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This chapter has some brutal violence. Read at your own risk.

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Kavi's POV

I took in the sight of the person whom I despised the most in my life. He was well built like any other wolf and has an ugly scar across his left cheek. A cut from a silver knife! His blue eyes only showed pride and arrogance. Now I knew why I felt protective over Iniyan. He is my half-brother! His innocence attracted me, unlike Ilamaran's dirty mind similar to his father. I was still stunned as it was feeling surreal. I have been so close to him for the past one and half year. But I didn't happen to meet him before. Though this was good. I could give him what he deserved on this battlefield. Just the way I have planned all these years!

I turned around and looked at Sezhiyan.

"So, Alpha, he is the reason you didn't want my presence here. Right? I am capable of more than you think, Alpha. And this has become my war now. I know you want to teach him a lesson for laying hand on your pup. But let me do the honour. I promise you that I won't use any of my special powers. As you mentioned, I will put up a fair fight. I have been training for this moment for the past seven years, Alpha. Please let me do what I wanted at this once."

I spoke to him in a faint whisper. Despite wolf hearing, a very few closer to us could hear me. Sezhiyan was about to reply but Krishnan's voice stopped him.

"Stop bragging about your Alpha, bitch. He will not stand for a minute on the fight with me. You will see that in a few minutes. Yeah, we would finish this war within minutes."

He bragged about himself. I admired his arrogance as it was only increasing my desire to see it fall along with him.

"Oh Moon. I have heard very much about you! And I highly like to see your strength. Will you accept my challenge for a one-on-one? I will show you what we are made of and after your death, the rest of your pack will get their well-deserved punishment from the council."

I spoke in an extra sweet tone but the words have its effect. Blood warriors growled in a warning and it was reflected from our pack. Sezhiyan pulled my wrist and started whisper-yelling me for challenging him. But a challenge can only be accepted or denied it can't be reversed.

"Oh I don't fight with a woman. I use them for an entirely different purpose."

Krishnan stated and laughed with some of his minions. But the rest of the pack has either lowered their head or let out a sigh. So my calculation about this pack was right. They weren't completely poisoned despite the venomous Alpha. The sun was almost up and within minutes, the war would start.

"Is that so? Or are you afraid of losing to a she-wolf?"

I asked in a mocking challenging tone.

"Kavi, Don't do anything stupid. Please."

I was surprised that Akhilan said this to me.

My eyes softened. If I die here, he will feel it. But I have faith in my training. I will reveal everything to you after killing him with my hands, baby. I mentally promised him.

"I have to, Akhilan. I can do it. Trust me."

I said softly. He looked conflicted but nodded his head.

"I accept your challenge. But don't think I would let you live when you beg me in submission! Let me start the war with your blood."

He roared and stepped forward swiftly removing his t-shirt and flexing his muscles to intimidate me.

"Let's see who is begging for life."

I replied venomously and stepped in the circle drawn by Mithun.

I heard faint voices of 'All the best' from my pack. I nodded at them with a determined smile and stepped in. Krishnan stood there very casually as if he was capable of killing me in a swipe. I mimicked his pose and tapped my foot boringly. He growled at me for disrespecting him like that. But once inside the circle, your status won't matters, your power and strength matter. As he already announced that this was a 'fight to the death', no other rules were required.

As always, I started with my defensive move to dodge his three attacks in a row. But the next blow to my head made me fall. There was blood near my mouth. Damn! He is strong and my head pains like a bitch now. My wolf motivated me to get up as she despises him just like me as he was the reason for us to stay away from our mate.

He laughed at me but I smirked and kicked his leg and made him fall too. Practising kickboxing made my legs stronger. I got a whistle from Surya which followed by others from Green Ocean pack. We both stood up reflexively and my wolf wanted me to start attacking him. I jumped on air and started throwing punches with all my strength on his face. He caught my wrist after the fifth punch and tightened his grip almost breaking my bone.

I quickly kneed his upper thigh for which he left my hand at my sudden move. Upper thighs were always a weak spot of men as they might reflexively cover their private. I smiled venomously and started using the combo moves I practised with Surya. I felt his wolf surfacing as I wasn't giving him any chance to catch any of my parts and delivering continuous strikes. He might have practised brutally but I have skills to dodge them and to hit him without giving a chance to react.

He let out a frustrated growl and lunged at me. I tried to dodge but he turned halfway and pinned me to ground and extended his claws and tried to dig into my face. I blocked his attack with my hand and his claws punctured my palm. I used my wolf power to throw him away from me and stood up kicking his bent face when he tried to get up. I was healing quicker than him. Healer blood's benefit!

