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Kavi's POV

"You knew we are mates. Aren't you?"

He asked me with a defeated look.

I nodded my head and looked away. I expected harsh words or even a slap. But he pulled me to a tight hug. I felt like exploding. My wolf purring out at the sensation. He held me tightly like holding onto his favourite dream to not let it go away. It was overwhelming to suddenly feel very safe and contentment in my heart. Even though he wasn't a complete stranger, I didn't know much about him. I even know more about my Teddy than my mate. When he pulled away I saw his eyes were completely golden.

"I should have known! Oh Moon!"

He whispered to himself.

"What does this means?"

I heard an angry voice of Rakshana. I never felt so helpless. Like God, Sezhiyan came to my help.

"Rakshana, I think we should deal with this in private. We don't want to make a scene, right?"

Sezhiyan tried to calm her. But she was fuming in rage.

"What is there to deal with her in private, Alpha? Can't you see what she had done? She already killed one of my children. Now she is breaking the heart of my other son. She intentionally hides that from my son. If we have known she was his mate, then we wouldn't have arranged to marry Pooja to him. And she did all this to ruin my family. She even had the audacity to reject him when he proposed his love to her. She is a disgrace to the werewolves race because she disrespected the Moon God's blessing. I will never accept her to my family. That's final."

She shouted and walked furiously out of the place. Mithun gave me a sad and disappointed look and went to calm his mate.

Tears poured from my eyes when she mentioned about Teddy. I could never be able to make her forgive me for what I did to Teddy. I was the reason he wasn't here with us. Akhilan helped me up and held me by the shoulder. I removed his hand and stood away with a good distance. I still didn't decide to accept him, also the tingles were making my wolf react to the bond so much. His wolf is still in surface and he growled out his protest when I moved.

"Let's not end this beautiful evening in this way. I will take care of this. You guys carry on."

Sezhiyan told the pack and eyed us to come in.

I processed the words Rakshana told. She was absolutely correct. I can't deny that. But I have my reasons to hide it. I mind linked Logan and Surya to not waste their mate's welcoming ceremony. But from the look they gave to me, I knew they weren't happy either. I hate getting caught like this and Sezhiyan taking me to his room to inquire me after every time I caught hiding something. But I knew Sezhiyan is trying to help me this time.

I felt a few nudges at my mind and I did a big mistake of opening it. My mind was filled with cursings from my dearest friends. Dhaya, Logan, Mukilan and Surya were scolding me for hiding this and they were group-linking to not talk to me. Yet they convinced that it was too much and will give me advice later.

I felt my mobile vibrating in my clutch and found my mom was calling. I know better to not attend the call and simply texted that I was in meeting with Alpha. That helped me as she just texted in all caps that she wanna talk to me immediately after the meeting gets over. I sent a thumbs up emoji and kept the mobile back in. I felt a hand circling my waist and delicious tingles erupted from the touch. He inhaled my scent and growled 'Mine'.

Even though it was so good, I rolled my eyes and tied to pry his hand off me. But he growled and tightened the grip. My wolf was sighing in content for being close to our mate. I knew his touch would help me calm down but I was surprised that it had happened within seconds and my body was leaning to his hold on its own.

Sezhiyan stopped when we entered the packhouse and looked at Akhilan's hand on my waist and looked at my eyes with a playful smile.

"Akhilan! Tell me what you are going to do? I am not going to go into the topic of why she did that. She might tell you later. All I wanted to know is are you going to accept her or not? Because your mother clearly stated that she will not accept Kavi in her family. So what is your decision, Akhilan?"

Sezhiyan asked him sternly and I could outline a fatherly concern mixed with his sternness.

"Alpha, You knew I have been waiting for her for a very long time. I am happy and feel lucky for getting the person I love so much as my mate."

He said with so much love and adoration which made my heart skip a beat at his sincere tone. I would have believed him if only I didn't find him in his ex-fiancee's room earlier today.

"I knew my mother was shocked at this revelation. But she will accept her eventually. It's Moon God's wish. She can't deny the blessing. I will convince her, Alpha. I don't even want to know why Kavi hide this fact from me but I will do everything I could to win my mate's heart, Alpha."

He continued with determination. Sezhiyan had an impressed looked and patted Akhilan's shoulder with a nod. I looked at Luna who came along with us.

'You shouldn't have done that. But I could understand why you have done it. Don't spoil your life by letting your past haunt you, Kavi'

Luna mind linked me and followed her mate t

ause my wolf endured all my decisions and agreed to stay away from our mate though she didn't like it.

"Let's go out. Put some clothes on soon or else we might be skipping everything and I will make this day memorable for you. Your mom was also very eager to play with our pups."

He spoke in a husky voice. I looked at him with burning cheeks and wide eye. My wolf suggested for the latter but I shut her up and quickly locked the door pushing him out. Moon! Keep me sane around him! I wore a white casual button down and jean long skirt.

I earned a low whistle from my mate when I went down to the living room. I sighed in relief for taking some extra effort in applying some kajal and lip balm. His wolf was still in the surface and in complete control. My mom was smiling at us happily. It was so good to see my mom smiling and it was better to know the reason was me. When I went to take my bike key, he refused and lifted me in bridal style. I reflexively circled my hands around his neck. I protested to him to put me down as I couldn't think straight with all the tingling sensating also he was too close for my liking and his scent was blocking all my senses. But he said bye to my mom and continue to carry me.

I realised he was planning to carry me all the way to wherever he was planning to take me. If I really not wanted to be in his embrace, I would have jumped already. But deep down I too like being in his arms despite all the things he had done. I know I was so mean by ignoring all my faults and looking at his flaws. But I never let someone near me and the reason is I always wanted him. My heart was paining a little but still, the mate bond was making me be contented with his presence. I rested my head over his chest and waited for our destination.

I calmly listened to our synchronized heartbeats with my closed eyes. I felt him stop walking and realized we are at the bank of the river. There was full of green around us. I smiled at him when I noticed his wolf was still on the surface and he put me down and intertwined fingers with me. His golden eyes were looking at me with so much love. This river is from the waterfall outside our pack and would connect to the ocean which was situated on the other side of our territory. I noticed there was a blanket spread near a tree with a picnic basket. He leads me there and I sat opposite to him.

"I thought you have patrol duty today?"

I asked as I remembered him doing them on particular dates and today was one among them.

"Yes, but I excused myself for a personal emergency, beautiful. How could I stay away from my beautiful mate? You are always my first preference, beautiful! By the way, you seem aware of my schedule. But I am not going to ask how!"

He stated cockily and traced the sides of my face and spoke with a confident smirk.

My body betrayed me by pumping all the blood to my cheeks. He smirked and opened the basket offered me sliced pineapples and chocolate bread. How did he know my favourites? Maybe it was just a coincidence. He will steal some food which I have bitten and will smile at me lovingly or wink at me. And he often traces my face in the name of putting my fringe behind my ear. It sounds cliche but I was blushing profusely at all his romantic gestures. I like this side of him but also the fear within me was increasing with his showering of care.

Love always brought pain to me! And I prayed to Moon to make Akhilan as an exception for that rule in my life.

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