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Kavi's POV

"You could have answered him more politely, baby."

My mom told while mixing coffee for us. I hugged her from the side and buried my face to her neck. She was going to council today to see her mate with Luna Shrini. She turned around and gave me a cup and looked at my face.

"That's right. I wasn't thinking straight yesterday. I will apologise to him when I see him, mom."

I said to her and sipped the hot coffee with a sigh of relief.

My wolf was still angry on me for refusing to our mate's proposal. Today Logan and Surya were returning back here with their mates. Tonight there is a welcoming ceremony for inviting them to the pack. After college, I finished some of my web works and walked to pack house to help with arranging the welcoming ceremony.

Logan lifted me up and shouted excitedly while spinning around. I laughed and looked at his mate, Madhu pouting. I patted his shoulder and signalled towards Madhu. His eyes filled with so much love in an instance and went to his mate and started kissing her. I turned around and looked at Surya smiling at me with his mate on his lap. I waved my hand at them and hugged both of them. There was a change in their scent too. Wow! I winked at Surya. He blushed and looked away. I patted his head and went inside to go to the backyard.

I wonder how Pooja has taken everything happened yesterday. I wanted to ask someone but hesitation pulling me back. Logan shouted at me to get him some cold water before going anywhere. I went to the kitchen and found someone near the fridge. The ever-annoying scent is not annoying me anymore; I just pity her.

She straightened up with a tub of ice cream and she looked like someone had run a bus over her. Unlike the polished china which she usually looks like, her dishevelled hair and running mascara and swollen eyes showed me what she is going through. On noticing me. She put the tub on the counter with a thud and rushed towards me. Her eyes held fury and I knew what was coming. If I didn't try to hide from my mate, this female wouldn't have been experiencing this heartbreak. But I thought they were happy together and that's one of the main reasons I stopped myself from exposing my mate bond.

A couple of hard punch was delivered to my right jaw. I stood still and looked at her.

"You whore! What have you done to him? I was his friend from the day I joined this pack. But he threw me like trash just for you. I like him so much. But he didn't even come to see me after cancelling our engagement. What did I do wrong? Is it wrong to marry someone I like?"

Her fury turned into a cry. I knew she lost her parents at a young age and Sezhiyan offered her a life here.

"I'm sorry. I don't know about his feeling. But you shouldn't have forced him to be in a relationship. We can't get love by force. I don't know what else to say. Wait for your mate. You will get the life destined by Moon."

I tried to console her. But she kneed my stomach and rushed out of the room with her ice-cream tub. It doesn't pain much. But I had to suppress the urge of dominance rushing through my blood. she has to choose how she wants to be.

I looked towards the backyard door and found Akhilan leaning there with hands folded across his chest. His hair was a mess and eyes had dark circles. He noticed me looking at him and stood straight.

"Sorry, you might not even want to be in the same place as me. I will leave. But I should take your advice and wait for my mate. I can't get love by force. But love can grow in anyone's heart without any reason. If we are humans, who knows! You might even have considered our relationship. But... Leave it... Sorry."

He said in heavy tone and turned around.

"Wait. Akhilan, I don't mind you being here. And I am really sorry for speaking like that yesterday without thinking of the consequences. I am sorry for causing problems in your family."

I said in a sincere tone to make him understand that I was really regretting what I did. He came and leaned on the counter opposite to me.

"You don't need to apologise. It's all my fault. If only I controlled my wolf, actually I didn't want to control him. I want to tell the truth to my parents but other factors stopped me. But at last, I did more damage to my parents. I should have politely explained everything. Or at least I should have accepted their arrangement. Now I couldn't face Pooja and my mother. Everyone would have been happy if I didn't stop it yesterday stupidly."

He said with a bitter tone. His sadness was making me sad.

"Yes, if you haven't stopped the engagement yesterday, everyone would be happy. But not you! You will have to live with her to make your parents happy. But we can't act all our life, Akhilan. When one day the mask falls, everyone would get more pain than yesterday. It's good you sto

m proudly. She was happy for their respect to us. They insisted me to come with them in the car but I refused politely and drove along with them. The pack's teen boys were playing before the building, which I think as pack house. I have seen a few of them at my college. I parked my bike and looked at the building.

"This is our pack house, Alpha"

Vijayan showed his hand for me to go inside first. The building is wide rather than tall. It has three levels but each level must have at least thirty big rooms.

I climbed up the stairs and walked inside. Everything has a modern and upgraded look. Not bad! Everyone was just staring at me. A few have bowed their head. My body was naturally showing my strong and tall figure. He stopped near the door 'Alpha office' and opened the door for me. It was so classic and expensive. The other wall was completely glass wall which could be seen only from inside. The scent of my mom's mate hit me and I walked out with a cough.

"What happened, Alpha?

Vijayan asked me in concern.

"I don't like his scent. Can we talk in your office, Vijay? And call me Kavi. No formalities needed!"

Usually, I would have stated that I was sorry but that word doesn't feel right to say. Am I already abusing my status?

'Ah! Don't overreact. Chins up! We are Alpha. We don't have to be sorry. Earn their respect.'

My wolf piped in. I mentally nodded my head and walked to his office.

I sat down on the sofa on the side and leaned my head back.

"It was so weird you know. This was my first visit here. I have to run this entire pack. And I was indirectly helping the person whom I hate the most in my life. But my wolf feels responsible for all of you. She wants to ensure your safety. I don't know whether everyone will accept me as their Alpha. I don't even want this title. Why I have to do this?"

I talked to myself. I heard Vijayan's chuckle. His eyes glazed and a tall built person came in. I looked up at him.

"He is Nakul, Third in command of this pack. He stepped up a month back but he is very smart."

I stood up and extended my hand. But he scoffed and looked away. A deep growl erupted from me. His eyes widened and he bowed his head in submission.

"It doesn't matter if you like me or not. I am trying to behave friendly. Don't make my wolf lose temper."

I warned him and looked at Vijayan's Direction.

"Can you summon all the pack members now. Ask the patrol to keep their mind link open and I want you to convey my message to them. I don't have any need to sacrifice my leisure time and work for this pack. This pack is who needs a leader, I don't need anything from this pack. So I demand at least that basic gratitude and respect. I may not have a great past. And I wasn't here all these days. But I am here now. And I am the person who wouldn't hesitate to sacrifice my own life for those who believe me. Let me directly ask whether you guys need me or not. Now mind link everyone to the place where usual pack meeting would be held."

I don't know why I was getting angry but I couldn't tolerate disrespect from them. My wolf was at the surface. Vijayan nodded his head his eyes glazed. Let's end this problem now. I am ready to face the pack!

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