice the way I meant it and she expressed her happiness and wished to me. We hung up after a few minutes. Then I worked on a few ad designs and sent them to the respective agencies. The time was around five when I received a call from Mukilan. He said that he was calling me to remind me about my date with Akhilan. I rolled my eyes at how much he was doing for his friend's date. I told him that I remember about the date and hung up the call.

I took a quick shower and walked out to find my mom riding my closet. She pulled a few dresses which I kept at last because they weren't my style. It was either tight or exposing more than required. She made me sit down and announced herself as my designer for the day. I denied to cake up my face with layers of creams and powders. But she didn't let me select a dress. I had initially planned to wear black with sky blue floral dress which was much comfortable to wear.

But she made me wear an off-shoulder dark purple dress which ended just above my knee. She found it was complimenting my eye colour. I will never forgive her if my zipper burst out when I leaned back comfortably because it was so tight. But she taught me how to handle that and I almost lost my patience with that mountain high silver coloured heel she gave me. She locked my other shoes and flats. So I have no other choice but to wear it. I just let her apply some eyeliner and lipgloss. My wolf was smirking at my bold outfit and I knew if she had a chance to get control tonight, she will ensure that I was marked and mated to him by tomorrow morning. She was very desperate to get him into our bed. I too like to be marked and mated to him but I need some time to grow trust over him.

My mom was happy with the final output and she snapped a few pics of mine to ask suggestion with Inba aunt and Luna Mithra. I facepalmed at the childish behaviour of my mom. My heart skipped a beat on hearing the car honk. My mom jumped and started checking me once again and ran to answer the door like her longtime crush had come to pick her up for a date. She hugged Akhilan and I could tell that they have grown closer when he came to drop the flowers earlier this morning. I only saw him fully when my mom moved away from his front.

He looks so hot in his white full hand shirt with his sleeves folded paired with a black pant. My wolf was gulping the intoxicating smell of our mate while eye-raping him. A wave of goosebump ran through me when he licked his lips taking in my appearance. His aura of lust and satisfaction told me that he likes my outfit. I was getting nervous about what was waiting for me at the shore. He spoke with my mom for the next few minutes. And I realised he knew his way to charm my mom. She stood at the door to remind me of my promise before I leave.

He was equally nervous about this date as I found him stumbling to insert his key and he was asking whether I was comfortable often while driving to the destination. Eventually, we fell into silence which was rather comfortable. I found we are taking the road to Beach and I could guess he was taking me to the restaurant on the beach. I will go to that restaurant whenever I go to the beach because they give a delicious variety of foods.

As I guessed he parked the car near that restaurant and helped me to get out. When I took my first step, I lost my balance and held his forearm to stand properly. Tingles erupted from my palm and he was holding both my hand to sturdy me which was making my blood flow hot. I feel foreign to walk on this stool and it was very uncomfortable. Akhilan got worried even after I ensured him that I was okay. He didn't let go of my hand and walked with me looking straight but a smile adorning his face was making him look so handsome. It feels too much but I like his care for me. He had al

ed around but found a single red rose at the top stair of the porch. I picked it up with a dreamy smile. I went inside to keep the flower safely and started walking my way to the training field.

Before I could enter the woods, I was startled when my mate decided to jump from a tree trying to scare me which he did successfully. But my reflexes kicked in and I punched him hard across his face. I heard a crack and he cupped his jaw and hissed in pain. As soon as my hand made contact with his skin, I knew it was him and reduced my speed of that punch. But I have used my wolf power which might have done the damage. Instantly I connected to his heartbeat and healed his bone completely.

He gasped but held his jaw and looked at me accusingly but his eyes held a hint of playfulness. I hid my smirk and looked at him with concern and asked him how he was feeling. He rubbed his jaw and looked at me with innocent baby eyes.

"Don't you know the pain will reduce if you kiss the sore spot?"

He spoke in a funny voice but I got his intentions and decided to play along.

I slowly leaned forward and pressed my lip near his ear and started tracing it down to his chin. His hands circled around me and held me firmly. My wolf was purring and enjoying the tingles erupting from his touch. I pulled away and looked at him with a questioning look.

"How do you feel now, Akhilan?"

I asked with an innocent face.

"Umm... it was okay. But it still pains here."

He pointed at the corner of his lips. Without any other question, I leaned forward but bit there hard. He yelped and pressed my hips harder. I laughed and looked at him who was now rubbing his cheek in real pain.

"Now it was better!"

I stated looking at a small teeth mark there and pulled away from his grip. I smirked and started running.

We werewolves love chasing. With a growl, my mate started chasing me. I let my wolf stay on the surface to enjoy this game, I sped up when I found him using his wolf speed. Suddenly I couldn't feel his presence behind me. I sensed for auras and found him coming from my left and I prepared myself to jump on time before he leaps towards me. I successfully escaped his catch. I laughed out loud when he landed harshly on the ground and I led him all the way to the beach. I paused near the water and waited for him.

"You are cheating! You have Alpha blood in you."

He panted and pulled me towards him. I smiled and found my bite on his cheek still there without fading off and grinned big at him. I healed it not wanting others to tease me. But it looked so hot on him. My wolf urged me to mark him but I blocked her and looked at him. His hair was dishevelled from our little chase and the sweat made the t-shirt stick to him like a second skin. My fingers itched to touch him. God! My bond is getting best of me. I should control myself. I hope I hadn't chosen the wrong decision by giving him a chance.

We ran back to the training field and as I expected everyone's eyes were on us. Yeah! My life is changing quicker than the weather. Mithun gave me a big smile when he saw us coming with intertwined fingers. Sezhiyan mind linked me a 'Finally' sarcastically. Akhilan trained with his friend and I went to train with my uncle and Logan as always. Because I know we won't be training if we are paired up for a fight now.

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