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Kavi's POV

I woke up with painful joints and realised I was still healing from the fight as I used all my energy to heal my mom's mate. I looked around and found I was in the pack house. I smelled cinnamon. I thought I mind linked Logan but it seems I wrongly mind linked Surya. I sat up and found him sleeping on the floor. What a gentleman! I was still in Logan's shirt. I went to take a bath and took Surya's clothes beforehand. I know he won't mind borrowing his clothes. The hot shower washed away my tiredness along with the dirt. I looked at the mirror. My purple eyes have sparks in them. I am not going to wear lenses anymore. I am not going to hide my identity anymore. In a single day, a lot had happened. I sighed and went out. Surya was awake now.


I said awkwardly.


He blushed and turned away. I looked at myself and found nothing inappropriate.

"I am going downstairs."

I said to him and descended down.

He followed me to the kitchen. I grabbed some juice and sat on the dining table to relax. Logan came in and gave me a warm smile. I smiled back and he sat next to me. Surya was sitting opposite to me drinking his juice while stealing glances at me.

"Why are you looking at me like that, Surya?"

I asked him irritated with his puzzling behaviour. Logan started laughing while Surya looked away with pink cheeks. He looks cute while blushing but what the hell is wrong with him?

"He almost fainted when you shifted back to your human. He was so shocked to see you naked. He got steadied just before your mom entered the scene. When yous lost conscious, he told everyone that you wanted him to take you back to pack house and carried you here."

I smiled at him. Now I understand why he was behaving like that.

"You should get used to the nudity, Surya. It's common in werewolves."

He looked at me with wide eyes. But nodded his head. I felt a strong poke in my head. Alpha!

'Yes, my highness!'

I asked Sezhiyan playfully in mind link.

'Oh my princess, you need to give a lot of explanations for the things you have done. So don't waste our time and come to my office.'

He linked me.

'On the way, your highness!'

I conveyed him and found Logan already going to the Alpha's office.

Time to open up! I entered the living room and found Mithun's family with Pooja and other pack members having a happy conversation. Rakshana and Pooja's expression turned sour on seeing me but Akhilan eyes didn't meet mine. Pooja muttered 'Lying bitch' under her breath but I let it go and smiled at Mithun and Rakshana. Rakshana turned away but Mithun came near me with a smile.

"I am so happy, dear. My son had finally agreed to get married. The wedding would be in a month. We planned for the engagement in a week time. This rascal at least had the mercy to give happiness to us now. Thanks to you, Kavi. He said after the war he would think about the decision. The war ended sooner without any losses. He surprised us by telling 'yes' when his mother asked him before a few minutes about marriage. I am going to get grandchildren soon..."

He paused and his eyes glazed. Pooja was smirking. But Akhilan was looking at his happy mother with a smile that wasn't reaching his eyes. I feel numb!

Grandchildren? It should be me who has to carry his pups! But how can he agree to marry someone other than his mate? Now, what is the difference between my mom's mate and him? Both didn't bother about their destined mate and made their decision to mate with others.

"Oops! Alpha is calling us. Let's go, Kavi."

Mithun interrupted my thoughts.

I was so stunned and trying to grasp the news. I thought that I got my mother back but here I lost my mate forever. My wolf was so silent and I felt her blocking me. The pain in my heart was so much. Once I misunderstood him for leaving me for another she-wolf. But I knew this time I can't get him back. Why should I be sad? He is the one leaving me. This is not new for me. I was about to open up my secret to him and planned to apologize to him for everything. I can't deny what destiny had planned for me. But it sure had planned something different for me.

I walked behind Mithun like a machine. We entered the Alpha's office. Alpha and Beta family was here along with Manohar, Mukilan, my mother and Mithun. I felt a poke in my head. I opened my mind link.

'Are you okay?'

I heard Dhaya's concerned voice in my mind. I realised the sadness was surfacing in my aura. I masked my aura with exhaustion soon.

'Yes. Just tired'

I linked him back and raised the walls back.

"Kavi, you know why you are summoned here, right?"

Manohar asked me. I nodded my head. I am not over the fact that I can't be with my mate for the rest of my life. But I should tell them the reason why I have done all these things. I almost revealed it at the battlefield but it was very vague.