I jumped and locked his head in my hand backwardly and bent to throw him on the ground. He landed down with a 'thud'. Without wasting any time, I straddled him and started punching his face. I love to see blood oozing from him. Blood for blood. Pain for pain. I will put his body below your feet, Mom. I felt enraged with my thought. He dug his claws into my sides to throw me off him. I didn't budge but caught his throat and choked him.

He must have realised the real threat as I saw a glimpse of fear for the first time in his eyes. It feeds my ego and I started choking him tighter. He shifted into his wolf kicking me away from the circle. I quickly got up with the rush of adrenaline in my system and ran back into the circle and kicked the side of his wolf. He didn't budge and I fell on the ground. Alpha wolf's perk! Strong Build!

He started attacking me with his huge form, it was getting difficult for me to react to his swipes and bites. I was losing blood a

I fell on my knees breaking down and letting out all my pent up emotions. She was crying hard burying her face in her hand. Logan and Aryan uncle were on my each side patting and rubbing my shoulder with pity. I wiped my tears making a decision for my life.

"You will never see this monster again in your life, Mother. I am leaving you. And I will never come back."

I stood up pointing myself and turned around.

"What about the war then?"

A person shouted from Blood Warriors pack making my blood boil.

"There is no war here. Go back to your place. The council will come for you."

My voice came out in Alpha command and everyone bowed their head and started going back except a few who hesitantly stood near their messy unconscious Alpha, looking at me with conflicted emotions. I nodded at them instinctively.

I saw Sezhiyan standing a foot away from me with his aura radiating how much he was feeling bad on listing to my confession. He pulled me into a tight hug irrespective of my protest to release myself from his grip. I bit my quivering lips to control my tears but I couldn't control anymore. I broke into tears again and hugged him back. After a few minutes, my mother's voice reached me.

"I am sorry, Kavi. Please don't leave me. But you should understand me first. I can't help it that my wolf still loves him. I too can't hate him completely though I initially was in anger to kill him at my first sight. After all, he is my mate, Kavi. My other half! *sobs*

Initially, I had nightmares about him. But in the later period, it was you who haunted my nights. I saw a repeated vision of the same purple eyes like yours killing and torturing people mercilessly. And I was there to appreciate you for such merciless acts. That's why I distanced myself from you. I didn't want my daughter to grow up into a heartless woman. Because I thought, I was the reason for your behaviour in that vision.

But it was what had happened now? Oh Moon! What have I done? You tore his limb without any remorse. You can't deny the fact that he is your father, Kavi. I always love you, Kavi. You are the only light in my dark life. You will always be. I could disguise like a bitchy mother, but I can't even bear the thought of losing you. Please don't go. I never said any of these things to anyone. But this is the truth. It hurt me more to give pain to the person I love the most in the world. Forgive me. Please don't leave me alone. Please! I love you, my baby."

I looked at her weeping form and rushed to her. Even though it hurts that she avoided me for a silly dream, I can't help to see her in tears. She never behaved like a mom, yet she never abandoned me.

Oh Moon God! How did I never think of the sadness in her aura like way? I noticed that sadness in her forever. But never thought that she was sad for me. She pulled me to a tight hug and whispered how much she loves me and how she had endured all my changes with great pain. All the sadness in me filled with contentment, on learning my mother never hated me and I regained the mother once I remembered as a five-year-old kid.

"I love you too, mom. Thank you for saying the truth."

She pulled away and looked at me hesitantly.

"Will you please heal him, he didn't mark me but I could feel his pain as we had mated. And I... I can't see him like that."

She told me in a whisper. I sucked in a deep breath. Destiny had a great plan to make me help the person whom I hate the most. He may not be the real reason as I thought, but I will never forgive him for what he had done to my mom.

I found his second in command sitting near the fainted Alpha. I walked up to him. I can't join his left hand back to his body as his socket was closed already with his healing power. But I could heal his right hand and left leg. I focused my energy there and made his bones join back to its old position and healed the deep wounds in his thighs and stomach. As I spent most of my energy in the fight and emotionally drained with my mom's drama, I started feeling dizzy. I absorbed a small amount of energy from each of the remaining Blood warriors there and healed all his wounds completely as my mom requested. And by the time I finished, I was feeling so light-headed. I quickly mind linked Logan to take me back and drifted to darkness with the thought of, I had a lot of explanations to give to the people who had trusted me.

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