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Kavi's POV

Can you be happy and sad at the same time?

Yes, here I am!

Logan and Surya have found their mates the day after the war and they were glued to each other. Madhu and Vibha were friends from childhood and they belong to Crimson Moon pack who happened to meet Logan and Surya in a pack festival. Madhu is Logan's mate; Vibha is Surya's mate. These two females were so sweet but possessive at the same time.

The females were too fast to apply for transfer. They met each other parents and everyone was so happy. My friend and little cousin had found their other half and they are going to live their life happily. Surya privately apologised for his earlier behaviour and also stated how he and his wolf was so much in love with Vibha and her wolf. But his wolf and he still feel protective of me and we feel bonded in some way. His mate understood about it without much drama but I could sense a hint of possessiveness in her eyes whenever Surya talk to me. I noticed Logan's orange scent mixed with strawberries and noticed his mark on Madhu's neck. The way they look at each other with so much love makes me very happy. Surya being new to this, he is taking their relationship slow.

And my mom was staying home as much as possible and she was trying to compensate all these years by giving more attention to me. But I asked her to behave normally after a day and she agreed. I can't act all the time being happy when deep down the mate bond was torturing me. Though her love makes me feel better for my sore mood caused by my mate.

Days were passing too quick but I had frozen without moving forward in my life. In two days, my mate getting engaged to Pooja and in three week time, they planned to get married. Even though I try to be strong, I couldn't keep myself together. I got a mail to be present at the council tomorrow. And as I planned I spoke with Sezhiyan before five days. I still remember the event clearly.

^ Flashback ^

After the trip with Dhaya, I finished my training and mind linked Sezhiyan that I want to meet him. He asked me to come to his office.

"What is that you want to talk to me, Kavi?"

He asked me with a frown and concern.

"Alpha, I knew your love for me. And I promised myself to tell you everything about me. But yesterday, I didn't disclose my complete detail. And I didn't want to keep any more secrecy from you but this is about my personal life. So I thought it was enough to tell you to avoid unnecessary conflicts. But I want you to keep this as a secret. Because I decided about my life and I want you to respect my decision."

He looked at me calculatively and extended his hand to promise. Our palms met and he promised to keep it as a secret and he won't even disclose it to his mate. I smiled in gratitude and pulled my moonstone pendant over my t-shirt.

"After my grand parent's death, that witch was so grateful for them to give their own lives to save her. So Zarina offered to give me whatever I want within her power. From the memories that Grandpa has given me, I found many males not respecting the value of their mates. My mom's mate raped her and another male whom she trusted had tried to take advantage over her, even while his mate was also alive.

I have noticed the mates rejecting each other for silly reasons. So I asked her to break the bond I have within me to my mate. She denied it and told she could not do some sinful thing like that. Then I asked her to give me something which would hide my bond and I could make my mate feel the bond if I didn't have that thing. She was conflicted and afraid as she didn't want to do the sin of separating the mates. However, she gave me this moonstone pendant and told that my mate wouldn't recognise me till this pendant was with me but a simple touch would make him recognise me and I should keep my physical distance with him.

Her idea is wolves won't keep distance after finding their mate, but she has no idea how stubborn I am. I found that the idea isn't bad. So I accepted this pendant from Zarina."

I paused on seeing him getting angry.

"Are you out of mind, Kavi. What kind of crazy game is this? First, remove that thing from you. Mates are blessings, Kavi. You shouldn't do this. Remove it, now."

He yelled at me. But I could see how much he was concerned about me. I smiled sadly at him.

"Remember the promise, Sezhiyan. My mate is in our pack. I met him before two years at a rogue tournament. He came there with our Logan. My wolf wanted him instantly and I felt our bond getting alive. But he didn't recognise me. I wanted to know about him. But things happened and I kept the secret within me. After the war, I decided to tell him everything and to apologise for keeping him away all these days. My unfortunate time, he was in a hurry. He decided to go for another she-wolf. Yeah, Akhilan is my mate. But he is no different from my mom's mate. So please don't tell anyone about it. Let's see what destiny has

ed mate though.

He trained everyone very hard and made us fearless with the strong army. He never involved me in the administration of the pack. He ran it in his desire. But as an Alpha, he did a good job. He was frustrated when I have gone into heat and I allowed him to mate with me. Ilamaran was born. He treated me well and I was satisfied with that. Then after a few years, we got Iniyan. We loved Iniyan very much.

But when he didn't shift, things started getting hectic. Everyone started treating him differently. But I failed as a mother because I didn't even notice my baby's struggle for the past four years. They distanced me from Iniyan telling he needs the training to shift as his wolf and I agreed to make Iniyan happy. I never knew Krishnan cheated on me and did such horrible thing to his destined mate until you said them in that fight.

Ilamaran was always so bossy and tries to imitate his father. He strongly believed in mates and now he was broken and feeling that all his life was a lie. He despises his father now. Ilamaran's commands were never as strong as his father's. Now I knew the reason. Because of you the rightful heir of our pack. That's why your command made all the wolf submit and they returned at the war. Now the Pack needs you, Kavi. The pack is like a headless person now. Vijayan and I are managing for now. But we need our leader. We need you to claim what is rightfully yours. You are born to lead us.

We knew this is too much. But you can't deny that you are our Alpha. And the pack need its Alpha now. Think about it and make a good decision soon, dear."

She explained to me everything in a calm manner making my head spin.

What? Am I the rightful Alpha? Oh my Moon! I am his first child. So his Alpha qualities would have been in my blood. Is that why I could beat him?

Luna and Beta stood up at my silence and left me there thinking. After a few minutes, Sezhiyan came in and sat next to me.

"If you are going to let your mate go, at least accept this leadership. Your wolf knew how to lead them. And this is one good opportunity as you asked. The distance would keep the bond less active. Over a period of time, you might get a chance with the other one. You can't live alone all your life. Everyone needs someone to hold on. To love and to hold us when no one was there. Mates usually do that. But... ARGH! Why you are complicating your life Kavi?"

He held my hand and his talk started in soft tone but ended in frustration.

"The chapter of my mate was closed, Sezhiyan. Even if he comes back, I don't think I can accept him. He wasn't only breaking my heart but also he was participating in breaking the heart of Pooja's Mate. Leave that! I didn't even grow up like a normal girl. I don't know anything about this Alpha thing. I need time to think."

I walked out of his office and found Luna Shrini speaking to my mom. It seems like they are okay at each other presence. After all, they both were betrayed by the same person. And also I learnt shocking news that they had planned to visit the council to meet Krishnan and Ilamaran. I don't know whether they are going to confront him but I could tell both of them cares for him. Stupid mate bond!

I need to prepare myself before meeting the council members. Let's see what happens there!

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