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Kavi's POV

"I didn't help you expecting something in return. But if you really want to help us... I need a favour from you. I want you to break my mate bond"

I never thought my wolf would ask for something like that. I knew she was in pain on seeing our mate with another she-wolf but how could she be ready to break the bond? I am not going to stop her. It has to be done anyway. And if it would make my wolf feel better, I will agree to it happily. I knew mates were the very closest thing to a wolf's heart but she must have been very wounded to take this decision.

I looked at Jasmine and she was frowning. I exhaled a sigh.

"My mate is going to marry another she-wolf soon. I don't want to feel their every intimacy. So please help me break the bond."

My wolf said making me remember that they are getting engaged tomorrow.

"Breaking the bond of soulmates is not a good thing. But I think I could do that. That's the least I could do for the one who gave me back my son. I don't want you to experience the horrific pain. I had a werewolf friend and I saw her suffering when her mate cheated on her. The elders in my coven helped her to break the bond and I have seen the ritual. I knew it is a sin to break the mate bond. But I am ready to do that for you."

I felt guilty for using her vulnerable state but this has to be done. But I have very few choices. Maybe I could help her to raise her standard of living by requesting Luna Shrini to allow her to get Jasmine a home there. She went inside and came back with a big book and turned the page. She paused at a page and smiled at me. She told me that we could do that at midnight and she started studying the procedures. She cooked me a great dinner and went out to prepare for the ritual because it needs a big place. She asked me to sleep in her bed across her son and went out to prepare for the ritual.

I couldn't sleep as my mind was confusing me that I doing something wrong. Jasmine came inside and looked at me.

"It's time. Are you sure? Do you really want to do this? It may pain a little while the bond inside you die and your mate will feel it."

She questioned me.

"I am sure. It has to be done. He wants another she-wolf. I can't accept him anymore."

I said in a determined tone and followed her to the front yard.

"Okay. You need to shift into your wolf form. Wolf is directly related to mate bond and it will make the ritual easy."

I nodded my head and went behind a tree and stripped my clothes to shift into my wolf form.

"Let me explain everything. I will do chanting and expose your mate bond from your body into the air. Then I will use my power to burn your bond. It will give you a burning sensation all over your body but you should stay inside this big pentacle. After the bond burnt completely, you will be free from the mate-bond that currently binding you."

I listened to her keenly and nodded my wolf form.

"See, you have agreed for the same. So your wolf should be kept in control. If she started rampaging, I need to used wolfbane to control her. Because we can't stop the ritual in the middle."

She warned me. And I agreed by nodding and went into the pentacle that had big candles at each corner.

I laid in middle and she started reading the lines in the book and started pouring and putting something in the cauldron in front of her. I felt a strange thing connecting with me. I calmed myself and waited for her to complete the ritual.

I gasped when I felt something pushing past my ribcage and I saw a blue shining thread like thing coming out of me. Oh Moon! It was my mate bond. She poured something into the bowl and raised it and blew it in my direction. A rope of fire came from it and it approached my mate bond. But all of sudden a black gas like thing came out from the same place where the mate bond come from and it went near my mate bond and covered it in a spherical shape and turned into a mirror-like thing. The rope of fire approached it in slow motion and when it touched the outer layer it was redirected upward. The mate bond was safely inside the mirror layer. I looked at Jasmine and she was looking at my exposed mate bond with wide eyes. Before I could realise the glass layer pushed past my rib and my mate bond was again inside my heart.

She turned the pages in the book vigorously and looked at me to stay at the same place. She muttered some chanting and the blue shining thread came out and she blew above the vessel which made the fire like rope come near me. and again I felt my body releasing something. And the same thing happened like before.

'What the hell is that black thing?'

I asked my wolf annoyed.

'I am wondering about the same. I don't know but I could feel it was coming from us.'

She replied and extended her paw to touch it but it moved aside and entered my body again.

A big great failure!

I turned into my human and walked out of the circle to the worried Jasmine.

"Hey, chill. It's okay. Maybe we could try later."

I tried to make her cheer up.

"No! I am one of the powerful witches in my coven. I could easily perform this. But that black thing is stopping me. Are you sure you are only werewolf but not a hybrid or something?"

She asked me softly.

"I am

erson destined to me. Sorry for being rude. But you should clear your head and choose your life. The happiness of our parents is very important but I can't agree with what have you done. Man up!"

I spoke venomously ignoring my wolf's protest and ran towards the wood.

He had a devasted look on his face. I felt a deep pain within me. I basically rejected my mate. But I didn't say those words to break the bond. I can't break it without telling it on his face. But I would never be capable of rejecting him directly. I need some fresh air. I blocked my mind link as I felt several nudges. I stripped behind a tree and folded and kept my dress under it. I shifted into my wolf and started running. The wind caressing my face was calming me down but I was very much angry with my mate. How dare he?

'Go back to our mate, bitch. He might have felt the bond's attraction. Why are you complicating our life more? Now stop runn...'

I blocked my wolf and ran towards the beach. I walked to the shore and let out a loud howl to let out the pent up frustration inside me. I laid there watching the Moon moving in the sky. I remained there for a few hours. I raised my head and found the dark brown wolf and his jackfruit scent hit me hard. He came to me and sat down. I raised my front body and turned away from him. He barked me to open my mind link. I did.

'Why are you here, Mukilan? I need some alone time.'

I linked him.

'I am not here to disturb or advice you. I finished my work and I thought it would be good if I was with you after knowing what happened.'

He linked me back.

I muttered an annoyed 'whatever' and went back to laying down.

'Your mom was worried. I mind linked her that you are with me. I knew you feel lonely without Logan and Surya here. They will return here from their mate's pack soon. I don't know why you are so angry. We can like anyone. It happens and we can't stop it. He proposed you and you rejected him. That's it. Don't overthink and confuse yourself. We can't change the past."

He put his paw on my head and patted me. He was a little small compared to my wolf. I stood up on my fours and looked at him. But what he said was right.

'Do you think I over-reacted to Akhilan?'

I asked him.

'To be honest, yes. You could have asked for time and explained to him when was alone. His mother shouted at him when you left. He was so broken as if his destined mate rejected him. He is also my friend and as his friend, I want to slap you for increasing his problems.'

I was surprised at the way he spoke. He never raised his voice with me. He was always a sweet friend.

'What do you mean by more problems?'

I asked with more attention.

'Don't you know how much his mother dislikes you? And she was very much close to Pooja. Pooja was always with her when she suffered from Amudhan's loss. That's why Rakshana agreed when Pooja told her wish to marry Akhilan. But he humiliated the family by breaking the engagement with such drama in front of the pack. But how that idiot thought it was a good idea to propose you immediately? Like the cherry on top, you lashed out on him. Now he might be facing the wrath of his mother. Poor soul.'

He linked me with sadness.

Oh Moon! Why didn't I think about it? But there is nothing for me to do to change the things. I sighed and looked at him and linked him a 'sorry'.

'Ask him. Not me. Let's go back.'

He linked me. I nodded and we ran back to my home and he bid bye there and left to pack house.

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