"You have hidden many secrets about yourself. This questions your loyalty to the pack. We are giving you a chance to explain why you did that. If we find it is fair, we might let you continue in this pack. Else we didn't have other option than to banish you from the pack land. But still, there would be punishment."

Sezhiyan spoke in a stern voice. I sighed out and started to speak.

"I apologise for hiding these things from you, Alpha. But I never intended any harm to the pack. I love this pack more than my life. And I would die for this pack happily. You know we transferred from Green ocean pack when a wolf tried to force himself on my mother. After moving to Mountain shadows pack, I lived for a few years happily in ignorance being a pup. My mother wasn't the only reason for everything, but she is partially the reason for all my changes. I felt her avoiding me but I wanted her love. So I started behaving like a good pup and I insisted Granpa to get me contact lenses to make me look like a normal pup. But she started spending more time in

take me there.

"I want to celebrate this day."

I said him without any note of emotions. He eyed me for a moment and started driving. I sighed and sat there silently.

'Hey there'

I said to my wolf softly. But she didn't let down the wall.

After a few minutes, I found him still driving through the woods and we are driving away from the town.

"Where are you taking me?"

I asked him.

"What's your problem? Tell me about it first."

He questioned me. I shook my head.

"Why are you asking me like that. I got my mother back after all these years. I am so happy. Also, I am old enough to get drinks. So I want to celebrate the day."

I lied to him.

"I am not buying your lie. Let's go for a long drive. Tell me when you feel like going home. I will turn my bike then. Okay?"

He said with a slight strict but suggestive tone. It sounded like a great idea.

"Umm... I think it will do."

I said in a whisper and concentrated on my surrounding.

I inhaled the deep smell of forest and night. The darkness around us was strangely helping me to calm down. I don't know how long we travelled in silence. He refilled his petrol on our way once. I felt a lot better with the wind caressing my face. I touched his shoulder and whispered that I want to go back home. Dhaya took a u-turn and we stayed in very comfortable silence. The sun came up slowly making the rays of light replace the darkness. I realised we have gone very far but he didn't complain. He stopped near a pretty empty park.

"Wanna play swing?"

He asked me with a big smile.

I remembered us playing swing in the backyard during our childhood and nodded my head. We occupied the swing and started playing with that. It sure did help me to lighten my mood. We slide from the metal slides and chased each other and fell down while running made us both laugh a lot.

"I know something is bothering you. But I can tell that you will get over it. You are so strong to do that. Don't get confused with anything. Everything is going to be alright and soon you will be free as a bird just like old Kavi with a light heart. I owe you my life. You saved me from the last thread toward death. You can tell me anything and I will do anything to make you happy. Cheer up! Your mother would want to spend time with you. Go with her and catch up for all the past years. Life is very short. We can't predict anything. So live the life when you can. That all I wanted to say."

He said when we made our way to his bike.

I hugged him and he patted my shoulder. He kissed the top of my head.

I got on with a new determination to live my life. At first, I didn't want a mate. Then I didn't want to involve him in my messy life and got the moonstone pendant. I then saw Akhilan and Destiny made me go to his pack while he went to search for me. Now he was planning to live the rest of his life with another she-wolf. I decided to let life go on its flow. I felt my wolf putting her wall down. She agreed with my new decision and laid down silently.

"Thank you very much, Dhaya. Your words are what I actually needed to hear. I could breathe easily now. Let's go home. Mithun will go to zombie mode if we skip our training."

I heard him chuckle and we made our way back home.

I saw Akhilan coming out when Dhaya pulled his bike in front of the pack house. I hopped down from the back seat and looked at Akhilan's eyes without any emotions. Once we spoke about mates and he said he didn't want to mate with anyone other than his mate. But he was doing exactly the opposite now. Dhaya got down and put his hand around my shoulder and lead me inside. I noticed a glimpse of jealous in his eyes. But it can't be. I should be hallucinating. He had agreed to marry Pooja. I should move on. I have lived with the constant pain all these years longing for my mother's love and if the destiny had planned me to keep in some pain forever. I can't change it.

Give me some strength, Moon!

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