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Kavi's POV

I was sitting outside the courtroom. I feel it was too much to inquire me in a court but Manohar laughed that he couldn't bend the rules and regulation. We could rather talk over a nice dinner. I knew I am thinking too much. But haven't someone said that idle mind is devil's workshop.

'Will you stop thinking nonsense'

My wolf scolded me. I mentally stuck my tongue out at her and waited in the empty hallway.

The council was located in free lands between Crimson moon and Mountain shadows, unlike the education department where we have an office near each Pack. I decided to go on the road and obtained permission from Crimson moon to cross their territory and rode my bike overnight. I followed the direction given to me and reached the office before an hour scheduled for my inquiry. I was given a room in the guests building and I quickly got ready for the inquiry. Now my stomach was growling but I have just ten minutes to be called inside.

Unlike humans, the council members pray to nature and destiny. We werewolves worship Moon because he created us. The council members were living in harmony as an example for everyone despite their differences in lifestyle. And they are the main reason for peace in the world irrespective of being hidden from humans. They regulate us.

My heartbeat raised when a warrior came out and asked me to come inside. I walked into a big courtroom. The left side to the door sat the mighty six. The name board was placed before each person and a chair was placed before the table for me. I walked inside and halted in my step on seeing Zarina there. Her eyes fell on the moonstone pendant that I am wearing and she smiled at me in recognition. After all, we are meeting after six years. I have changed but she looked the same. Now I understand, why a witch worried so much about mate bond! I slightly bowed before them and Manohar told me to sit down. I take in a deep breath with my sudden determination to face whatever comes my way.

"So you are Kavithanjali, Right?"

The vampire whose name was Rio asked me. He was trying to intimidate me. But his mean look was making me hard to not laugh at his face.

"Yes, Mr.Rio."

I replied curtly.

"Hello dear! Manohar said that you are blessed with special powers. So what are the powers you possess?"

A lady next to Manohar named, Poorna(she-wolf) asked me.

"I could heal people. My healing is quicker than normal werewolves and before a year I get to know that I could absorb someone's energy and with my healing power I could transfer it to another person. I am an Alpha's first heir. Usually Alpha's will see the aura of people but I could sense the aura of someone without seeing them. I could feel their aura. Also, I could use this healing power to sense if someone was around me by sensing their aura. It wasn't fully developed though. But I could sense within a certain distance as of now."

I replied to them in a respectful and calm tone.

"Fascinating! Isn't it?"

The wizard, Vasigaran, who was next to Zarina told with a creepy look. I waited for them to ask me the next question. They asked how I found my powers and why I didn't say it to anyone before. I explained the same thing I confessed with my family including the mate thing.

"Why are you doing this, Kavi? Mates are blessings! You should not ignore the blessing. It was a disrespect to Moon God."

Manohar voiced out his upset.

"Yes! I knew Manohar. But my mate should respect me the same. He has decided to marry another. I respect his decision. Maybe he would reject me with his commitment. And it will cause more conflicts. So I hope you would respect my personal decision."

I said to avoid further discussions over my mate. There were whispers between them.

"Okay. We won't interfere in your personal life. But we do care about everyone in this supernatural world. So we suggest you reveal yourself at least to your mate privately. Because he deserves to know who Moon God has destined him to be with. And we want you to take a blood oath to use your powers only for good and not for any bad causes. We knew what you did to Blood Warriors' Alpha. Though it has happened in a fair fight, we need assurance from you. And we might call you if we need your assistance with your special powers. And any new abilities should be reported to any of us immediately and we would have a short meeting about it. Also, you are a great techie. We are too upgrading our systems. So we would let you know if we want you on some projects. And you should make your decision to be the Alpha of Blood warriors soon. Because Vijayan can't step up while the three children of their Alpha was alive. If you want to meet your father, you can meet him after the inquiry. Do you want to say something?"

The female vampire, Yamuna explained everything.

"I agree with all the things you said except for one thing. Please don't call that man my father. He is my mom's mate and the person whom I hate the most."

I said with a bitter face. They all nodded and everyone's eyes softened except Rio. He looked at me calculatively like Professor Snape looking at Harry Potter.

"One more thing? Aren't you going to punish me for hiding my powers from my pack?"

I asked mustering up my courage not wanting to atte

on't know how to console her. Could I heal him?

"Please don't cry. Umm... If you don't mind shall I try to help him? My wolf could heal people."

She quickly straightened up and fell on her knees in front of me. I was startled and took a few steps back. She was begging on the floor to help his son! Oh moon!

I walked to his bed and dug his hand out of the heavy blankets. I connected with his heart and felt his body and asked my wolf to assist me. She took over and ran her palms over his legs while holding his palm in her other hand. I felt her giving him energy first and then she was scanning him like an x-ray machine. We noticed many bones were displaced. I trust my wolf but the boy is human; so I asked her to be extra careful.

"I want you to trust me. His bones were dislocated. I gave him some energy. Can you give him some potion like anaesthesia because it's going to be painful."

The lady ran into a room and after a few glass breaking sound, she came out rushing to us and fed him a cup of some blue coloured drink. He instantly drifted off to sleep. I knew what was coming and gulped inside my head.

My wolf took his left legs and like a doll, she broke his leg into half ignoring the shrieking noise from his mother. She did the same in a few inches down and rolled the broken piece into its place without damaging any of his nerves. Then she does some massaging like the thing to make the muscles sit back and healed the muscles. The bones joined with each other like a glued doll. I felt the energy flowing from me and the bone healed without any mark of crack.

My wolf carefully placed his leg back and we healed his next leg which has several dislocations in his feet and thigh. His liver and kidney were in bad condition and we helped him regenerate new cells. As he was a human I could help him with my minimal amount of energy. He was younger than Iniyan and it was making me feel so contented to help him. I knew he has almost born anew. He could now live a normal life. After doing an overall check, my wolf gave me control back. I mentally patted her head with a remark of 'great job' and I felt her smirking at me. What else can I expect from a part of me? The boy has already gained some colour to his pale self.

"He was now completely alright. After the effect of your potion wore off, give his muscles some physiotherapy before letting him up. I filled him with energy. He will be active. Give him healthy foods. Take care of him. And I think you should consider moving back to a town to give him a normal life. A town near Blood warriors pack doesn't have any herbal shops. Why can't you go there and try to sell your potions as herbal tonics there? You might need money for his future. I can help you set up a shop there."

She hugged me and cried. My eyes welled up as well as it was new to help some stranger and experiencing their gratitude.

"Thank you so much, Kavi. I lost my hope that my son would be ever normal. But God didn't let me down. He sent you here to help my son. I will give everything I have to you. Please ask me something. I will do anything for you. Please, I can't live with this big loan with me. I tried every way but failed. You healed him within minutes. How can I repay you?"

Strangely, I felt my wolf pushing past me and I let her. She looked at me cautiously and looked at us expectantly.

"Remember, I didn't help you expecting something in return. But if you really want to help us... I need a favour from you. I want you to break my mate bond"

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