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Kavi's POV

I waited in Vijayan's office for five minutes while everyone gathered. I calmed myself and I knew there was more to come when I meet the pack. Vijayan walked me to the backyard. There were around a hundred people there. There was a stage like a cement slab with stairs. I walked up to the stairs and a collective groan echoed but my growl stopped them. My nervousness had disappeared without any trace and I felt quite confident.

"Most of the men would have known who I am. No woman has met me yet. So let me properly introduce myself. I am Kavithanjali, the firstborn of Alpha Krishnan. I was born to his destined mate and I don't want to discuss my birth now. I knew your Alpha and his son were now under council's custody. Luna Shrini and Beta Vijayan asked me to step up to my rightful position. I knew I am a stranger to you and it would be quite a big problem for you to trust me. Moreover, I am the reason why you all are here without an Alpha. But I don't regret doing any of that. I wanted to know whether you want me, the person born to lead you, to be your Alpha or not. You could ask Vijayan to step-up as your Alpha if you don't want me. Because the pack is a big family and the basic of the family is trust and loyalty.

My past holds lots of pain and I am not perfect epitome for an Alpha. I have done lots of mistakes and I never have known I was going to be an Alpha of this pack. I was grown just as a mistake of an accident happened to my mom. I even lost hope on mates by various events happening around me. I am trying to correct my mistakes and I am learning from them. I don't have any greed or desire for this title. But if you want me to be your Alpha, I will prove myself worthy of my title. My wolf has that responsibility to protect you and that's why I am here. Now you need to take the decision. You can wait for the return of your Alpha or you can ask him to step down and Vijayan can step up or you can choose me. I don't want my answer now. Think about it. I will come tomorrow here at the same time and I will stand here for my reply. Decide what you want!"

I finished my lengthy oration and looked at them.

It was strange how I was an invisible girl before three years and now I am addressing a whole pack for them to make a huge decision in my life. Suddenly Nakul started clapping his hand with a smirk.

"Do you think we would submit to a female? Our Alpha taught us to never submit to a female. Do you believe we would bow to you? Pathetic! You might possess magical powers and our Alpha blood may run in your body. But we have devoted ourself to our Alpha Krishnan. And we would never submit to you. Do you hear that female? I can smell your innocence. Go away before one of us do some irrevocable damage."

It was not new for me to listen to such a nasty comment. But the females in the crowd gasped. I think my mom's mate had done a great job in establishing equality among the pack.

"See! If you think women as weak and pathetic like your guru has taught, I can't deny that you are a great stupid. A real male will know that females are equal to them. Don't judge us by the size of our wolf. You came to this face of the earth because a female has decided to give birth to you and don't forget the pain she endured while giving birth to you."

I said calmly and heard him growling. I controlled my wolf to the surface and continued.

"My growl has the power to make you submit but I am not going to do that. You have seen my strength back at the war when I tore your Alpha limb by limb. If my mom hadn't intervened, he would be resting under the earth. And I am a female. A female who had defeated the Alpha of your pack. I don't know whatever trash your Alpha has taught you, but take it to your head that females are the root of every tree who was holding onto anything and bearing the weight of you. I knew not many packs let female train. But learn gender equality and teach them to your children. At least let the next generation be free of this discrimination. If you think so low of your mother, mate and daughter, then you don't deserve them."

I spatted out with frustration. Humans are far better in this case. They are at least trying to develop equality among them. I waited for him to reply but I found the female kneeling with their fist crossed on their heart. They are submitting to me out of respect. I felt a wave of goosebump tr

t statement. I smiled ghostly as I could imagine a little family of our own. I shook that unwanted thought away. The way he letting me down was making me afraid. I am afraid to trust him wholeheartedly. That fear was deep inside me from my twelveth age after knowing what my mom's mate had done to her.

"Umm... I will take leave. See you later."

He said to me while looking to his side.

I notice his mother glaring at him. I nodded my head. He walked back to where Mukilan was. I was a little disappointed. What will he do when he finds I am his mate? Will he just leave me like this for his mother? I know the importance of one's mother in their life. But my heart pained to acknowledge it. I shook off those thoughts and looked at the kids and smiled at them. Remember, I already decided that I don't want a mate.

The twins then started narrating their first vacation experience. They have this habit of continuing the conversation from where the other had paused. It was so cute. I sat them on a table and did small tricks that I once have seen on YouTube. They were in awe and asked me whether I am a witch. I laughed at their innocence and taught them some tricks which they mastered within minutes. It was so easy to get close with kids. They have this highly positive vibes towards everything.

I felt someone watching me and found Akhilan looking at me with the same look. He was admiring me without even noticing I am looking at him. Maybe he was really confused by the pendant. My mind was in dilemma more than an oscillating ball. The kids' parents came and get them back to put them to sleep. I offered to look after them anytime they want. After all, they were not so mischievous type. I could handle them.

When I gave Tharun to his father, I felt a wave of something hitting me. My mate's scent smells ten times more alluring and my wolf was going crazy to be let out. I could feel the bond has now connected our soul. But how? My hands reflexively went to my neck and I gasped.

My pendant wasn't there.

I fell on my knees. I saw my mate approaching me. He extended his hand and touched my arm cautiously. His touch erupted fire on my skin with lots of tingles under his palm. My wolf was so happy at his first touch and yipping inside my head with contentment and happiness. It was like every nerve in my body was electrocuted with his touch. My nervousness gets best of me. I heard my heartbeat was rising higher and higher.


He whispered with confusion and shock with a gasp. He withdrew his hand and looked at my face with lots of questions in his eyes. I don't know how to react. The whole pack was silently watching us. Tharun's father approached me hesitantly and extended his hand with my chain.

"Umm... I think this is yours."

I just extended my hand to get that and Akhilan gasped when the bond was suppressed with my contact to the pendant.

"You knew we are mates. Don't you?"

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